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It's an experience, not necessarily a game.

You don't  =P

You have a limited budget. But it's possible to sell things you already bought.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your feedback! I took it into consideration and uploaded a new version of the game. Now the character will keep going as long as the arrow keys are pressed


Nice game! I have just some suggestions to make the gameplay feel more fluid:

- Increase the range of the attack. Now, it's hard to get close enough to the enemies without touching them.
- Automatically moving X pixels forward when attacking (feels more powerful)
- Don't get hurt by stunned enemies.
- Feels unfair when the bullets pass through the walls.

I tried a lot of times, but I was not able to finish the game =P

That's a good one! I'm working on a new version of the game that enables you to close your umbrella (plus enemies and other small improvements). When the voting is over, I'll upload this new version. Thanks for your feedback!

Good idea! Thanks a lot ;D

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Thanks for your feedback!

I agree with you. In my original idea there would be different levels (with start and end), enemies, obstacles, and wind flows with different directions. But I had only 8 hours to work on this game, so... maybe in a future update =D

The idea is good =D

I found it hard make the movements in the right timing (the direction was frequently postpone to the next tile).

This is the kind of puzzle I like! Really good.

However, the boats not always slide one tile. Sometimes they slide out of the level. I don't know if that's a bug or a feature that I didn't understand =P

Great!! Simple and challenging! One of my favorites of this jam.
The ""start button"" teaches how to move (clever ;D), but it took me a while to understand how to kill the enemies.

Pretty interesting. It was very hard at the beginning, but once you learn to coordinate the movement and the dash, it becomes easier.

The concept is really interesting.
It's a little bit frustrating to jump so low (or have to charge to jump higher), tho. But I understand it's part of the idea.

Good job.

This game is so beautiful! *______*
However, I found it a little bit poor in terms of innovative mechanics.

Pretty good. The puzzles are well made, and the lest level took me a while to figure out.

Great game! It feels like Super Metroid to me =D