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untitled drone game 2 ;O}

really cute!

FYI - playing in firefox, and even after completing a level, it wouldn't show up in the level select screen. vivaldi, edge, and chrome seemed to work okay

that was so cute! loved the worlds within worlds. definitely relatable haha. thanks for sharing!

this was one of the scariest things i've played. omg.

never played king's fields and not sure if that would be a good idea lol, so this was nice. i struggled with the controller but once i switched to M+K it was great! love this

what will be the final release number? i'm dying (lol) to play this but i prefer to wait until completed! i already love the characters from the screenshots~

do the physical versions have the games automatically update, too? :OP

thank you so much for letting me know. what a treat!

what if there's a berry .

cheers dante!!


i have played this only once and refuse to play it again.

honestly you are magic

will you make ost available on bandcamp?


this game is so good in so many ways. seriously i love the art characters music graphics storytelling dialogue gameplay!! i love OAT and would ask them on a date if i could! the design for softie is perfect lol

only negatives: -i just do not like cl*wns in any form whatsoever -i'm' bad at ball bounce lol -i don't like competition especially when u play against friends and theres the end screen where you do a taunt it made me sad}O: so the only downsides are 100% my fault not the game whatsoever

also most importantly it's inspiring me to want to make my own VN??? inspiration  is my highest compliment i can give

lol this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how the h*ck was this made in puzzlescript. incredible!!!!!!

Pupper is an extremely cute design, I love them so much! I also really like how the title is displayed during gameplay for some reason! Not a fan of arcade games, but this was definitely a delight {O:

High score 44! I'm not much of an arcade-game person though.

It's just the nature of the game, but sometimes I was born in a die place. LOL. Meaning I immediately got hit when I respawned.

i've known about this game for awhile, i just didn't get around to it... well, i didn't expect a top-down shooting game - that makes me uneasy - but what i really loved was that it was more about atmosphere than challenge. actually, having to shoot things did make me feel uncomfortable, especially when they didn't actively shoot back. this made me feel weird, and that's a great thing.


i think turn-based combat is one of the worst mechanic in games, so i thought i would just play for a few minutes and leave. it turns out that i loved the names for the skills - eye herb (attack), apocalyptic meteors (healing), etc. but it started to be less funny the more i understood what was going on. my party died and i will never play this again because not knowing what was happening was the best part. and yes, this is a massive compliment


incredible work so far. the way the campfire scene is implemented is perfect. it was astonishing to see. even though influences show through, i love that it's quite idiosyncratic. been following on twitter and was surprised to see a demo!

feedback: -the mouse cursor would appear on the menu option when i'm using the controller, and it often hovered over 'yes' while i could also 'hover' over 'no' with gamepad. maybe the mouse can be disabled until it's being used. -mapping the 'quit to main menu' button to B (xbox) is a strange choice, but i assume it's going to be a menu? -i really wanted to hug/kiss the big skeleton. :OP

thank you for this amazing experience.


good job droqen nice

am i exist):



when you look at the spreadsheet, what does your heart tell you what a move is? that's exactly what it is.


one of the most emotionally intense experiences i've had with any medium - probably because i desire a bigger bf like amicus.

i;m so happ

this was really fun and i feel can easily be a jam of its own. u made 323 henley way before this list rite? lol also the bg is really good. i love ideas

Haha, yeah, I saw that you made Quake Rally! I am active in the current Quake mapping community and the stuff that's turning up is amazing {O:

that was quite a sharply-written piece, presented so professionally. i definitely feel compelled to look into the games i haven't played and mayyyyyybe read some of the texts. i tried speedrunning finnegans wake and failed

this made me laugh. i know the feeling of trying to herd ants all too well. i appreciate all of the suffering that you did so that we don't have to. i love how scientific your method is/isn't.

also, quake is the best game ever