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Jesus Christ, man

It did update, though. It was 0.5, now it's 0.5 (FIX), so there were probably some bugfixes

Sick. I've been missing this game.

The Puarslitron is horribly flawed in its design, so I'd never remake it so to speak, but I do want to make another FC at some point.

That is most definitely a bug. For some reason the accumulator seems to start with a value of 1. This was written in a few days before I really knew what I was doing so there are probably a lot of weird quirks like that.

 Sadly the source code for this, as well as my other FC made at around the same time, were on a hard drive that's since gone kaput, so I can't really fix it.

That's really weird because if I remember correctly pretty much nothing is actually different between the two.

According to the devlog I wrote the only thing I changed was the documentation. So if 1.0 works for you then I'd suggest sticking to that.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but as I've said, this was pretty long ago.

Are you trying to save to the same directory that the Puarslitron itself is stored in?

If you are, then that doesn't work due to a quirk with how it does file handling.

Yes, it crashes if you don't load anything. The load button doesn't actually save anything, but for whatever reason I needed to be able to write to the files after I loaded them so it opens a save dialogue.

There are many ways this thing behaves weirdly if you don't do things precisely the way you're supposed to, I'd recommend looking through the manual to see if you might be getting the saving procedure wrong.

There are many issues with this thing that I've figured out how to fix in the years since I made it, but like I've said in other comments, I've lost the source code to it.

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In what way does it not work? Does it crash upon startup? If so, does it give an error message?

I doubt I'd be able to fix it since I've lost the source code, but there might be a workaround.

Not really, no. And as you can probably tell I don't even check my messages here very often

Yeah, wasn't able to figure out what was causing this at the time and, like I've said on a previous comment, I've managed to lose the source code somehow so fixing it isn't really an option. Sorry for the inconvenience

Hello! The reason the program seizes up if you try to make an infinite loop is that it tries to run through the entire code on a single frame. It runs the code every frame so technically everything in 4BOD is an infinite loop and it's more difficult to make something run only once. I know this isn't exactly the best way to do this but hindsight's 20/20  and like you said, it's been 2 years.

If this doesn't help and you're sure you've found an issue with the program itself then I'm afraid I can't really help since I've managed to lose the source code for this thing. The only thing I can do to help in that case is recommend you to use the Windows build instead of the online version since it's more stable.

Hope this explains your problem.

Okay, I tried that but the lift doesn''t always work. Sometimes it just sends you to the upper floor of the level you're already on and then you're stuck

First of all the game look absolutely stunning. The artstyle is bloody fantastic and really like the old-timey movie aesthetic. Sadly I couldn't seem to progress beyond the first gift. Is this all there is to the game or am I missing something here?

I like the different signs and little references, but the game is too easy to really pose a challenge. The gift system is also a cool idea, but there's never really a point where you stand to gain anything from giving another player a gift. Overall the game would be better if the AI used items more agressively and if some items were actually debuffs so that you could mess up your opponents

Fun idea, and I like the digging aspect. Just a shame that you couldn't flesh it out more

I love how much personality Olav has just from his sprites when he attacks, and you definitly win best title screen. The game was really fun, and the punches felt really juicy. On the bad side the game didn't seem to reset when I died so I had to force close and reboot the game every time. The music also didn't loop. Overall a solid game, well done!

This is wonderful! (Even if the last level was a bit harder than it needed to be) I'd really like to see this played on stream

Very impressive for the time given, and I love the art style! The combat is a bit too easy to be very engaging on the other hand. I was also a bit sad to see Tom excluded from a Dicey-Dungeons based game. Overall, good job!

Liked the music, and the items were fitting for who got them (apart from that maybe Ben should've gotten a Remote Sticky Bomb), would probably have worked better as an open world game where you have to find the items and the people, though.

A fun and quirky little virtual pet with plenty on little references to pick up on. Well done!

A really fun idea and I enjoyed looking for all of the gifts. The jumping physics made a few of them a bit harder to get than they needed to be, though

I missed which specific version was being discussed here (or frankly why it was being discussed) but based on your date I'd guess it was either 1.4 or 2.0 and I agree wholeheartedly that those early ones are absolutely impossible to do anything wothwile with

The graphics are great, and the idea is good. But who wins seems to mostly be luck, since some rounds there are barely any targets to shoot and even if you hit every one perfectly the other guy still wins by a landslide.

Very cool game! The graphics are good, so is the music and the game is simply fun. I never really understood how the targeting worked, though. Would love to see this as a full game.

Cool idea, and the graphics look good (even if they don't actually line up with the 64x64 grid). Like some have said before it would be nice to be able to see how much health you have. The flashlight effect is also cool. Combat does feel a bit wonky, though and I never really found the computer, the game just ended a few minutes after I found the last keycard.

I'm using windows 10. Sometimes the console window that opens with the game fills up with error messages (The exact message has been posted in one of the other comments). When this happens the game freezes for a few seconds before continuing as normal. It's rather annoying but not game breaking.

The game's very pretty, and builds a great atmosphere. There were, however, a few issues. At night it was almost impossible to tell where you were going, I was also unable to find any reason to go into the buildings (or leave the mech at all, for that matter.) I also experienced the error problem described by skind.

This game does a great job of building a spooky atmosphere. It's a shame that it's so short though as I'd love to see where the story goes. The web build aslo has the issue that it's difficult to navigate the inventory as scrolling in-game also scrolls the web browser.

Sadly, not at the moment. Getting it to run on linux would require a total rewrite of the file system. However it might run on WINE with some luck.

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Of course! Games are made to be played, aren't they? And also thanks.


Oooh, spooky! :)

I also made two versions of breakout and found the dungeon crawler

The "crashing" is just the game's placeholder way of handling a situation where you don't have the resources to build two mining stations, A.K.A. a game over

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I also made a dungeon crawl but I seem to have lost the file for it

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Made a sequel to the built-in racing game!