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Listen. I LOVE the artstyle. I love the feeling that the visuals and the music creates. It is beyond me how you accomplished this feat in 48 hours.

However, if I have to look at it from a theme and design point of view... it needs a lot of work.

I was not sure how this ties to the theme of the jam, but after reading the comments I've seen you started it from a driving game point of view. But I can't look at it like this because I don't need to steer anything, I am basically just trying to hit the brakes, which can be a REALLY fun mechanic to base a game on, but it seems so far from a driving game (no steering, no options, no obstacles in my way).

And about the gameplay, I think you could do with a few things:

  • having a few tracks that you can go to by grappling the magnet to change course, so that the player can have a few options to traverse the course with
  • having a few obstacles (such as traps and what not) that can throw the player off and the player has to interact with them in a variety of ways to avoid them.
  • maybe the opposite of obstacles that can increase the amount of gold you carry?
  • better range / telegraph for attaching the magnet to the signs.

As it is right now, in my first run I had the best score and I didn't hook even once (because I didn't understand how at first). On the second and third runs I used the magnet as much as I could, but still got less gold the more I used it.

Just to be clear, I really love what you achieved here, and with more work it could become an amazing game, so I hope I did not angered you or anything <3


Thank you so much for your feedback and the time you took to write to us :) And you didn't angered us at all... at least not me ^^

"but it seems so far from a driving game (no steering, no options, no obstacles in my way)" -> Isn't it the theme of the jam ? Remove base mecanics from a genre ? Or maybe I didn't understand your point ><

You know the funny thing ? Everything you want to add to the game was designed and we wanted to do it from the first few hours of the jam ^^ But as you can imagine, 48h isn't that much :) And the gold system is a little broken at the moment we know :(

We are already working on improving the game to polish it and make it even better. We will add new versions after the jam is over and hopefully you will enjoy it even more !

Again, thank you for the time you put in your feedback, it's greatly appreciated :)


I am very glad you take me in the right way (:

And my meaning was that while removing something from the genre is the point of the jam, you removed so much out of it that I can't recognize the genre anymore. I what I've said made more sense now.

Also, I'm glad you plan to keep working on that one (:

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I see and understand your point thanks :)

Ah ah you're completely right and we already designed the things you proposed to add and quite a few other things.

But as you said, it was already hard to managed to get music an art working around the first game loops. the price to pay for that was a limited set of mechanic at first.

But yeah our goal was to iterate from there and add other cart, other track you can go with gold sources that would add a risk and reward choice (because simply adding "shortcut is not a valid option for me). Now we'll surely add these things on our spare time ^^

As I said in a previous comment, I also wanted to add a rogue-like gameplay ^^

But thanks a lot for your feedback, it confirms us that our other idea are aligned with your expectations :) 

Oh yeah I forgot to mention the broken gold system, first thing we'll fix with Maxi now that I fixed the scoring display last night and fixed many signs position issues.