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Tetris, but you can't control the blocks, so you have to push them into place
Submitted by antonhvid — 13 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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Neat idea, but I found it hard to control. Luckily the line check is quite forgiving; maybe even a little too forgiving. Not sure why you didn't allow the board to fill up to the top before having a game over ?


It's not exactly an original idea - case in point.

However, pretty well implemented. I just am not sure the spinny square is as fun to play with.


Very interesting

This is a very interesting take on a classic game. It is very forgiving on what constitutes a complete row which makes the game more enjoyable as I can spend my time panicking over the newest piece rather than shifting old ones to be perfectly aligned.

I'm not sure why you made the walls holding in the pieces slowly drop. That's a very interesting mechanic, but as it is now, it's pretty much an instant loss once they drop below a certain height. I am guessing the lenient row removal let the game go on for way too long so you needed a new lose condition. That's fine, but I feel like it could have been more forgiving. Maybe replace the walls with a force field that kind of pushes blocks back but not enough that you can just freely fling them without worry. That way the game kind of enters hardcore mode after a time but is still playable.

Just a suggestion. I had fun with the game in it's current state, so nothing really needs to be changed. Thanks for submitting it!


Woah... We too made a tetris-without-moving! :D

The line clearing logic of your game seems a little strange to me, but the physics-based interaction makes it very fun to play with!


Surprising at first, the physics of the tetriminos are really fun and made us laugh a lot ! A great idea !

Made me laugh!

this was fun...


I've seen this concept before, but mostly as trolling... and you managed to make it actually playable! I think I'm actually a bit better at this than normal Tetris XD


I'm not sure why but I found this really funny! Good job! The controls aren't the best tho. Maybe instead of keyboard use the mouse?

I wasn't a big fan of this. The physics felt great, but it was a bit too forgiving on what constituted as a base line. It gave the impression that it wasn't a very solid idea in line with the theme, but it does have a fun pace to it.


That's actually really clever, the physic is fun to play with. I think I encountered an issue  where the border of the screen went off and the blocks could fall of the edges. I lost because of that :t

Could be a good idea to display the score on the end screen. Nice entry!

189 score, at some point you can pretty much just let the block for on themself.

145 score. good fun game.


Messiest Tetris game I've played. 11/10.


Very fun and unique game, a little buggy but has a lot of potential!


Surprisingly fun and great game feel! Nice work.

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Just plain fun, with more practice I'd look almost like I know what I'm doing.


I really liked the idea from the beginning and it's still fun!


Extremely annoying to play. 10/10

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