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ohhhh my goodness this was sooooooo cute and I wanna kiss

that was absolutely gorgeous and lovely! i'll have to spend a little more time with the movement but even just clumsily traversing was wonderful. i honestly feel that it's great as it is, no real gameplay objectives, just going places is enough for me.

Thanks for sharing this part of yourself (0:

lol !! cute and relatable

really cool! i would definitely consider this a survival horror game, it's so scary! i wish smaller fish wouldn't swim so fast, and i wish it was easier to get away from the octopi, because that was a little frustrating. but otherwise i really really loved this.

Simply incredible. Loved the imagery and writing! Epic. 🌈

this is so lovely!! thank you for this

That was really cool! I waited until nighttime with headphones to play it properly.

I liked the idea quite a bit. I'm kinda torn on how I feel...

First of all, I love the graphics and the atmosphere. Totally nailed it. 

However, when it comes to horror games, I much prefer less challenge and gameplay, and more about being in the space. The reason I say that is because having to retry over and over really kills the scariness for me. That takes me out of the immersive mindset and into a more game-y one. 

But on the other hand, would there be much of a point to this if it was too easy? I do think multiple difficulties a la Celeste could do the trick, but I'm not sure. 

Anyways, this was really enjoyable despite dying again and again, lol. Thanks!

i love that this was pretty realistic and not fairytale-esque !!

i really, really love this. so cute!


cute and beautiful !! and poignant

beautiful !!

Yes, I saw this! Thank you!

I meant that I break all of my records every time I start a new game, and the death count is always 1. Whenever I click New Game, the application shuts down and restarts.

First of all, thanks for releasing on Itch! That means a lot to me!

I've only played for 37 minutes, but I want to share a few things:

-This game is AMAZING. I love, love, love it so much. There's too many things about it that I'm really enjoying to list here.

-Every time I play a new game, all of the stats reset, which is kind of a bummer, but I understand it's Early Access (O:  (I'm using the Itch app, btw)

-The teleporter perk is really, really chaotic and I love it. It also clipped me into the perks room, inside a wall. Sadly my screenshot didn't save, but I'm not sure if that was intentional or not? I got out with a bomb wand, though that may have been because the explosion damaged me and activated the teleportation. Not sure.

-This is probably the first game I purchased as soon as I possibly could (since my PS2 days), and it's been totally worth the wait!


! important !

oh my god, this is way more intense than i could have ever expected

i pretty much feel the same way! (O:

bizarre! thanks for making this<3

this is cool but i was wondering if joey is the only dream right now? i caught first set of fish and got a heap more and that seems like a lot lol

incredibly lovely. thank you

that was absolutely incredible. thank you

imcredible work !!


amazing omg<33333333333

oh my god this is a masterpiece


lol cool

songs are good too

i thought you said you only knew how to draw cute things jkhfdhlkjafdshkjhjklasfdhfjkdsahjlk

lol that was hecka cute !!

this feels like a spring game to me, but i forgot to get around to it last year. i thought about it once in awhile, but today was finally the day!

it was a completely lovely experience. i think the difficulty was perfect, not too easy but i wasn't pulling my hair out at all. there was enough resistance to make the reward worth it!

i really enjoyed the "trees" key the most, that was just a nice change of pace for the game. 

thank you for this lovely experience(:


incredibly lovely!

oh my god this is amazing

i love that this is an exploration off a different branch of soft body. this makes me realize there's a lot of possibilities in where the core concepts can be taken. this was the perfect nightcap. thank you

Last update (probably, lol)-- I was able to beat E4 on Easy!

this is further evidence as to why you're one of my favourite devs

Okay, E4M2 is really difficult, took me many tries on Normal and Hard, and there's no way E4M3 is possible for me... it's just too spaced out. Based on that alone, E4 doesn't even seem like it would be possible at all unless you're a speedrunner. 

This is seriously so good, thank you for making this!