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Thanks, for your feedback and kind words ^^ 

We really tried for our game to feature a great balance of art, music, fx and design (and of course code xD) because we think that the goal of "game design" is to create an experience, and everything is important to create this experienc. So yeah to make it possible, we needed to spend less time on "pure gameplay crafting" and our approach was to "keep it simple" (and that's not simple xD). 

So it's really great to read comments like yours, showing us that people enjoyed this "mix" ^^ 


Thanks for your feedback :)

I'll add one thing: As Maxi said, many signs were mislplaced, the hook range too short, ...  But the biggest issue is the speed that goes out of control quickly and it sure doesn't help you to aim :D

With our current version, I already feel that it's easier to hit and we'll continue to improve it :) 

Yeah I've the same issue when I play, so you're definitely right and we need to find the right feedback and feeling for it :)

Thanks for your kind words ^^ 

Thanks for your feedback :) 

It's great that you mentioned the "2 sections-track" because I designed the track to have 2 distinct section exactly for the reasons you mentioned. But with our (now fixed) bug related to the gold the speed would never goes down as designed but continue to increase and that mess up a bit this idea xD.

Now that we fixed it, we're trying to balance the design because we learned that the game si not fun if you brake too much. I'd like to have a "security zone" where  the players would catch their breath, but it should be the only area (with the starting zone) where the speed is low.

It's not easy to find the right values, but we're progressing and feedback like yours confirm us that we're going in the right direction :)


Thanks for your feedback Kaenkitanov! 

You're absolutely right. We wanted to polish the core mechanic (the magnetic grappling hook) and the global experience before adding our other designed gameplay elements but we took to much time to polish everything (the sounds, Fx, art, level design) and we only found a good way for every of us to work simultaneously on our respective task too late. It was our main learning from this jam, the first we made together.

But still, I'm happy with the final result even if much of my work (as the game designer) is missing and the balancing completely messed up because of some bugs. We'll take time to fix it. And it's not the programmer fault, it's a shared responsibility ^^ 


Hey! Thanks a lot for playing our game, taking the time to make a video and post a comment!

Sorry about the game difficulty, it's a bug that we'll fix in the next days!

The whole team is really proud of the game and we think that it has some potential so, yeah, I think we'll continue to work on it in our spare time. I must say that all the kind words we're getting are boosting us and we may end up expanding it :o 


" It was enjoyable just watching the cart go down lol"

That's exactly what we wanted to achieve! :D 

Thanks for your feedback :) 

Hey, thanks for your feedback.

To be sure I got it right : did you understand that you break when your magnet grapling hook is kept (holdin the left click) on a sign ? We don't have direct brake (part of the jam concept ^^)

I'm asking that because I think that it's not clear how we explained that in the game :o 


People having fun on the game si the best reward as you can imagine! And you're absolutely right about the minecrat movement, it's a high priority on our list :)

Thanks for your kind words :)


J'en ai parlé hier de la version VR xD 

I'm happy that you mentioned the rollercoaster because it was of course one of the example I used a lot when speaking about the game's design!

If you're playing in fullscreen, try perhaps to run the game in windowed mode. I don't know hy but there's a issue with the Unity launcher playing the game in the highest possible resolution, and of course, it may slows it down. Especially because we didn't have enough time to optimise it.

We'll provide a new version were the major bugs are fixed, we're really motivated thanks to all your kind words :) 

Yeah, I don't know why, Unity force the game to use the biggest resolution your screen can support. For me, on my surface book, it plays the game in a whooping 3000*2000 resolution, making it a bit laggy as you could imagine :D

I hope we'll find a way to fix this :o 

Yes, as Maxi said: thanks a lot for your feedback and your video. And sorry for the game being harder than intended, we are fixing that XD

Oh yeah I forgot to mention the broken gold system, first thing we'll fix with Maxi now that I fixed the scoring display last night and fixed many signs position issues.

Ah ah you're completely right and we already designed the things you proposed to add and quite a few other things.

But as you said, it was already hard to managed to get music an art working around the first game loops. the price to pay for that was a limited set of mechanic at first.

