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Got 4th, nice work mate. =)

Ha, of course, loot boxes, my bad.

Ah, I wondered if the walls were the key to lining them up, just couldn't quite get it to work for me.

Perhaps you could sell keys to bypass certain doors?
60,000 credits seems reasonable. ;)

I liked this one, the jump animation was cool and the gravity mechanics fun. Similar to other games I've played but somewhat minimalist in comparison. I did get flung off into space a few times though, after I missed a planet while jumping. I like that you included an intro and tutorial too, bonus points for that. =P

Good entry, well done.

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Keep the cool neon look and with some cool models, music, etc, along with maybe expanding on the controls I reckon it'd be a pretty good little racer, especially for mobile. Keep at it. =)

That was pretty good, played through all the lvls, I was pretty impressed you got as many in as you did. The progression was good too, each level being slightly harder. Matched the theme well and worked without any problems for me. Good entry, well done.

That was pretty good, worked well and was enjoyable - took me a while to figure out that the jump went in the direction of the mouse pointer though. Looked nice too, well done.

I think I could have coded the movement to adjust for mouse sens a bit better, I think different mice and DPI settings might be a part of why it's a lot harder for some people and less for others - e.g. it's really easy to control on my main computer but on another it's insanely difficult.  I guess anyone that's really dedicated could adjust their mouse speed or DPI but yeah, I don't really expect anyone to do that. =P

Apologies to anyone that finds this game really difficult or hard to control, would have liked to polish it up a bit more but just didn't have time.

Yup, pretty difficult but still fun. It's simple but it also looks nice, the lighting and bloom could be toned down a little but it's still a cool look. The left / right sensitivity was a bit high, I found it hard to stay on the platform just trying to do little adjustments and it's hard to see the edge too, which can be a bit frustrating but otherwise, good work.

You said there were a few glitches so I'm not too worried but I just could not figure out how to play properly. It feels like the lights get attracted to the squares but I couldn't make them stick to open the doors and get out. Still a cool idea though and a good effort, well done.

At start: "Oh ok, a platformer, cool."
A minute or two later: "Oh ok, it's one of THOSE platformers."
Quite a few deaths and a slight amount of progress later: "Wow, these messages are a bit dark. Is.... is everything ok, Gippa?"

About 15 minutes in (what... I got stuck on a few parts..): "Where the hell am I, where am I going... is this the end?"

TL;DR That was actually pretty cool and surprising. Good work.

Atmosphere was good and the music went well with it. The art style was simplistic but I enjoyed it. Game worked well, though the controls were a bit uncomfortable for my keyboard. =P

A good entry, well done.

Lol. I enjoyed that far more than I should have. =P

I enjoyed this one, easy to play and understand, looked good and the UI and transitions were well done. I kept getting melted by the AI, but I think I'm just unlucky and ran into them pretty much every time the hide skill ran out. =P

A good entry overall, good work.

Given you said you only had a short time to put this together, it's not bad. I was also pretty confused at first but then after a couple more tries, started to figure out what to do (For anyone else, hold right mouse to control view, left click to launch yourself). Managed to get to the red lights but then kinda couldn't figure out what to do and fell off the edge too many times.

It was trying to launch steam VR but I didn't have anything connected - is there VR support in here? 

I couldn't seem to quit either, maybe I missed it but that's a biggie for me. I'll cut you some slack again cause of the timeframe though. ;)

Overall, cool idea that matched the theme well, keep at it and could be pretty fun to play.

Ha. I think I knew what to expect before even launching this one, I was not disappointed.

Well done. =P

A good entry, if a little short. What you had in there was well done though, the controls were good and the line of sight / vision mechanic was well made. The sprites were good too, I liked the look. 

I think the AI was ok considering this is a game jam entry but yeah, it wasn't too smart. I'd also recommend spending some more time on a few more levels and some sort of win condition next time. I wasn't sure what to do once I killed all the enemies, adding something to say you've won makes the game a lot more satisfying to play.

Otherwise, great work. =)

This is really good fun, a simple concept but great execution. I personally feel it could have matched the theme a bit more but otherwise, well done.

Golem Shards has a really cool idea in its core mechanic that it's been built around nicely.

Once you get your head around aiming and how the reload works, the game becomes quite fun as you attempt to avoid the enemies, protect the shards and keep your bullet supply stocked. I think the game stuck to the theme fairly well, the shards being (to me) the core mechanic tying it all together. I enjoyed the visuals, the lighting and glowing colours, plus the minimalist style models all looked quite good together.

The game worked well and I encountered no problems. It was fairly challenging (I think my highest was 80-90 points), the game-play was smooth and the shooting / reloading mechanic was interesting and took a bit to master.

Overall, the game was fun and the content that was there was polished and put together well. 
Definitely my most replayed game out of those I've tried so far. A great entry, well done! Rated.

If you have a moment, could you please rate mine? Thanks! 

Not a problem. Following you now, if you ever do that update I'll be sure to give it a go!
Once again, well done, a great entry. =)

I really liked powerCore! I thought the mechanic was an interesting take on the theme and it was well done. I like that it's as endless as you want it to be and I had fun seeing how many turrets I could get into the world.

I also like how the power core respawns when it falls off the end of the screen. Almost like you expected someone like me to try and throw it off screen and see what happens. =P

A great game, rated, well done!

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After The Rain has a lot going for it, some amazing art work, peaceful atmosphere with music that compliments it nicely, great sound effects and an interesting mechanic that worked quite well. I think it stuck to the theme well with the jump / shoot / revive mechanic, which was implemented into the style of the game perfectly and other than finding the controls a little frustrating at times, I didn't encounter any bugs or problems.

This game also has a very talented art team behind it, the sprites, animations and intro / credits screens were really well done and looked very professional.

All in all, a great game that I enjoyed playing, well done. Rated.

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GemDigger is simple but it works well, the mechanic, progression and challenge obvious the moment you start to play. I think it stuck to the theme well but it also worked against the game a little - my hands were getting pretty sore from spamming the move keys by the time I hit the final layer.

I think it could have benefited from some simple effects to liven the game play up a little - e.g. a dig particle effect, or some simple animations - but overall this doesn't detract from the game's intended style. The music was also pretty cool, a nice touch.

All in all, a good game and I enjoyed it. Well done! Rated.

Although the game had a few obviously missing features - expected for a game jam - what was in this game was tight, polished and well thought out. The animations and sprite work were really good - with a lot of care having clearly gone into both - and the mechanics, the flow of the game and the feel of the character all worked well and most importantly, were fun to play with.

I can see how the game intended to work to the theme but I think it missed the mark a little in execution. There wasn't a great incentive to keep an eye on the battery and it provided more than enough energy for each movement I needed to make; I wasn't ever really limited by it so it didn't really achieve its purpose.

 I can see what it was trying to do though and how the core mechanic could lead to some great combo based game-play. With a bit more time to balance it out, this mechanic would be really cool to see in action.

There's a fantastic foundation for a future game here and I'd love to see this expanded into a bigger release, maybe with a few extra levels and characters and some story. All in all, great fun to play, rated 4 stars. Well done!

If you have a moment, could you please rate mine? Thanks!

Thanks, mate. Glad you enjoyed. =)