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this was really cool in concept, but turning the camera with the right analogue stick (xbox one wireless) was way too slow }O:

that was cool!

i know this is is silly to say but i enjoyed the graphics as they are. primitives without conptemporary shading techniques always feels alien to me.

eeee thank uuu !!


thanks {O:

i can't reproduce it, of course lol. i think i maximised the window while it was booting up before going to fullscreen in the options. i tried doing that and it ran perfectly. dang i'm sorry, i tried a few different things and it's too stable now lol

i'm on windows! the framerate was sub-30 most of the time. i couldn't screenshot for some reason, they were kinda black static-y scanline-ish lines appearing about 1/5 the way from the bottom of the screen.

this rules!!! ok amazing. only issues: sometimes graphical artifacts, and also i kinda don't like the fake cheep cheeps. i don't mind the overworld design being like that but the enemies are a bit too much. framerate is slow for an action game in 2022 also. this game has everything else going for it. i love the billboards so much. honestly just keep following your beady heart


amazing game! any chance for a bandcamp OST release?

sooooo cute omggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! high score 22

wow, this is beautiful! i love the abstraction and the atmosphere and the ambiguity of the language!

Pix64 community » Carts · Posted in Carts

ok so i compiled all of the games i could find in the community into one zip file for my own personal use - i'm not going to send this out to the public. i figured i might as well share it here? just a couple things: 1. i credited everyone's work except the chessbox because i haven't figured out a way to batch edit file names on windows AND 2. i'm guessing ZappedCow is the author for the other uncredited games that come with this but i'm not 100% sure and don't want to assume 3. there are some carts [author]x.png because the carts didn't have names and i assume they're not multicarts so it's not [author]_x.png

if it wasn't obvious, i am totally in love with pix64, i'm sure i'll make something for it someday!

helen is the shit

tl;dr body exploration as a metaphor for sex (no actual nudity)


these screenshots DO NOT do this game justice. that's the downside of a game with incredible feel and fast speed! congrats!

this was sooooooooo cool and such a smart game!

thanks for sharing your thoughts, this was warming to read~

untitled drone game 2 ;O}

really cute!

FYI - playing in firefox, and even after completing a level, it wouldn't show up in the level select screen. vivaldi, edge, and chrome seemed to work okay

that was so cute! loved the worlds within worlds. definitely relatable haha. thanks for sharing!

this was one of the scariest things i've played. omg.

never played king's fields and not sure if that would be a good idea lol, so this was nice. i struggled with the controller but once i switched to M+K it was great! love this

what will be the final release number? i'm dying (lol) to play this but i prefer to wait until completed! i already love the characters from the screenshots~

do the physical versions have the games automatically update, too? :OP

thank you so much for letting me know. what a treat!

what if there's a berry .

cheers dante!!


i have played this only once and refuse to play it again.

honestly you are magic

will you make ost available on bandcamp?


this game is so good in so many ways. seriously i love the art characters music graphics storytelling dialogue gameplay!! i love OAT and would ask them on a date if i could! the design for softie is perfect lol

only negatives: -i just do not like cl*wns in any form whatsoever -i'm' bad at ball bounce lol -i don't like competition especially when u play against friends and theres the end screen where you do a taunt it made me sad}O: so the only downsides are 100% my fault not the game whatsoever

also most importantly it's inspiring me to want to make my own VN??? inspiration  is my highest compliment i can give

lol this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!