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this is cute! and looks nice

omg this is so cute, it took me probably an hour of trying to complete it!! thank you!

this was great—i ran this in my class while my students worked on their projects<3

this is why i love itch

the "ending" was AMAZING


omg this looks HOT

thank you (O:

i love this so much!!! boys are so dumb. but they're fun to kiss

also, who did the original image? i remember seeing it on somewhere, maybe on twitter? i think it would make a cool shirt that i'd definitely wear

you're amazing and beautiful

this is... unbelievable. congratulations

i always appreciate free updates, so thank you !

pretty cool engine, i like where it's going, definitely hoping you can push this forward (:

this is so so so good and made me happy thank you


Loved this—visuals were incredible and having just a little bit more anecdotal insight is always good for me. Thank you for putting this out there

This was fun and cute! 

yeah, this is amazing. 1k on hard is hard, I can't even imagine 2k on easy. thank for you this incredible masterpiece


this was a wild, wild trip

Wow. That was way beyond my expectations, as I don't care for hack-and-slash games... but the animation, sound design, and... well, everything, was just incredible. Such excellent work! Thank you.

This was really cool, I love the artwork and the feel of it! Only complaint is the hands at the end, I wish the collision boxes were a bit more forgiving, because it was just too frustrating to finish ): . I'm not too into bosses in general, I guess. But it's a really cute game otherwise!!

I can't believe how cool and atmospheric this was for something so tiny... wow! Thank you

I really, really loved this. It's so simple and kinda cute but I also did have a bit of a thrill! I actually really enjoyed the textureless environment, simple-shaped enemies, and low-res visuals... the latter of which I'm grateful for because it might not have been as neat if it was played in a standard-sized resolution. The geography was interesting and the last room was a blast! Excellent work.

It was so great to read all of the progress you made with this! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

a. okay i think overall this was even better than episode 1

b. i enjoyed episode 1 more though because it was completely new and nothing ever beats that feeling for me

c. ep 2 was easier not because it was just easier it's because there was less frustrating stuff lol namely the precision of arrrrrggh and that last level i can't remember the name but it has lots of green walls

d. fishing level is so good and clever

e. new mechanics are fun too!

f. ilu

that was quite thoughtful. thank you

!!! Wow, this is such an excellent premise. I've always wished for more experimental takes on breakout, and this pushes it even further than what I could ever imagine. So good in so many ways!


thank you!!! :D :D

Incredible and absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to the full release, and I'll enjoy experiencing it again until then. Thank you! (:

This is really cute and happy and I have to thank you so much for this! +1 for the accessibility options!

cool! good luck with college :3

cute! only disappointment was that it ended so soon! any plans on more?

This is a beautiful, haunting game. I love this so much. Thank you


lol. love it

oh, this is just wonderful! what a fascinating way to bring old stories to life in this medium. !!