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Space shooter where you can only use one game mechanic at a time
Submitted by PHD, Bernardo Perli — 2 minutes, 13 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#15252.8464.500

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Cool idea! Controls were a bit floaty but that's also usually how space games feel, so I get it. Agree with nix, not perfect, but a great entry. 4/5


Thanks for the feedback SirNintendo28. I'll let the team know you liked the idea!


Interesting concept!  I like the starry background with the planets, it makes for good ambiance and sets the mood.  Only being able to do one action at a time forces the player to juggle tasks, adding another layer to the gameplay experience.  One change if you plan turning this into a full game would be more enemy variety, as each enemy is dealt with the same way.  Maybe stations which force you to orbit before shooting, or enemies with shields and have to use the right gun/missile vs shields/hull.  Though the game is great for having been made in only 2 days for this jam.  Good work!


Thanks Aescosaurus, suggestion for improvements are always great. I will let the artists know that you liked their work. As for the enemy behaviour variety, I was not able to program the different AIs because the procedurally generated world code took me way too long to make. The shield hull dynamic was in the idea poll, but was not implemented in time,   your idea of a space station as an enemy is something I will be writing down thanks for playing and taking the time to give us helpfull feedback.


This game clicks once you get into it. The controls are really cool in that "mastering a ton of buttons like a real space pilot" way, and once I understood how to dodge and how to kill enemies (protip: keep hitting reload and your missile will recharge) i got into it for a bit. The one problem I had is that even once you master the controls, dodging and aiming are still kinda rough. Still though, I liked playing this game, and you did a great job making it. 4 Stars.


Thanks for the feedback Nyx. I'm very glad you liked the control system idea, I had a blast making it. As for the difficulty of aiming and shooting I don't really know how we could change without making the game "too easy". Would you mind giving more specifics as to what bothered you (turning speed, linear speed, enemy chase speed, etc...) that can help us improve the experience.


The main thing is that I feel like the player hitbox is too big. The turning is fine in context but combined with the constant getting hit it feels more frustating when you're trying to shoot while not getting shot yourself. As for the speed, I was kind of disappointed you couldn't outrun the enemies, but that's ultimately your call. I would have liked to have been able to change velocity more easily, but I can understand the decision to make space flight feel like it is. Also, I didn't quite understand the point of the extractor, and the reload button didn't seem to do anything until suddenly it did. I'd suggest a gauge on the missile's load, and maybe a bit more explanation on what each function does. This is a good game either way, and I hope your improvements go a long way.


Thanks for taking the time and effort to give us additional feedback.

In the dev version of the game in my PC it is possible to outrun the enemies, you just can't do it without dodging a bit (+ oxygen management).
The extractor wasn't fully functional in the GameJam upload, apologies for the confusion. It is supposed to extract metals from asteroids in order to repair your ship. In the dev version it can already do that but I still need to work on the spawn rate of extractable asteroids and their variation with difficulty (harder to find in higher difficulties).
As for the reload and ammo display for both the machinegun and missile, I'm thinking of making their icons be filled with color clockwise and deplete as you spend ammo, another option would be making an external gauge or a (amount/maxAmount) display that changes to (reloading.../maxAmount).
The UI artist will be working on a better controls instruction panel as soon as he has some free time from work.
When these changes are ready we are thinking of uploading the new version to the game's page, since the Jam's version cannot be altered(I think).

I didn't really understand what you meant by changing velocity more easily,  is it having a higher acceleration or maxSpeed?
Again, thanks for taking the time to share your opinion.


I meant changing direction on a dime could be easier, I guess acceleration. Thank you for your time!


love the background


Thanks Mikaah, It was generated with the same algorithm as the level, so its different any time you open =).