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Amazing game! 10/10 would kill my block brethren again. Interesting game mechanic, good puzzles and really satisfying to play. The only thing is that I might say to make the jump just a tiny bit higher so you can jump over creatures easier, as I found myself often jumping on enemies that I didn't want to.

Cool attempt. Having the crossbow always attack the enemy at the front would do a lot to reduce stress, or maybe have it so the player can click on specific enemies they want to crossbow to attack if they need it to. Other than that, pretty good for a quick game. :)

Brutal difficulty considering if you get hit even once you die. Maybe it could be changed so that if you get hit your size shrinks, bringing you closer to death. Like the idea though.

The only way to win is to not play at all. I mean, I guess it's poetic in a sense? Don't really know if I could call it a game though. Elements do interact with each other, there doesn't seem to be any functional difference between the types of things you can build...

Ideas off the top of my head:

1. Maybe you could have made it a game about getting at far as you can with development of the human race while hurting the planet as least as possible.

2. Having one of the buildings generate money instead of getting auto, so you are incentivised to build that type building, even though that one might hurt the planet the most or something.

Practice makes perfect, don't be discouraged, everything is a learning experience. At the very least I liked the fact that you only had a very limited amount of space, so if it was a more fleshed out game, you would have to think about what to place down a lot more carefully.

Cool game, though I think signalling that the saws can be destroyed would help earlier on when it is difficult to move around some of the rooms (As most often in games [and especially platformers] saws are normally not interactable) as I didn't bother trying to shoot them as I thought they would be immune. Otherwise, really fun!

More trial and error until you notice familiar words, so I don't know if I can judge it as a game per say, but still a good effort, cool atmosphere/music and idea!

Amazing game, but I agree with the other commentators, I don't know if it fits the theme of the jam.

Even so, outstanding job, though the fade out at the end was a bit confusing, i thought i had broke the game.

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This would be amazing as a full game, though i think the odd grammar rules needs to be taught more clearly so people don't get stuck so easily. A few examples to help you understand problems 

**(Spoilers for people reading comments)**:

1. When I was first asked "Which one" in reference to the doors, I typed "Bang", not understanding that the word needs to be part of the full command (Though this might actually be a problem with text-adventures themselves and not your language)

2. When looking at the 2 creatures, big and small, they look morphologically different. This might confuse players into thinking that the second creature is completely different to the first, and is not simply a "bigger version". This, along with the foreign language making it hard to see "ki" as a separate modifier upon the word (since it is the first word seen on the poster from left to right, making the player think it is the original, and therefore correct) makes the area hard to comprehend.

3. A more obvious indicator of what can be clicked and used with the mouse and what needs to be typed would be helpful. The fact that the doors need to be opened with typing, but moved through by mouse (unlike other text games, which would you move with typing as well) can create confusion, since both actions are on the same door, but with different inputs. Another example is in the 3rd room, where i didn't understand that I could pick up the key with my mouse, and thought that "jigu" meant key, since the arrow was pointing in the box. (Though I understand this is a constraint of creating enough models in time, so you couldn't create another box)

Lastly, a more obvious sense of moving from room to room (maybe different coloured walls?) would be helpful, because otherwise it is hard at the start to understand if you are making any progress, or are just getting flung back and the door closing everytime you make progress.

This is an amazing game, and would be even better if expanded upon, I just thought I would give you some constructive criticism on signalling and game design, in case you wanted it.