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There isn't a built-in feature but you can use other screenshot programs like Gyazo or hit PrtScn, paste the image into a photo editor, and crop it. Hope this helps!

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It isn't a built-in feature of the game but I'm sure if you lock everything and keep re-rolling you can find a background that could be chroma-keyed out

Not sure what this is but try pressing shift to toggle the UI

There aren't any image uploading options, but you can use screenshot tools like Gyazo to take a screen cap and then edit your image in from there

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoy it :D

Unfortunately, you're unable to directly change the stats in the current version of the game, sorry! A makeshift way to do this is to click on "Open lock menu" in the bottom left and click "Lock All", then click on the "!" buttons near each stat you want to change to unlock them. If you close the lock menu and press any button to reroll, now everything will stay the same except for the stat or stats you unlocked. Keep rerolling until one of the stats you unlocked is the rating that you want it to be and then open the Lock Menu again to lock it. You can keep doing this until all of the stats are locked on what you want, then you can press shift to hide the UI and take a screenshot. Yes, this is very tedious but it's sadly the only way to manually control the stats currently.

I'm sorry that I haven't included this feature in the game and I know that it's highly requested but frankly, I built stats system very poorly. I've tried, but I'm just not a good enough programmer to figure out how to implement a system that lets you directly change the stats working with this current code. I might include this feature in a future update but as of right now I have no plans to update this game any more.

This game is great! If you were to polish it I would definitely try to improve the physics of the pins, as of right now they're kinda glitchy and don't feel super rewarding to knock down. However what you have here already is exceptional for a game jam game, and the controls for making a shot are intense and inspired! 5/5 stars

This but two player PvP please

Ooh he sounds cool. I'd love to see him in an episode

Thanks for the feedback! At this point I've moved on to other projects, but if I ever revisit  this I'll definitely try to implement your idea.

Awesome! Glad to see someone having such a great time with my game!

Hmm, I always envisioned it as a humanoid wearing and/or carrying all of the trinkets it's collected from its user over the years.

Thank you so much for the feedback! That sounds like a really cool stand and I'm glad you had so much fun developing it! (I'd love to see what it looks like once you get the appearance down. If you don't mind, that is.)

About the ability to save the image: I tried to add that during development but I'm still a relative beginner at programming and I couldn't get it to work right so I had to abandon that feature (for now, at least, I might give it another go). Instead I've been using a free application called Gayazo that works pretty well to screenshot whatever you want. If you would rather not download anything, you can hit the "PrtSc" button to copy a screenshot to your clipboard and then paste it into an application like Gimp or Office Word. Hope this helps!

Crap! I forgot to add that in.

If I get a chance I might add a small update with stat editing  in it but until then you could always lock everything except for the stats you want to change and re-roll it.

Lock the cursor in the center of the screen, it's annoying having it go off the sides

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Coming soon...

Edit: It's in the latest update!

Pretty well-made for 12 hours, but there were a lot of situations where I ran out of bullets and therefore had no way of getting more. Plus "sticking" to the blocks was pretty annoying.

If I were you I would polish this one a bit more before entering it, but other than that, good game.