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Your are welcome dude...It is interesting seeing how everything came to be.

And BTW I've showed the video of your game to Mark Brown and he said "looks interesting!" I think you are in the right path.

Hey dude, it is me the guy who commented "We totally need a "makes you FEEL like Spider-man" genre..." on Mark Brown's siper-man video.

Just wanted to say your game looks awesome and ofer some feedback that I can tell for by the video(I can't download the game where I'm now).

-The Swing looks great and fun.

-The costume and fighting style are still a little too much like Spider-man...Maybe something more shinny in his costume and graple based regular combos can fix that?

-Story wise, something Spider-man's PS4 where the most of the story was done by phone and the player can talk while swinging is the best thing I can think of for a game like this.

-Something like Mario odyssy ballon mode where the players can creat their challenges for other players(I know it is a lot more extra work, but it is something that not even the PS4 Spider-man have)

-The song in the video is quite nice.

Anyway I whish you good luck and I will keep an eye on the game...Also if would like to share the story of this started as a Spider-man game and if you learned anything interesting with Mark's video that would be nice.

vai BR!

the art was good...

this was fun...

This idea have been done before before alot around here...but this is my favorite take on it so far. The presentation was really good. Maybe a little more puzzle elements for fast thinking reactions could have made things even better...

Not bad...not really a subversion since we are still doing detective work...and also sufers from what mark said in the detective games video where I can just guess stuff by trior and error...

decent...but where is the subversion of the theme?