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Played this one because the cover artwork caught my eye. I'm glad I did. This is one solid shooter. I've played some other shooters in this jam that don't have quite the same level of visual communication that this one does. Making the bullets flat colors to contrast with the detailed backgrounds caught my eye was an excellent choice.

I blazed through it easily with the yellow ship even without the brake, but the blue ship seems to be more than enough challenge for me.

Add some kick-ass music and sound effects, an option to rebind the controls (I find it odd how the fire and brake aren't adjacent) and this'll be something special.

- Callum

Glad you enjoyed it!

I agree about adding key rebindings so I'm glad you mentioned it. I went with Mushihimesama's key layout since I don't have a broad bullet hell experience, but that detail is odd to me too.

Thanks for the feedback! (= 'ω'=)ฅ