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A tiny pixel based fantasy console! · By ZappedCow

Carts Sticky

A topic by ZappedCow created Aug 15, 2017 Views: 1,332 Replies: 32
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To post a cart simply add the 64x64 png!

EDIT: Instead of posting your cart as a reply, consider making a new topic in the Carts category. It makes discussion easier and also shows Pix64 is alive on the tool's page.

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Experimental level: SpiderWeb


Sweet, thanks for posting the first Pix64 cart!


Made a sequel to the built-in racing game!

Nice! Thanks for sharing :)

I also made a dungeon crawl but I seem to have lost the file for it


I also made two versions of breakout and found the dungeon crawler

Fakeout is brilliant! If I get to do a next release, could I include it within the console? (credits will be given).


Of course! Games are made to be played, aren't they? And also thanks.


Hey there! 
I made a narrative sequence using your console as a submission for the Fantasy Console Game Jam.
Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think! :)


This was brilliant using multiple carts to create a story. Also using the mechanics not only for gameplay but also to express emotions. I liked it alot!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :)
It was fun playing with your Pix64 console; it was a great way to challenge my level design skills.
I have 5 more levels to finish the story and I'll upload it as soon I'm done along with a few tweaks and fixes to the other levels.


Hi! I made this for the Fantasy Console Game Jam 2, I hope you like it!

I love the concept of turning a .png file into a level, also looking forward for any updates for the console!

Oh very nice mood and good use of the color mechanics.

I think I need to add multi carts support to new release.

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I also made a couple of carts for the Fantasy Console Jam! Really cool console concept, loved it.



Those sprites.. There are like HD for Pix64 :D Very good, still struggling to beat last level!

I was afraid the last level would be too hard D: Thank you so much for playing!



A set of mini-games for Fantasy Console Game Jam #2

An amazing tool. Congratulations!


Impressive collection. I like how you explored the breakout mechanics and use of the Jam's theme.


I call this one stress: 

Haha made it! I have to say it's quite an interesting cart.

Thanks ^v^


WHOO!!! Pix64 is truing complete (It's a computer). Built a NAND gate. It is a 0 when both the inputs are 1, otherwise it is a 1. The ring around the player is a clock input,  Hit it after you've chosen your inputs with the two paddles. Really like this fc ^v^

Oh. That's brilliant! Provided an uterly huge PNG size we could be a computer :D


Whoo, optimized it a ton: . It might be feasible to make a simple adder soon. Just need to make a timer...

Made an simple AND gate inspired by your cart :) This one doesn't have a latch but it should be easy to add one.

OwO Looks nice! time to make a XOR gate :P


Made some more about defending stuff: 

Those defend carts... Very good use of the player color! I'm always thrilled to see new, unexpected, use of those simple pixels :)


Yo <Insert joke about me posting a lot> I made a glitch level that lets you clip through walls:

Pretty sure it works by letting you move through collectibles, but that makes you clip into a wall. Does make a one way passages though, so leaving it in could be interesting ^v^

Oh yeah that's strange. Quite a bug actually! I should be able to fix that on a next release (hoping no existing carts rely on this "feature").

PS: Sorry for the late reply..


Oh BTW my fantasy console 3 entry was made using this! Check it out: :) Each level was made in a minute. Also made a half adder, will post it soon.

That's impressive. I knew there was the 1 hour jam. But doing a game in 1 minute! i guess that's the power of Pix64 :D