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Counter MeasuresView game page

Fight only with parries in this brutal top down shooter without shooting
Submitted by Pokenoufl — 8 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
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Quite fun, but it's not clear what the hitbox is and the sword has a little too much of a cooldown between the swings. I'd lower the cooldown, but make the deflection area narrower to counterbalance it. It looked good, sounded good, felt rather good, good job overall :)


Thanks for your feedback ^^. Game feel is something I am trying to improve on and I think I learnt a lot from doing this jam, but I did notice some of the things you mention (especially the hitbox) were off as I was testing, I just didn't have the time to redo all the things needed to change it, I'll try to structure it better next time so I get it all perfect before working on the art.


Good job! This is fun; but it could use some music. And when you damage enemies there could be a little more feedback.


Thanks for the feedback, FL studio didnt want to work with me so I had no time for music. A special bullet hit animation would have helped, I'll try to add one next time


The idea is well executed, I very much liked the feedback of the sword move but the game is indeed kinda hard. Only a few seconds in and we're surrounded by ennemis.


This is a pretty interesting game and I really like it. I didn't really find anything wrong with the game, but I do have some suggestions.

I think it would be more fun if the player character was a little more responsive. Maybe a dash move mapped to right click and a larger hitbox for the sword. Or maybe just give a little more space to work with, so I'm not constantly surrounded by enemies. You can always increase difficulty by spawning more or tougher enemies. I just feel like games are generally more fun when the difficulty comes from the enemy's power or numbers rather than my character's limitations.

Regardless of my game design advice, you should really implement a timescale slider when you're testing this kind of game. When I made a twin-stick shooter, I found it really helpful to play the game at 10% speed to see exactly what timing I was requiring of the player and how much room I was giving them to execute moves.

Anyway, really nice game. I just feel like it would be more fun if it had that bullet-hell feel of barely squeezing past a wall of projectiles. Some of those give you a 1 pixel hitbox and they're still really tough.


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I wanted to keep the game to only a deflect move to see what that would be like, but I do agree that some form of other abilities could make it more fun. Regarding hitboxes, I wanted it to be a true challenge to counter, just like it is in a lot of games. While I agree that a bigger hitbox would have made it probably more fun I think the small size of it goes more for the feel of what I was going for. If I made this a full game though I would definitely bump it up a bit.

I had never thought of the timescale thing, it' a great idea. Thanks for the tip.

I played this game the most so far. Its hard, yes, but this is why its got me trying. I am guessing developer knows what to improve overall.


Waaaaay Hard


Really, Really hard.