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A turret defence game
Submitted by sanjeev with 8 minutes, 21 seconds before the deadline

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The game is designed around picking up and dropping a cube (the powerCore). It is used to power up turrets, collect resources, stun enemies and power up buildings.



​- Click and drag with your mouse to pickup and move the powerCore


For the GMTK Game Jam.​

This was kind of rushed so its quite buggy and there is plenty missing (sorry for the lack of audio! )

I also didn't have time to add an ingame tutorial so I'll try and explain how this can be played here:

- You control everything in this game by moving around the powerCore (the bright blue block).
- You can pick it up and move it around by clicking on it and moving around the mouse. Drop it by letting go of the mouse click.
- The powerCore will activate turrets around it; and can also be used to activate the buttons.
- The powerCore will stun enemies around it when dropped on the ground.
- Stunned enemies will take extra damage.
- When enemies are killed, they will drop power nodes. Drop the powerCore near these nodes to collect them. This will increase your power meter which can then be used to charge up the Rocket or build new turrets at the Turret Factory. You can do this by dropping the powerCore on the buttons next to these objects.
- When a new turretPackage spawns, it can be picked up much like the powerCore and dropped on the ground. When it sits firmly on the ground, it will spawn a turret.
- The goal of the game is to charge up the Rocket and escape.

That's pretty much it, thanks for checking it out :)

Let me know what you think.

Third-party resources
Unity 2017 & Standard Assets
CubeSpace Free Effects
JMO Cartoon FX 1 & 3
Upheaval Free Font


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Lovely idea! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


This is a really neat concept and the execution is superb/feels really polished. Ignoring the fact that there are no sound effects due to time constraints, here were some of the bigger issues I had: It feels like there should be a way to moves turrets after you've placed them. I placed one too far away on accident and it became essentially worthless to me. The turret aiming seemed a little strange at times. When the turret was firing perpendicular to the enemy's direction of movement, they seemed to lag behind them quite a bit. Perhaps making them lead the enemies would help. It's also unclear if they were doing damage there, so maybe some more feedback on whether or not the bullets are hitting the enemy would help.

Other than that, it was an excellent game and I hope you plan to continue working on it post-jam!


Superbly done animations and the mechanics of having a power core to control turrets is really well done, and I like the fact that you can drop the power core on enemies to stun them. The idea of a physics based tower defense game is inspiring to say the least. Would be perfect with some audio effects! 


Pretty nice

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Great game! Of course it need more mechanics but still its a lot of fun :D Also it was a little out of theme...

P.S. Yeah... it needed desperately some music like anything it would be nice :P


I really liked powerCore! I thought the mechanic was an interesting take on the theme and it was well done. I like that it's as endless as you want it to be and I had fun seeing how many turrets I could get into the world.

I also like how the power core respawns when it falls off the end of the screen. Almost like you expected someone like me to try and throw it off screen and see what happens. =P

A great game, rated, well done!


It took me some time to understand the controls, but i like the idea that the placement of the cube controls the game, this way you can't do several things at once. The graphics are nice!