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I can't comment on the LD site right now, so I'll post here instead. I really like the mechanics of this, I think it just needs some UI work to communicate information to the player better.

Damn you centrifugal force!


Just have to say, I love the way this controls. The movement is buttery smooth. Good quality butter too.

Really liked this. Needs more levels! Great work.

Fun game, I like the fast forward feature too. Made in Gamemaker?

Fun game.

Oh snap. I realised where I had missed some code as soon as I read your comment; thanks! I've fixed that now so balls should maintain their correct speeds all the time.

I guess I... dropped the ball on that one :D

That's intended actually. It is for balls that get "caught" by black bricks that spawn. Since the black bricks won't take damage until all other bricks are cleared, those balls get shifted to an area of the screen where they can move freely again.

Thanks, I might need to revert back to the old collision system. It was more accurate and I don't think the new system has much of a performance gain. Glad you like the game though!

Thanks for playing. I do have a larger version in the works :)

The movement/attack mechanics are fun by themselves. Having to use different keys for each attack feels a bit awkward; I think this could have been improved by introducing the enemies one at a time. Also, the controls say WSAD but jumping is Space key. 

Nice art, reminds me of Blackthornprod's style. It seems like you did some dungeon generation  for this, so that's cool; a lot of the rooms were empty though, so they just created needless backtracking. 

Also, as shooting is the majority of the gameplay, it would be nice to have some more feedback when your bullets hit (e.g. enemies flash white for a moment when they get hit). 

I understand you were limited for time with this. I liked that you had an introduction with story and visuals, which you don't often get with a game jam entry; I couldn't see any connection to the theme though.

The gameplay itself has a very simple mechanic and I don't see much advantage in having the character walk around; it feels like a mouse-only clicking interaction would suit the mechanic better. 

I think this had some good ideas, such as the use of the triggers which opened different paths and the hints written in code (good use of the theme). I think they could have been presented in a clearer way though. I feel like the field of view could also be increased, to allow the player to see more of the level.

It would also be good to change shooting to be repeated if the mouse is held down, as there is a lot of shooting, especially for the bosses and it results in a lot of clicking. I didn't make it past the green boss; not being able to see him for most of the fight was frustrating. Some kind of feedback when you get hit, even a noise, would be good too.

Really good puzzle game with solid graphics and sound. I think the puzzles were challenging and varied and they increased in difficulty at a balanced rate. I felt a couple of the puzzles, the early ones with the moving enemies, weren't as strong as they were less about logic and more about just getting the timing right. Mostly though, they were great and I really liked the last 2 levels.

I can kind of see how setting up your commands and hitting run is similar to programming but it felt like a pretty loose connection to the theme. Even the graphics and sound, while good, didn't relate to game dev. Still, really good game.

"This left me with nothing to do but die" - evoking that feeling in players is essentially my goal with every game I make. :)

Thanks for playing. That inventory issues is definitely something I'll fix up in the next version (I appreciate the screenshot).

This was fun for a short play. It's strange that the health system isn't based on typing errors but I suppose time is a valid way to measure your success/failure too (though not so much in coding). The Udemy guy was funny, very "game dev". Considering the main mechanic never changes, some more levels would have been nice.

Fantastic art and good writing, this game has a lot of personality. I like the idea of it being a memory game, it's certainly something you don't see a lot of and this was fairly well executed. I think the gameplay does get repetitive though, so maybe there needs to be an additional element. Perhaps a card/power-up system where you collect them, then you can use them to your advantage when the RNG doesn't go your way (e.g. you want a programmer and only get artists).

I liked the way the game assets built up as you "developed" them during the levels. I couldn't finish the Release level, though I tried quite a few times. On that note, I think being able to restart a level when you lose (e.g. with the R key), rather than return to the main screen every time, would be a good improvement. The gameplay reminded me of Audiosurf. The graphics and gameplay are simple but they work, so good effort for your first game.

I really liked this! Taking vision away from any genre is going to result in something interesting and I think you executed this one well. I really like the use of all the different sounds to help orient the player. Good level design too, even if there were only 3. I didn't have an issue with the movement yet others have, so maybe having the first level be without the sight restriction, just so people can become familiar with the movement would be a simple fix. A next level button when you reach the goal would be nice, instead of having to go back to the main menu. Cool entry.

In most tower defense games you are trying to stop the creep from reaching the end of the path (i.e. the defense part). Here you are trying to keep them alive so they can reach the end.

Cool, my thinking was that it would force a different kind of strategy.

Regarding the music, it just felt too upbeat and almost futuristic sounding to go with pool which, even in this form, seems a bit more relaxed to me.

This is a really interesting game and a great take on the theme. I don't think it's an amazing pinball game by itself; it's missing the colours, sound effects, bonus systems, etc. that you make a good pinball table so engaging. Still, I enjoyed playing just to explore the different tables and activate all the green lights. I think there is a ton of potential in this, especially with elements of different sections interacting with each other. Also, this system opens up using the flippers to hit the ball downward too. Nice chill music too. Really like this entry!

