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You just have to jump into the side of them with z

Same here.

Looooooove this game. Looks great and has tight controls(I used controller). A lot of content for a demo. Can't wait for the full release. 5 Stars.

Love this game! It looks amazing and is a joy to play. 

Nice work. That's a pretty fun gameplay loop.

Thank you! We were trying to learn some new stuff about sound design with this one.

Yeah you wouldn't want to just walk straight through the trees. Maybe you could reduce the friction so the player would hit the tree but it would just slow them down a bit rather than making them full stop. Also forgot to say we like the music!

Nice work. There's definite potential here. It was fun except getting stuck on the trees so much.

Nice, really like the concept and gameplay. I was definitely playing more like a horror game than and exploration game. Carefully creeping around trying to locate enemies before they noticed me and came in for the kill. It was pretty tense. 

Really nice man. There was a few points early on where I thought about stopping, wondering if there was much left to see anyway. But, I'm really glad I stuck it out. Once you figure which direction leads to the first objective it all flows really nicely. I'm being vague cause I don't want to spoil anything. I initially felt like you die too easily  but looking back it feels about right.

Thanks cool kid!

This is so cool! I got stuck at a certain point I'm definitely gonna come back and try again. The sound effects are perfect too but just a little loud :)

Ooh that's not a bad idea. Our original plan was to have it be a kind of parry system where if you timed it right the projectile would fly directly back at the enemy who fired it.

Do all posted topics eventually get reviewed and then added to your devlog list?

Rascal on the run (Trailer below) 

Just read the bold for main points

For GMTK's genre minus mechanic jam(our 2nd ever jam), we made a run and gun platformer with a shield instead of a gun. Utilize a weighty jump to avoid and the shield to deflect projectiles. Deflected projectiles can be launched back at enemies clearing the path to victory in 24 short levels

How this jam helped us as developers on our full time project: 

The main way that doing game jams has helped us is by forcing us to lessen the scope. It's so fun and easy to let your imagination run wild, especially the more skilled you become. Each lesson you learn opening up new possibilities.

This jam in particular let us experiment with some different ways of implementing the jump into a platformer. The jump being the defining factor in most platformers, we were able to further our understanding of how jumping works in terms of code and design.

We also spent a lot of time working on a new more dynamic camera controller which we sadly weren't able to use in the end as we decided to go with a single screen per level. However, we now have the knowledge and experience to implement a better camera into our main project. We also learned how to implement a simple screen shake effect using unity's animation window!

Thank you if you read all or some of this! Please try out our game and offer some feedback. We'd love to do the same for you. And if you want to become a better developer you should definitely do game jams.

This is really cool. The art sound design and animation all come together perfectly.

That's awesome. One of the best game jam games I've played.

Very nice and intuitive.

Hot dang that is tough! Well done though.

Very well done. Wish it was longer! I was getting into it.

That makes sense, for this game we were experimenting with a weightier jump. We spent a lot of time tweeking it, but eventually had to move on to get it finished in time to submit. 

That was a fun one. With the right art assets could be pretty darn cute.

Nice simple fun

Thank you very much!

Thanks. In what way? Could be an easy fix.

This was really fun. Great idea and execution. I just wish there was music and sfx. But... game jam. I get it.

Very fun. Great sound design too!

Short and sweet. Very nice. I was not expecting a boss and I liked it a lot.

Even just having a button that functioned as a brake might do the trick there. For me the tricky part isn't getting to the recharge stations but not drifting away too quickly.

That'd be cool. I think I only got the one but I was pretty focused on the action so it's possible I missed others. Having it be voiced over would definitely resolve that. 

I think I got one. Do you mean when it says that back-up was delayed?

Sweet. That was fun. Got up to 105! Controls took some getting used to but once you figure out how to use the down arrow you've got it.

Thank you.

Sooooo that's three votes for un-child that camera. We were working on some other options for the camera initially but didn't have time to implement them. Might as well now though. 

The moon is the perfect place for cats to do their business! It's all sand and holes.

Nice! Took me about 5 tries. The last one I lost I only needed one more! Very fun.

Thank you. That's probably a good call. Will do!

Many thanks Mr. Frenkel. Glad you enjoyed.

Thanks, we heard that from a friend too. That might be the way to go.

Thanks! Haha I would definitely play that. But we couldn't be responsiblem for ensickening any potential players.