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Crabby Sam

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Very cute characters, cool aesthetic, and great music!

Aw man this is an amazing entry! So fun!! Great aesthetic and vibe too.

I've never had this much fun cleaning!

Fun game! Would definitely like to see it developed further!

I think it was in general, when you don't walk out of the entrance before going back the way you came from. :)

Love the concept and the pixel art and the sound! The puzzles and gameplay are great! A few bugs, but the only one I couldn't work around is when you go back to a room you just came from, then your character is no longer visible and you will have to start the game over.

Loved it! Looks and plays great and the music is fantastic!

Awesome! Fun game, GREAT music!

So charming, Joel! Really loved the humor, and of course the look and feel of the game is very pleasing. Well done!

So fun, a really cool idea! Great art and sound as well.

Wow, this was really fun and well made. Loved the atmosphere.

Ahh I loved this!! Every aspect of this game was wonderful.

Holy crab this is good! You guys are amaaaazingggg!!

OMG this is so goooooddd!!!