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Played this one because the cover artwork caught my eye. I'm glad I did. This is one solid shooter. I've played some other shooters in this jam that don't have quite the same level of visual communication that this one does. Making the bullets flat colors to contrast with the detailed backgrounds caught my eye was an excellent choice.

I blazed through it easily with the yellow ship even without the brake, but the blue ship seems to be more than enough challenge for me.

Add some kick-ass music and sound effects, an option to rebind the controls (I find it odd how the fire and brake aren't adjacent) and this'll be something special.

- Callum

Hi puarsliburf games!

We're glad you enjoyed our game. Thanks for letting us know about the scrolling inventory bug. We'll try to fix it for future versions of the game.

Hi BananaBobBert!

Thanks for the feedback!

We're sorry it ended so suddenly. Time is a cruel mistress, after all. Rest assured though that we will be continuing this project soon enough.

Hi KilledByAPixel!

Thanks for playing. We're glad you liked the atmosphere. We all worked very hard on it. The trees and certain other static objects are indeed being drawn in non-integer positions due to time restraints. We'll make sure to fix this for future versions of the game.

Unfortunately I could only play the web version as I'm on Linux which forced me to zoom in my browser for some reason (the window was too small to see comfortably), but otherwise this one was all right. I like the matter-of-fact way everyone speaks in. Really helps cram the info onto such a small screen space.

A feature I would have appreciated is some kind of notes system where I could review all the clues I'd found so far, but so long as I have a real pen and paper to hand, this shouldn't be an issue.

It's a little long though, and I have a lot of games to rate, so I'd need to come back to this one to fully commit to it and see what it has to offer.

- Callum

Hi craggar!

Thank you for playing Snowblind. We really appreciate the feedback. We are aware of the stuttering issue and are looking towards fixing it for future versions.

This one was very good. Music and visual presentation are all top notch, but I couldn't help but feel the game was overly punishing at times. I found it difficult to differentiate bullets from certain effects, and the severe punishment for dying is only slightly mitigated by the quick restart.

I might come back and finish this one off later.

- Callum

This is... bad. I'm sorry, but there are far too many issues for me to even raise an eyebrow with this one. Movement feels functional, but the combat is nigh-on nonexistent. There's barely any feedback for your sword swings and no matter what timing or direction I swung it in it never seemed to do anything. This would be more of a problem if the enemies could actually fight back, but I'll take what I can get.

- Callum

This game has its issues, but it has an undeniable charm to it. The crazy piano player as an enemy really made me smile and the simplistic Atari-2600 era soundtrack brings it all together. The only real things I'd complain about is that the movement patterns of the enemies don't seem to be built with the low bullet spread in mind, meaning that I often end up towards the left of the screen where enemies can ambush me.

I'd also like to say that this isn't a bullet hell. Not by a long shot. Its pace is too slow and there's too much aiming involved. I'd personally update the tagline to include "side-scrolling shooter" instead, since that's more accurate to what this is.

- Callum