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This is a really great concept, and the execution is fairly technically sound. I think there are a lot of things that you could do to improve this into something much better, though.

Obviously there are the issues that you have listed in the description. Outside of that, I think there is often very little time to see and click on signs. It also felt like there was a delay before I could attach if I tried to click before I was in range. I think the game needs a much better way of relaying the range to the player. Maybe the sign itself could change color as you get into range, or maybe some sort of visual indicator between the cart and the sign.

It also feels like maybe there could be some obstacles other than just sharp turns to keep it fresh. Perhaps some things swinging onto the track that you need to slow down for? And, I know this would be a lot of work to implement, but perhaps sections where the track is out and you now have to use the rope to swing over the gap.

At any rate, the concept is awesome. The execution is pretty good if flawed. The aesthetics are fantastic. Good job!


Thank you for the time you took to give us your feedbacks !

Everything you said is true, and a lot of it is known to us. We have a long list of things to improve, test and change. But all the comments we are receiving are really motivating us and we are working hard to make the game better!

About the signs, we were obviously in a rush at the end of the jam and some ended up misplaced and some are missing... The range is currently not that good either and we need to have a better feedback for it.

And the obstacles are something we thought of very early in development with multi tracks for example (the possibility to chose a risky but rewarding path or an easier but where you lost time...), but we didn't have time to add them to the build.

But we hope to deliver something better in the coming weeks. I hope you'll be able to play it and give us new feedbacks then :)


Thanks for your feedback :)

I'll add one thing: As Maxi said, many signs were mislplaced, the hook range too short, ...  But the biggest issue is the speed that goes out of control quickly and it sure doesn't help you to aim :D

With our current version, I already feel that it's easier to hit and we'll continue to improve it :)