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If this is not innovative interpretation, I don't know what is

LOVED it! Wish there were more shop improvements, but it's already great as it is.

Good idea, but hard to play having to move parts one by one and without a clockwise conveyor.

Absolutely adore it!

A few issues:

- My accuracy was 0% at the end of Day 7

- Almost all school certificates were forged

- Making a deliberate mistake (for the "tough choices") doesn't get punished.

Loved the little notes at the end of the day

Thanks for the review! The door can be opened once you work out the first theory inside the room.

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@TomPoucherGames @IamBatmeme @ewaj the second fade out is actually the end of the game. Unfortunately, that's all I was able to build in the allotted time.

Some browsers refuse to play sound in the WebGL version, but what happens after the fade is the sound of people breaching the door and shooting your character, followed by a new fact: "I am dead."