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A metroidvania where you start with all of the answers, but you must learn that you have them.
Submitted by AstroBeef — 34 seconds before the deadline
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I think the idea of the game is good enough (it's like that Toki Tori game Mark talked about), but I think the execution was a bit underwhelming. I couldn't get very far because I kept dropping the torch for some unexplained reason whenever I tried to approach the door on the right, and the door heading down just lead to a black void. That, plus the fact your character moves so sluggishly, and the fact pick up and put down are two separate buttons when they probably could just be one, really put me off from putting too much time into this game.


With the torch, that glitch started happening about 20 minutes before the deadline.  I was trying to add some code to destroy items after several uses, but for some reason it caused the item to drop instead.  I thought I had just deleted the code when I decided to move on to more important issues, but I guess I left it in by mistake.  I've had a few of my friends bring up the black void to me, in fact one of my friends spent a good 10 minutes walking around the void thinking that it would lead somewhere.  Unfortunately, I just hadn't completed building out the game and so the door really just leads to nothing.  Ironically, I had spent way too much time on the movement.  I didn't like the end result too much-- as you said, it felt sluggish to me-- but at that point I think I had dumped about 5 hours into movement and realized I desperately needed to move onto the next task (it took so long cause I was trying to create good-feeling momentum to the movement since I've never been a fan of movement in 2D games).  I'll look into the pick up and drop buttons, I did that to prevent you from accidentally dropping items when you're trying to pick one up, but I'm sure there's a better workaround for that without having it be two different buttons.  Thanks for playing!


While the idea of having all the tools and discovering how to better use them to overcome "impossible challenges" is great, it seems that either I am a complete fool or you didn't really teach me how to do basic things before sending me in to fight a boss.

I tried to just surrender myself to the creature, but it seems that it cannot harm me, so maybe it's just a bug?


Thank you, I’m glad you liked the idea!  Unfortunately, the game is extremely unfinished at its current state.  There was meant to be more to the level that would teach you how to play without directly being a tutorial.  Since this was a game jam tho, i didn’t have time to flesh that out. However, I think I’m going to run with the idea and finish this project.  Thanks for playing and for the feedback!