I only played this by myself, so maybe it's a much different experience with two players. Anyway, I feel like it may work better if the characters were separated, as currently you can simply do nothing but stay in the same light as your opponent. Otherwise, maybe the ability to push your opponent away from you would prevent this. 

Also, something to add some more strategy to which actions you choose would be good. For example, if you copy the same move your opponent just did then maybe it isn't as effective? There is an old game called Get Tiffany in which you try to get attention, it might be worth checking out for how its mechanics work (if you can find it). 

I've played a few platformers without direct control already but this one is executed quite well. It looks great and the sound is good too. The controls are a little strange as the magnet seems to lose power but there is no indicator for this. I would expect that if the magnet is able to attract the egg to the ceiling that it would also be able to keep it there. There is obviously some fluctuation in its pulling power but this makes controls a bit random at times. I found feathering the magnet was the best approach but still found some parts pretty frustrating, particularly the high-low-high-low saws in the narrow section of level 2. A plus for having checkpoints though.

I liked the graphics and the music gave the game some personality. My mouse got a workout too! However, the gameplay is pretty simple and get repetitive quickly. While you don't have the towers, other parts of a tower defense game would be a good addition, such as upgrades and different attack types (bombs, slowing effects, big attack with long cool down). Obviously that's all stuff that would be easier with more than 48 hours though!

For this game as it is, maybe fewer enemies with higher health would be a more interesting challenge? As others have said, your attacks are strong enough that you can just focus on a choke point and kill the goblins faster than they can escape your aim. If your enemies had higher health, you would have to attack them throughout their travel along the path, meaning you would be forced to prioritize which enemies you attack more.

As others have basically said, the enemies start off too strong. If they started off easier it would give the player more time for their initial strategy, then as they got more difficult it would become more frantic as the player tried to keep up with the challenge. However, it is easy to get stuck with a full board and not be able to continue, so some method of clearing part of the board (maybe at the cost of your best tower as a trade-off) would keep the game going.

Otherwise, I really like the game. It's an interesting blend and the presentation is pretty good. I find it's more of a 2048/3s game with something extra, rather than a tower defense missing a mechanic though.

29 was my highscore. I enjoyed the general gameplay and the presentation is quite nice. However, why does "restart" (which has a loading screen) take you back to the main menu? Please just let me replay the game. 

I also don't understand the purpose of the countdown, it just wastes time and the first demon spawning is telegraphed with the portal anyway. This is a die-often, score-chasing game; anything that slows the player down between attempts is frustrating and there didn't seem to be any purpose for these delays.

Sorry to nitpick. I just think it could be more player-friendly. The game is fun and it achieves the shooter without shooting concept pretty well.

Pretty fun control scheme actually and I enjoyed the short levels, they are good for a game jam in my opinion. The graphics are simple but do the job. There have been a lot of platformers with unusual control methods and this isn't all that different, so it doesn't stand out for me but I had fun nonetheless.

Really cool concept and the execution is solid. I think the graphics are quite simple but I understand it was probably enough work just getting this functioning in 48 hours. Still, it's hard to get a sense of position within the level due to this.

I wouldn't really call this a platformer without a character, even though the box isn't human it is still the player's form of agency within the game. A platformer without direct control would be more fitting, I think. 

As others have said, the controls are very sensitive, which results in the box flying all over the place. I think it might contribute to some of the glitches too as it must be hell for the collision detection. Graphics are really nice. One suggestion, a button to refocus the camera on the box might be good.

This is a tough one because I think the idea is great but the execution could do with some refinement. The collisions are very sticky, which might be needed for moving the camera around but it makes the platforming controls feel a bit unpredictable. Also, the start of level 5 is frustrating, I'd drop that bit. Still, I'm a big fan of the concept, which is a big part of a game jam. I hope you develop this further.

This was fun and I really like the presentation. The controls feel pretty good, maybe a more pronounced animation on the kick would be good. I ended up using the arrows for movement and the S key for kicks, as having them all together felt a bit cramped, so I'm glad both options were included. You could expand on this with power-ups or different kicks, especially for achieving air balls.

I just liked whipping my gun at people.

I can only really echo what others have said here; great looking game and the controls feel great but the level design limits how fun it is. I think isolating each challenge to fit within a single screen and having the camera static would really help, as it is done in Celeste.

This game made me feel things... hilarious frustration? I don't know but I laughed out loud. I don't remember the brief of the jam saying that the design had to be an improvement! You made typing worse but it worked in the pursuit of humour. My favourite game so far.

Regarding the voice acting, I think it's quite good for 48 hours; your timing is really good and I got a bit of  a Cave Johnson vibe from the character.

I really like this twist on the match-3 genre, it adds more of a puzzle aspect to it. I did take me a while to figure out the actual mechanics of this though, I would have given up if it hadn't been a jam game. Once I got the idea though, I enjoyed playing this.

The presentation is quite good but I think the background, especially the dark section, clashes with the foreground elements too much. The size of the UI elements feels pretty random too.