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I like that sort of thing.

Wow, that beaver thing is true. WTF?

I shall return.

Let the dirt wars begin!


Thanks for the kind words, I'm not sure if I'm that good. I can code OK though and that just comes from practice. I think a good way to learn is to just make small games like clones of Pong, Asteroids, Flappy Bird, etc. to get used to coding. 

In fact Idle Breakout started off as a breakout clone/tutorial before I added the idle elements.  

Mmm, cheese.

Orange flamethrower.

The game? I think Idle Breakout took 2 or 3 months, plus tweaks after. It's been awhile though so I can't be sure.

Hmm, this game was ahead of its time.

Yo, what's up?

A sequel? I think so. Probably. Maybe.


Fun game.

Neat game. Cool take on the theme and an interesting puzzle mechanic (cute as heck too).



I've added some bonuses for grabbing multiple gems to the skill tree now. I'll look at adding some more combos later on.

Thanks :)

Fun game, really cool idea.

Ah, whoops. That should probably be "Units x2" or "Squad x2". It was named "Recruitment" at one point and I missed that when I changed it. Anyway, it multiplies Troops produced by your Units.

Thanks for playing. I agree with you on the unspent points thing, I've changed it now to be based on total points earned instead. Thank you for the feedback!

Cool, thanks for playing. This game's my favourite one.



Cool cool cool.

I pushed the square, oh yeah.

That was fun!

I think if upgrades were for all towers of a specific type, or if the towers just remained after reset, this would feel more incremental. The different enemy and tower colours are a cool mechanic that I think would work well with more incremental features too, e.g. different upgrades for each colour currency and different achievements for enemy types.

This is a pretty solid game for a week's work, well done. There is a good amount of content here, though the pacing still felt a bit too slow. I like the grid idea for placing your various buildings/generators, it would be nice if there were some strategy to placement (e.g. buffs/debuffs for neighbouring buildings). As is, it just feels like more clicking to manage building upgrades than is really needed. The hot keys are much appreciated though, thank you!

Managing the power and building outputs works really well and the Workers system compliments it nicely. This would definitely be a great base for a bigger game, perhaps with different planets offering unique resources.

Really cool idea, though quite short at the moment. I found the controls a little unintuitive at the start, so maybe some guidance for the player would help. Interesting use of the theme.

There is some good content in this game (and more than it initially seemed) but I think the balance is a little on the slow side, mostly when getting early BP. I think if some of the auto-buyers were introduced sooner it would help. Using a monospaced font should fix the jittery number display too. Was hitting some big numbers by the end, nice.

So, I tossed a plus card into my automation thing and the numbers blew up pretty quickly! Awesome indeed but just something to keep in mind for future balancing.

This has some really fun mechanics, it's a shame you didn't have more time to balance it out. Still, by the end of my playthrough I was enjoying just tinkering around with different card combinations. As you can see in my screenshot below, I had started making an automated point generator setup. However, I started to have some visual bugs with cards doubling up in slots and drawing at weird offsets. The late-game stuff is really fun though, you could definitely develop something bigger with this. 

The early game was a bit slow though, I'm not such a fan of putting a cooldown on a clickable like the draw and submit buttons; either clicking or a timer is fine but both isn't so much fun. Also, I wonder if the shop stuff could fit on the same screen as the play area, just to save some clicking in and out of them?

There are some great ideas in this game, specifically filling the background colour and the ship/pong combo. I'd love to see this game expanded and refined. As it is, I didn't enjoy playing a sluggish version of Pong to progress. Some kind of automation or other option (maybe starting as the ship) would have been welcome. Also the upgrades getting hidden when my money was low wasn't ideal. Anyway, would love to see more!

I enjoyed the early game, needing to balance power generation with houses and upgrading between power and research. I think you could definitely build a longer game based off that. Ascension appears unbalanced at the moment though, as the rewards you get don't seem very powerful yet the earnings total needed to ascend increases 10 fold each time. If there were better rewards, or some automation for buying generators/researchers then ascending might be more appealing.

I think showing the next available generator/project/upgrade sooner would be better, to give the player an idea of what they are working toward. Good work for your first game though, getting the balance right can take a lot of testing which isn't easy in only a week.

This is a really solid entry, I enjoyed my playthrough. The decelerate mechanic made the early game more interesting than just waiting for upgrades, as did the laser. I think the automation of these mechanics was also well timed. Dispersion and Interference sections were great, I think they kept progression scaling nicely and added some further automation. The final challenge took some grinding but I got there eventually. I'd say this is my favourite game so far. Nice work!

I wasn't really enjoying this at the start but it definitely picked up once I reached batteries and beyond. Initial progression is slow and you have to babysit the lightning rods because they break down, so you can't leave it idle. Also, unlocking a new building for $xxx then needing another $xxx to buy the first one is frustrating.  Once I had multiple buildings and could optimise the layouts, the game became a lot more engaging. 

I ran out of upgrades and I'm wondering if that's the end of the game? I tried to see if there was a max population but only reached 450 or so before balancing Happiness became an issue. At that point I also wanted more details on the mechanics of different buildings. For example, do the Tesla Towers only redirect to two lightning rods? Can they chain together? Is there any reason to have multiple Weather Centers, or even keep one once you have the info it provides? 

I think if you continue development, having more complexity to the building placement mechanics would be cool, such as bonuses for chaining building types, proximity bonuses e.g. batteries store extra if next to Weather Centers. Also, I think upgrades that increase production/income are more "fun" than ones that reduce building costs, generally speaking. Eventually, an auto-repair upgrade, or the ability to "stockpile" future repair actions, would be great too.

Really good use of the theme. Having the three separate lights & upgrade sets is a cool mechanic. Howver, they felt kind of isolated from each other. Needing to switch between them to maximise progress would be fun.  Distinguishing between upgrades you can and cannot afford would be good too.

I didn't like the theme changing colours throughout the game, it made text unreadable at times. Some automation for Particles > Sparks would be good. Having to type in the increment amounts should be replaced with buttons (e.g. 10%, 50%, Max) or sliders, also the amount seems to reset when you switch pages. Progression is good but maybe show the next upgrade sooner, instead of it being so close to when you can afford it.