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Tetris without clearing lines or a fail state. Infinite Tetris to space out and relax.
Submitted by pfirsich (@joel_schum) — 40 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline

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Wow! I'm very impressed by what you've done. Removing the clearing line mechanic of Tetris and transforming the game into a relaxing, contemplation experience was neat. At the aesthetic level, the game is pleasant, and I liked the animated background (looks like Fez).

_φ( °-°)/ We'll appreciate if you rate and comment our game: Slow Ride.


A  tetris game, I probably won't spend much time on this one!~Faer before spending much time on this one
It felt so relaxing with the cute little artistic touches and the atmospheric music that I could just spend so much time playing this, I think the combo system could be a bit more rewarding like counting 5 rows as 2+ and 6 as 3+! Also I personally like the punishing system since I feel like it draws the fine line between relaxing and not caring at all and I kinda dislike that it's removed in the non-gamejam version. Also I think the instructions could use a toggle button to see them again midgame cause I personally forgot the buttons so I was forced to wait till the next time I lose to see them again every time!(Hah get it?'s cause you can't lose!) overall a 5/5 idea! Take my stars! (>'-')>


You bring up a great point about toggling the controls screen. I will add that to the post-jam version (not right now, but soon, I think)! And I will also remove the timer at the start for the controls screen, since I honestly thought no one would play this game more than once and I wanted to make sure that everyone understood that you could stop time. It's very cheap, but it was minutes before the deadline and I had no other ideas :D

I think we disagree a little on the score system in general. I think I almost put it in without thinking, when I wasn't really sure what I actually want to do with that game. By now I don't think it should be any sort of "score" at all, just something that gives you some sense of how much you progressed (as in "how much" you did and not "how well"). In that sense going to crazy on the combos might be deceiving, just as negative scores might be. I think I might just have it show lines and full lines.


And thanks for the very nice words, obviously! :D


Gratz on the 15th place! I hope you get even higher next time!

Nice job! I liked the relaxed feel and it gave tetris new life. Could add new features, like those mentioned below but i thought it was pretty enjoyable as is nonetheless. nice submission


First of all, the concept is really cool, I do wish that there was some kind of way to "lose" or at least have some kind of combo meter or something. Like that if you make a line every 5 or 10 or whatever blocks you get 1 combo and so on. But I get that it was not the point of the game, but rather to be a relaxing "zone-out"-experience. And let me tell you, it does a fantastic job at that.

The visuals are suuuper nice, there's just something about the atmosphere that combined with the music just creates this feeling of "pleasantness". I genuinely felt good while playing and even though there was no "objective" it was such a great experience that I never really wanted to quit. I know I already mentioned that the music is great, but it really, really is superb. I would say it's the best entry when it comes to audio that I have encountered this Jam.  5/5, I hope that you expand on this in some way, because I would love to see what you could build upon this already superb experience!


That is actually in place (it shows as "(+N)") and you get one extra score for every 4 consecutive full line. I think the negative points you can get are not a great decision by me and I removed them in the post-jam version. Now the score is not about rating your performance, but just to give you an additional sense of  (albeit meaningless) progress and achievement. i.e. it's way less of a value judgment of your play and I think that fits better!

A great thing about making such a simple game is that you can take the time and make it pleasant and just sprinkle in a bunch of stuff that looks cool. My music person is well aware of the praise people have been giving him and I am very thankful to his contribution as well!

And there is a post-jam version already up on GitHub. There are no grand changes, just gamepad support, audio/music mute, IJKL as an alternative to arrow keys and a really cool zoom-out when you press escape! I guess one could put in more (so that it will seem pseudo-infinite) gimmicks to discover at larger heights, but otherwise I am not sure what to add that would really fit the theme of it being a relaxing experience.  I'll think about it and see if other people suggest some other clever things!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to play and for writing such a nice comment :)


sooooooo chilllll


I love this game. I feel like I could waste literal days with it.