But yeah our goal was to iterate from there and add other cart, other track you can go with gold sources that would add a risk and reward choice (because simply adding "shortcut is not a valid option for me). Now we'll surely add these things on our spare time ^^

As I said in a previous comment, I also wanted to add a rogue-like gameplay ^^

But thanks a lot for your feedback, it confirms us that our other idea are aligned with your expectations :) 


As I explained in a previous comment, we started from the idea of a racing game in space without steering or direct gas/brake. Then we feel that using a minecart would help to understand the gampleay and make it more accessible but without the other opponent and the leaderboard it makes less sense and I we lost the "racing feeling" T_T

The build we didn't manage to push in the last minutes, even if it was ready had this leaderboard at the end : 

We even had a server to gather the score of every player, but we didn't finish it in time ...

Did I say that we overscoped ? :D 

Thanks for playing and for your comment! :) 

Thanks ! ^^

We wanted it to be between 1:30 and 2:30 a run, and tried to achieved that during the production. 

It was a bit overscoped but we learned a lot and our two artists did an amazing job :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback and kind words! :) 

I think taht the fact we had our concept in the first 2 hours of the jam and that it never really changed even if we add some things (like the gold idea) + the organisation helped us to produce all these things from scratch during the Jam :) 

To be honest, we made some mistake and it impact the balancing of the game, we work on the art until the end and we didn't get enough time to test and balance the game because we were constantly adding things like sounds and FX that required code and each time we were merging the work of everyone, we were "losing" a lot of time. So this was a big learning for us all ^^ 

And yeah I said that in a previous comment, but this build has real issues with our signs, many of them moved in the terrain and some 3D assets, most of them in the second part of the track, hence the WAY TOO HIG difficulty. 

That's sad because we tried to make a really accessible game impossible to lose but we wanted it to be hard to master. It'll need some fix ans baance to really get to that point but I'm already working on these, because I'm really proud of what we did (and I enjoy playing it so I want it to be fixed to enjoy it even more :D)

Thanks :)  


In fact, I was checking this evening and many of our signs finished in some of the last 3D Assets so, yeah it's too hard!

I'm balancing it right now. We also have apparently an issue in the function that  compute the minecart speed: the gold weight is influencing in a strange way. We'll surely fix that ^^ 

Here's a screenshot of the start we have right now :  

Thanks for testing and for your comment! :) 

Well I suppose that it depends how you look at it:

When we learned about the team, with brainstorm for more than an hour with the team and get some idea as "A stealth game where you can't hide", etc.

One of my proposition was: "A driving game whithout steering and without direct gas/break mechanic".  At this point, I was thinking about a spaceship with a tractor beam.

But as some point, MaxiPoki made a joke about the fact that I wanted, before the jam, to make a game based around trains (because "I like trains") and our two artist also liked this idea.  We thought it would also be a good way to explain the reason why you can't steer and we would still be using this original mechanics of the "tractor beam" turned into a grappling hook, then a magnetic grappling hook.

Sadly, due to time lack, we didn't add other competitor or the feature that would allow you to change tracks to overtake them and/or replenish gold. So it feel less like a racing game in this state. But still, I think it respect the theme and the genre is "Driving/racing game", I do'nt think you can say that there's a "minecart" genre. Well I never play to this kind of game and for me game genres are not as much accurate but more like that : 

But I can see your point ^^ 

Thanks a lot for playing it and for your feedback :) 


And you're right, I'm sad about it, but due to lack of time we didn't finish the "tutorial". But I'm glad that you still liked it! :)

Thanks, it's really kind of you ^^ 

Thanks! :)

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By the way, sadly, we didn't have enough time to finish to create and put signposts explaining controls. So here's how you play: 
You need to target the signposts and hook them (by holding left click) with the magnetic grappling hook to brake your minecart and avoid losing the gold in it. But if you  keep a signpost hook for too long, the rope will break, so you need to release the right click soon enough ^^

(The escape key let you restart, and yeah you can't close the game without alt-F4, but why would you close it ? :p ) 

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It was great to work on this project!

We're proud of the game we did, even if of course we had many other ideas and not enough time to make them (we designed it as a racing rogue-like game where you could buy upgrades after each run with the gold saved). 

We hope you'll enjoy it :)