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i love that this is an exploration off a different branch of soft body. this makes me realize there's a lot of possibilities in where the core concepts can be taken. this was the perfect nightcap. thank you

Last update (probably, lol)-- I was able to beat E4 on Easy!

this is further evidence as to why you're one of my favourite devs

Okay, E4M2 is really difficult, took me many tries on Normal and Hard, and there's no way E4M3 is possible for me... it's just too spaced out. Based on that alone, E4 doesn't even seem like it would be possible at all unless you're a speedrunner. 

This is seriously so good, thank you for making this!

ep1 was hard until i learned how to do the boss quickly!

ep2 and ep3 weren't a problem on normal, and i think it's fine on hard, it's just hard lol

haven't tried ep4 yet... long story why lol

i think it would be nice to give more time when killing the shamblers, but honestly, the fact that they don't add more time value makes it more exciting.

it's funny but makes sense that hard difficulty is easier than normal, haven't tried easy yet though

I actually play this quite a bit now. It's really great to wake me up. It gives me crazy anxiety. Thank you so much

sooooo cute omg

omg lol

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this is INTENSE


oh my god

i love the concept, i just couldn't make out  any of the text. fullscreen mode kept the game the same size. i really want to play this lol

omg this is way cute, and i love the pink shadows on white objects

that was cute! really like the tune, too

that was cute! really like the tune, too

are you kidding me. that was so good. omg

that was cute and wholesome! i enjoy when people bring out random/favourite facts and memories about things i don't know. also, the movement, collision, and music are so cool!

thank you(:

thanks for sharing something so personal! it's so important to hear stories like this. i'm so glad you're finding spaces that are more comfortable for you(:

thank you, this is really beautiful in many ways

so relaxing :OP

omg this is so cute wowwwwwwwww



this is so cute lol

impressive use of vertex meadow !!

cute !!

this is cute! and looks nice

omg this is so cute, it took me probably an hour of trying to complete it!! thank you!

this was great—i ran this in my class while my students worked on their projects<3

this is why i love itch

the "ending" was AMAZING


omg this looks HOT

thank you (O:

i love this so much!!! boys are so dumb. but they're fun to kiss

also, who did the original image? i remember seeing it on somewhere, maybe on twitter? i think it would make a cool shirt that i'd definitely wear

you're amazing and beautiful

this is... unbelievable. congratulations

i always appreciate free updates, so thank you !