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This is such a great cohesive unit!  The art is of course incredible, the shifting styles of music adds so much to the tone of each choice you make, the writing is wonderful and gives off a great scope and depth to the world and its characters, and all the different endings reflect a genuine sense of wisdom and beauty.

Not to mention, the UI and the way everything is framed and paced is snappy and effective, it felt rewarding to go back and see what all the different choices did.  

A+++ how do you do this in 3 days??

Left and right turn you, and you accelerate by going Up.

Wonderfully effective at showing how a concept can deliver gameplay and getting the player to think outside the box to work with the game's mechanics.  The aesthetic is cute and cohesive, the music and sound effects are satisfying and the levels felt increasingly clever as mechanics started compounding on each other.  If the controls were tweaked a little to make switching discs easier to consistently execute on time, I would think this is the perfect building block to start building a fully fledged title.  Maybe assign the positioning of different floppie discs to buttons or just make it so you can replace one without having to remove it first.  Super clever and satisfying to play through.