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Really cool concept and execution. I think the keyboard layout is a bit much. It makes the controls super hard when the pacifist run is probably already hard enough. Would be nice to have the difficulty come more from the scenarios rather than a control scheme that simpyl handicaps the player.

Thanks a lot for playing and sharing an opinion.

I think controls are integral to every game experience, in making it a crucial part of the game, that can be experimented with and express something. It reminds me of children, having hard time playing with arrows one handed, helping themselves. This is gaining game literacy, obtaining an ability to translate your will into an action in the game, driven by pure curiosity. I think my control scheme is an extension of that - we live in an age of comfy, normalized control schemes, for about 15 years. Taking your time to master an uncomfortable input method and make it familiar, your own, is usually a part of the game, I'm just doing it more extremely.
Also, I don't think it's THIS hard - just trap in bushes as many enemies as you can, and ghost through or freeze the others while you go to the exit. Plan carefully, ready your fingers over the keys you'll need to use, and you're good :)