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Very interesting gameplay concept! The avoiding sound made me jump like crazy the first time I heard it!

Very polished animations, I wanted to peck more!

Sure, I'll dm you on Twitter.

The art direction and atmosphere is incredible, this might be the most beautiful game I have ever seen on a gameboy, the PETSCII  look super crisp!

Lovely game, I enjoyed playing it on my gameboy!

Can't really get much cuter than this !

The game is rendered at a fixed resolution and then upscaled to your screen without filtering giving it this pixely look

Great to hear you could make it work !

Press E

It will obviously be in possible in the full game but it has been disabled in this demo.

That's because the controls were set for a french keyboard while working on the game and we didn't changed since we focused on the controller.
However you can always remap all the controls when your start the game in this menu.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the feedback and the video!

Hey, we clearly focused on controller for now but we would love to know what you don't (and do) like about the keyboard controls!

We tried to explore 2 faces of what could be a ball rolling bullet hell, all the rooms before the boss are as much as careful planning as dexterity, some even letting you choose to complete the level in a peaceful way without even killing an enemy without consequences since we also decided to take the scoring out, going for a much more peaceful experience.
The boss on the other hand is pure dexterity and patience and we wanted it to feel like hitting a wall after all the peacefulness and really mean the end of an adventure.

Really clever idea ! Graphics are also good and sound effects quite funny.
It seemed to be really fitting the theme at first but then I noticed that it missed the dexterity usually needed in platformers and it is much more of a puzzle game in the end.
Great entry nonetheless.

Really cool look and gameplay

Cool ideas ! Graphics reminded me of those sweet gbc games (in a very good way).

I feel like this doesn't really fit the theme, I know you wanted to go for "shooter with no shooting" but this is not a shooter anymore, it's kind of a first person runner. On the other hand, the graphics looks interesting but the background is way too static and I would have like secondary animations on the red bombs.

Awesome! I've wanted to make a 360° shooter for quite a while now and this was a really interesting execution of the concept. The aesthetics were also really cool and cohesive.

Thanks a lot !

That's very weird since it shares the same code base as the Windows build which definitely works.
I've uploaded a new OSX build with slight modifications but if this doesn't work I sadly can't really do much more.

Try installing the latest version of OpenGL your computer supports.

Can you try the new "CPU Only" version ? It simply moves the terrain generation (which looks like being the problem here) from the gpu to the cpu.

You could try deactivating the grass by pressing Escape, this is maybe what causes those frame changes.

Please describe your issue better, what's your platform ?

Please try the new build! :)

Please try the new build! :)

Thanks, looks like you had a good time!

I have added the 64bit build to the Linux archive, tell me if that works for you.

Try updating your gpu driver and DirectX installation

This issue seems related to the compute shader used to generate the terrain, try installing the latest driver for your gpu as well as updating DirectX

Which build were you using ?