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I'll refrain from commenting at length on how this game has you shooting at a person who is a anti-imperialist revolutionary hero for many.

But I must say, for historical accuracy, that Che surrendered once Prado's unit surrounded him in a ravine. He was executed the next day as he refused to answer to interrogation and the Bolivian president feared public uproar if Che were to face trial.

The CIA (who backed the operation) wanted him brought to Panama. Instead, Che was executed by a single soldier (Sgt. Téran) to whom he supposedly shouted his last words "Shoot, coward! You are only going to kill a man!"

Indeed, the ideas have not died with him.

No, I did! Got really sick and I'm currently working two jobs now. Will try to release it ASAP. Very sorry everyone.

Indeed, maybe "limit-removing"/Crispy Doom would've been a better choice. I was trying to simplify it for new mappers, not make it harder haha!

But more jams will come, surely :D Either way, ratings are visible as separate criteria and I don't think it's fair for those who made the effort, so I don't mind the bad ratings for my lack of testing.

Yeah I didn't put that Cyberdemon there to be killed normally, just as an obstacle. There's a secret that kills it, tho, to allow a 20/20 run.

Thanks! I've tried to signpost the way down with health bonuses but I believe I didn't on the harder difficulty. Admittedly if you just make a straight run for the castle you'll probably live and I didn't really add much on the way there to make it worth it going the longer route.

You're the second person to tell me it isn't compatible yet I used Doom 2 mode strictly and I did test along the way (not the lastest version tho, as I only had some minutes left haha). I will look into it tomorrow.

Thanks so much! On the lighting, I can only dream of doing that awesome high contrast stuff many mappers do nowadays, but I did try to play with it a little haha

I hope it wasn't too hard. I'll admit I mostly tested it on medium, then I just ran the other difficulties a couple of times. Easy is meant to be an absolute cakewalk if not for the platforming, and I did manage to finish it on hard but I had to res myself a couple of times, which I thought was fine given I'm not that good of a player.

By the end of it I was just testing on GZ and didn't run it on vanilla. Did I hit the visplane limit? :'( I'll have time to take a closer look tomorrow. Thanks so much for the feedback!

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Hello everybody!

First of all thank you all for participating. I was sure this jam would flop and get like 2 maps, but 8 maps is quite a sizable episode! Especially with so many different styles and ideas all around. I delayed the deadline a bit in hopes of reaching a nice round 10 maps, since a couple of people had mentioned in forums or discord that they were going to participate, but I thought getting that cool Friday the 13th release date would be too cool to miss, so rating period starts today!

  • Please play and rate all the maps! Even though there are no prizes on the table, constructive feedback is priceless! And on that note, even non-participants can download and comment on submissions, so feel free to share it around!
  • I'll be re-downloading everything on Thursday night to build the final version of the merged WAD. So feel free to make minor fixes and changes until then.
  • While the rules state that map order will be random, I don't think it's unreasonable for Dewzan's map to be kept as the last one, given how much longer it is. If any of you take issue with that, I'm open for feedback.
  • Please answer this topic with:
    • Your name, as it will be credited
    • Your map's name, as it will appear on screen
    • Custom music credits, if you have it.

I originally meant the level order to be chosen at random as it says on the description, but I do think it would be more fitting for this to be the final one given how much longer it is, if the other submitters don't take issue with it.

Very nice architecture, solid visuals and verticality. Really feels like it could become a longer map with a very interesting flow between encounters. I just had a problem with the sky rendering which I'm sure can be easily fixed. Very cool map.

Very tight gameplay and architecture, liked it a lot. The shootable button was very nicely telegraphed. I felt like shells were too little in the beginning for the lower difficulties, and the floating skulls blocking line of sight to the last couple machinegunners felt annoying. Specters on dark corridors are always a scare in software rendering mode and the last arena had some great infighting opportunities. Awesome map all around.

Very cool! Loved the lightning effects, the elevator encounter at the start, the sigil-esque ledgewalking. The secrets actually made me feel clever for finding them which is great design. The final encounter felt easier than the previous ones, but it was still very fun. Great stuff.

So fun! Great architecture and encounters. I did feel like the very first room was the hardest of the whole play through, but maybe I just suck at creating monster infighting under pressure. Awesome map all around.

So cool! The environments are really expressive and the trickery is just enough to keep me on my toes. I played on old school software rendering so I didn't see the cool colored lightning from the screens, but it still looked very nice. Top notch work.

This is INSANE. I definitely didn't have a psychological horror 40 min map in mind when I thought of this jam. It was very creative, full of amazing tricks and vistas, and an amazing environmental storytelling. I will admit I noclipped/godmodded in some of the tricky ledge walking and the very unforgiving archville arenas. But I've never been one of those players who enjoys "git gud" gameplay, so I understand I'm not the target demographic here. Doesn't change the fact that this was extremely surprising and different in the best way.

Very nice! Especially for a first map! Loved the layout, the encounters, the music. If I had to point out one thing would be that your first use of the skull button is inverted (it's "on" before use). Dunno if it's intentional but it could be confusing if it was a longer map. But I really liked it all.

You can edit the files even after submission! Feel free to update it.

Sure! That'd be great!

Just be aware that if they're not MIDI then it's probably only going to be heard by people using modern sourceports.

