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A topic by MrReeMann created Sep 13, 2018 Views: 594 Replies: 5
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Pleas make better controls for the keyboard.

Dont want to sound ungrateful or anything, but i feel like this game would blow my socks off if i didn't get a headache trying to play it.


Hey, we clearly focused on controller for now but we would love to know what you don't (and do) like about the keyboard controls!

hi i agree this game looks great but my keyboard mapping is really weird. I have to use qszd instead of aswd. everything else seems to be working great.


That's because the controls were set for a french keyboard while working on the game and we didn't changed since we focused on the controller.
However you can always remap all the controls when your start the game in this menu.
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oh thank you so much that helps a lot! Also Is it possible to save your progress?


It will obviously be in possible in the full game but it has been disabled in this demo.