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Thank you! :) 

Thanks for testing the game and for taking the time to post a comment! 

I'm glad you liked it, despite the lack of HUD/feedback :)

Thank you!

Yeah we knew it'd be a challenge to do a strategy game in a jam but we really liked the idea we had.  Sadly, we totaly ran out of time so, sorry for the missing feedback / hud. 

Great idea, and I love the music! 
The game is quite hard, but I think you already know it. It'd be great to tweak and polish it, as it has a good potential!   

Good job :) 

I totally agree with you. 

We had VFX and animations ready to be plugged in the game but we ran out of time, that's on us ^^ 

The wind event was an attempt to make everything feel more out of control without feeling too frustrating but once again without the proper feedback, I agree with you, it makes it even more confusing for people.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and for trying our game :) 

The game has good graphics and a sweet soundtrack (nice job Oyzuu ^^). I also like the idea and the theme that fits perfectly.

I'd love to see you polish the signs and feeback. 

(Et vive les frites bien sûr!) 

Even with the tutorial it's far from easy so... yeah you should probably play the tutorial xD 

Thanks for trying our game anyway! :) 

Yeah, we ran out of time and couldn't finish the HUD and the tutorial, sorry about that :s

But thanks for trying it anyway and for your kind comment! :) 

Thanks @Skydjinn, it was really fun to watch your video :) 

Oh yes that's right, thanks ;) 

Cute art and music and I love this kind of puzzle, congrats :) 

Thanks you, I'll check yours! :) 

Ah ah great, thx Jordan :)

Thanks! :) 

Thanks :) 

Feel free to test ours ^^

Love the colours! :o 

I think ours is also juicy, but it's up to you to decide :

Same here, we'd love to see your fan art for our game ^^ :

Thanks Asue!

Hey Picelluca,

Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree with the negative points you've mentioned, we'll try to fix them. 


Thanks Gumboot,

I'm also impressed by Soulward, it's awesome! It's probably my favourite game from this Jam, congrats! 

Thanks, very much appreciated.

Hi Aesth,

Thanks for your feedback! 

We also hate these kinds of tutorials. We put it quickly on the build because of the lack of time, but we'll change it, yes.

Thanks for trying our game. 

I totally agree with you about the exposition of the battery recharge mechanic. We'll definitely work on it for a post-jam build.

I think correctly, yes (but what I think is not really important). Perfectly, clearly not :D 

Btw your game is cool, I'm really not a "puzzle designer" so I'm always impressed by this kind of design, congrats.

Yes, thanks you! ^^ 

Ok, so the answer would be yes. Because everything was designed around the "only one system" idea. Without this, I'd have left the player choose the ship's direction and remove the spinning mechanic or the orbit and slingshot mechanic, the player could recharge the reactor just by grabbing "floating collectible batteries" like in some many game, instead of forcing him to use the only one button. 

Remove this idea, add other systems and buttons and of course It'd be a completely different game. To be honest, it wouldn't even be a game in space, the idea itself came from the restriction. And guess what, it'd be a boring game in my opinion, yes. I suppose it's not your opinion then, and I understand it, no worries ;) 

Thanks for your feedback.

Yeah, Nova and comet tweaking are first on my todo list, you're absolutely right! ^^ 

Hey @Hermicrab,

I think I understand what you mean, but do you think that having this single system (our 1mpulse reactor) activated by a single button and let the player go 360°, use orbit, recharge the reactor, slow time and cancel the 1mpulse was a lazy exploration and that we only wanted to "tick the box" of the theme? 

Because for us, it drove every single one decision we made regarding the design and how to have art/sound support it.  I don't say you're wrong, I just want to understand if you didn't see the design depth and that's why you think we didn't really explore the theme or if if we're missing something else here. 

And don't worry, we don't take anything personally and are happy to have constructive feedback ^^ 

Thanks for taking the time to comment! 


Yeah the game really need a "real" in-game tutorial I think. We tried to add depth with the way you can get back charges, still using only our one button for our only one ship-system (the 1mpulse drive). But it's not obvious to understand how it work, we need to improve that.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and for taking the time to try it again, very much appreciated. 


Yeah, we're definitely still not used to make games in 48hrs.

Ah ah tell us about level design. The good thing is that we designed the game to support procedural generation and I'd really like to work on this, so yeah we should continue to give this game more love.


Hey thanks for your feedback.

We also wanted to keep "only one goal" as it fitted well the theme. But the make a longer game, collecting parts could be intersting!


Hey, thanks for your comment, very much appreciated :) 

I agree with you and it's mostly my fault :o

I spend the last day doing production stuff instead of design (not helped by the fact that for some mystical reason, It wasn't possible anymore for me to submit things). So yeah I can't wait to be able to tweak everything to improve the design (but the basis are there I think) now that we'll have more time :) 


I've just played your game, it's my favourite one on this Jam so far! 

So clever and beautiful, I love it, congratulations :) 

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Hey @Rismosch,

It's ok to disagree and you have the right to dislike our game's gameplay! As you could see in the other comments, many people like it and find it fun. If you think there are all wrong and the game has a bad design, that's fine by me :) 

Let me just add this: We didn't participate in this Jam to be the most popular game (we're not and we'll never be). If we wanted to "perform" and get a good score, we'd spend more time on tweaking and get a better review. But our goal is different, we want to have fun and have everyone in the team enjoy their work and be challenged.

Also, I don't share your point of view about design being separated from the other discipline. For me, the design is at the centre of all discipline, linking them together to create an experience and I'm a strong believer of cross-pollination. Also, in my opinion, game feel and juice are super important and it's not "pretty art and music".

Though, once again, no hard feelings here and thanks for your feedback :) 


Hi Ryan, thanks for your feedback :) 

I don't think it should be locked, because we want to challenge your ability to anticipate and we think it's part of the fun, but, that being said, we clearly need to tweak it, it's not yet as satisfying as it should, you're right ^^


Thanks for your comment taoroalin :)

As Sirhaian said, you should be able to recharge the 1mpulse drive on comets and planets by holding the Spacebar for a second. I hope that helps ^^ 

Thanks, very much appreciated! 

It's great to see that you noticed al lot of the small details we really wanted to have in this project, thanks for your comment :) 


Really original and a perfect fit for the theme, congrats :) 

(1 edit)

Yeah, to be honest, we tried to put everything our amazing artists/sound designer made and it took us more time than expected. 

So, you can point it out, because we were the first to blame ourselves even before the Jam's end because we didn't take enough time to tweak everything :o 

It's the deal with a "big team", you fall in these kinds of traps :D 

ps: I tried your game, it's fun and original, great job ^^