Technically yes, but it's fine if you go a little over the time limit.

bah mlk jogaço hein
tô fazendo um jam de mapa de doom chega ae

Hey, I'm inviting doom mappers from for a short jam this week: I'd love it if you joined us :D

What an absolutely delicious aesthetic choice

Amazing stuff! I love this and I have a very easy time doing the wall-eye thing. My only issue is that I cannot get myself to perceive the hud gun on top of the rest. It always looks deeper, like a hole in the screen. Everything else is amazing.

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EDIT I changed the cover so this whole post is now outdated.

Finally had time to read your message more carefully. I did make both pieces of placeholder art. The differences in color are on purpose since the goal of the title screen is to look like a DOS game. So the cover is a full color piece, while the title screen is meant to look like a very old game. I actually made the title screen by getting the exact same text from the cover and limiting the resolution and pallete on Photoshop until I got the nice dithering I wanted.

Anyway, here are some sources:

For the logo I used this PSD ("Free For Personal And Commercial Use")

The background art is this painting, which I found while searching for public domain art but I just realized this is actually CC 3.0, meaning I should attribute credit! I'll fix that immediately. 

The swords are from here ("Free for commercial use, No attribution required")

I understand you may feel bad that I asked about the things you were sharing here, but let me be clear that there is a lot of cool stuff you can do with resources made by other people, as I just exemplified. You just have to be careful with what resources you can share legally, and which ones you can't (like those made with art from commercial games). I'll be glad to help you make cool stuff, hit me up if you want to talk.

I'm on mobile now but I'll be happy to provide a link to the resources I've used as soon as I'm home :)

And thanks for reminding me to get back on this project!

Very nice! Loved the concept of controlling the whole game via a tinder-like interface. Loved the aesthetics, tight and coherent throughout. Loved the music, although I find the main loop a little too short for how long one has to listen to it. Got very intrigued by the whole mood. My guess is that the last puzzle will involve something like (C)LEAN THE (something)? As another person guilty of "date app as idle game", I can't wait.

wow is this 00s newgrounds again?

as soon as I didn't find a 4th one I knew what this was and just muted the tab and waited haha

very nice! loved the aesthetics, such a sophisticated use of the possibilites of bitsy 3d

sure! developing ideas made during jams is the best part! :)

to be clear, the entry itself didn't create any tensions, as we all make mistakes. I guess what I meant is just always be open to feedback and make good use of the discord to show progress and ask questions, would be the lesson for any future jams. I hope this was your first of many!

Sorry but "I liked your game but here's something that breaks the rules" sounds super supportive and constructive. And no one here owes you any feedback, it's all done for mutual support. This jam had hundreds of entries and I barely found time to play a dozen, and I didn't actually have to play a single one, it was all my decision on my free time. I wasn't being passive-aggressive at all, in fact I'll be totally sincere with you: while this is a ranked jam it's also one with no prize pool for the fun and the challenge of it. I suggest you rethink your mindset when entering these in the future, it's not meant to be frustrating or create tension in the community. Every feedback you get was someone going out of their way when they didn't have to. If you want active and quick replies, join the discord and ask the mods if you're doubt. It's your entry.

It's not "for me", friend. It's the theme of the jam. I'm making this observation with the best of intentions. The whole game should be 64x64. Of course it can be "blown up" with large pixels, but your text is quite clearly higher res, else each individual pixel on the letters would be as big as the ones on the aliens.  It should be able to be fully rendered in a hypothetical 64x64 screen. If you check the other entries you'll see that "rendering text was a challenge so..." was a very common comment from most participants, and solving that challenge is part of the fun of the jam. Even my little rushed out demo is completely text-less solely because I couldn't get the bitsy engine to force the resolution of the text box in time for the jam. I'm sorry that wasn't clear enough and I hope you take this is good faith.

Thanks! I think so too! Unfortunately the "gamier" bits are the ones that require the most hacking with bitsy, as it's clearly meant for nearly-passive exploration. Let's see how far we can push it next time :D

Thank you very much! Maybe next time I'll be able to get even near the amount of amazing game-feel polish your entry had

Very nice and polished. Gameloft level quality from the old mobile days. Smooth gameplay and no corners cut with auto scaling. Loved it.

Very fun concept, love the color shading as well. But you seem to be under a misconception of the theme. The 64x64 restriction is on the global game area, the screen as a whole. This is not being rendered in 64x64. In fact the way this jam limits heavy text usage due to that restriction is one of its biggest challenges, so it's unfortunate this wasn't met.

Amazing entry! It's the definition of focusing your energy where it counts.

The gameplay loop is easy to grasp and very rewarding, even more so with the chunky sound and particles. The reaction times are perfect.

I'm sure it's because of time restrictions, but what undersold the game was the hand graphic that is what the player sees the most. It's not polished or animated as well as the enemies and items. The game over screen seems rushed too.

But honestly, I only point to these details because simply adding more variety and complexity to the level generator would totally make a fun full game experience. Top notch work.

Amazing! When I saw the thumbnail I was like "a visual novel in 64x64, no way" but it looks absolutely lovely. And the small size emphasizes how much of a difference all the wobbling and moving makes with pictures and texts in these games, that are admittedly very static. Professional level polish right here.