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I was drawn to yours cause the description sounds exactly like a good submission for the game jam. and it is! but i think the gravity warp thing needs some work. is it completely random? it felt that way. i know you had the tutorial round where you could't really die, but i think it would've helped to have a tutorial level where you aim at specific things and get pointers on how to wrangle other ships shots. i ended up getting to the boss level ( i think) but it was through a lot of trial and error. making the warp a little less unprediactable with a little more tutorial and you've got a nice little game.


It's not random, it just turns chaotic after longer than a second. If you can judge both the space and the time accurately, you can hold down LMB when you're about 20 pixels below a bullet for about .2 seconds, and it will turn it around 180 degrees. This is especially handy for the enemies that shoot directly downward. It's definitely very precise, though, and does feel a bit janky.


Hey SN, thanks for checking us out!

So yeah, as Pace already stated, we -believe- it is precise as it could be. We used the gravitational equation to affect the bullets around those fields in the game, so the way they behave and interact should be realistic! However, you're completely welcome in saying that it may still feel a little too sensitive. I won't burden you with the math, but for some physical/mathematical reasons we already had to limit the maximum velocity of objects leaving it, otherwise they would scale to infinity, but with more testing and inputs we might have to reduce it even more. Time - not space, this time! - will tell. P:

Now, a more detailed tutorial though, is a good idea. A challenge mode even, would be super cool to have, so thanks for the input. I hope you had fun playing! :D


Yeah it was really cool! Had no idea there was so much math going on behind the scenes. I could tell there was a method to the madness, but wasn't exactly sure how it was happening. I guess I'll just have to keep practicing then hehe