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I loved Orbital Punch last year, and it's great to see you folks coming back with another good one. The concept is solid and works pretty well. I can't help but feel that you should either go all in on the weapon-swapping (like you can't control it at all) or just not even do the weapon roulette.

As it stands, it doesn't really do anything extra for the theme/gameplay, and it just kinda makes the gameplay a little bit more tedious. If weapon swapping was uncontrollable, it would at least be a fact of life and be something tactical that you have to plan around.

The graphics and sound are great, of course. I feels like the enemies could  use a little more feedback when they get hit, though. Also, while the ground looks great, it is super busy. It could do with looking a little more faded so the game seems a little less cluttered.

Great entry! Can't wait to see what ya'll do next year.


Thank you so much for your feedback! Great that you played Orbita Punch last year :)
We're currently polishing the game and too have an issue with the weapon swapping. At the moment a lot of players request that the weapons will we swappable for the player, but we will keep your feedback in mind and playtest your idea too. 

You're totally right concerning the enemies feedback and the super busy floor. We faded it already so you don't get too dizzy when walking over it. We will update the game after the jam (probably some days after and not tomorrow, as some bugs are quite tedious to fix).

Again, thank you a lot for your feedback :)