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Ask developers Q&A Sticky

A topic by Rock Path Collective created Oct 25, 2020 Views: 94
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Is it a game?

It probably will be a standalone game when it will be ready for release. And will be available on Steam.

When development started?

The development started in 2012. It was a single-player fan-made mod project for Half-Life 2: Episode Two. During its development the project become the standalone game but currently its in slow-development stage. We had lot of organizing troubles in 2016 & 2019 that currently doesn't allow us to work on the game full-time. But we believe that one day the game will be finished and released.

Is this game about Seven Hour War?

No. This game only about events after the 7hw and before the events of Half-Life Alyx.

Why did you create itchio page?

To allow community to support us by using the donation system and track the progress we have decided to create the itchio game page. Here you could ask us about the game development, track the progress and receive information about new media. We thought to move on Patreon, but currently we are not sure that it's a good idea to do.

When will it be done?

At this time we not ready to announce a release date. Cuz we don't know how long development could take. Fell free to trak our progress on, indiedb, vk, facebook and youtube.