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That was cute!

It's really cute, and I love the screen that describes controls! Haha.

this was sooooooo good! from the water controls, to the npc textures, to the way the inflatafriends clipped me through the booth!

Extend and improve? I think that this game is just perfect how it is.

I think it's really great to have one small room/environment to be lost in. I don't always want to play something for a long time; this was ideal to experience right before I went to bed. Although the events happening last a short amount of time, it can be enjoyed indefinitely, which I think is crucial.

 It seems like this bite-sized game is something that ought to be explored more often. I'm sure there are plenty of experiments out there in this vein that haven't been released, but I wish they were! Or maybe there's a 5-minute, yet fully fleshed-out, polished, AAA-quality game waiting to happen. Maybe a Warioware-style game with heaps of these walkingsims? I don't know. 

I loved this! I think the world could use more of these interactive scenes. Makes me want to try!

That was super cute!

Moths are cute and so is this moth story.

I possess the same exact feelings about this.


hey sorry there's no point to it

it's just a metaphor really

and yeah the lighting is intentional

Wow, that was wonderful and cute!

thanks y'all :)

That was fun! :)

Thanks, back at you! Seems we have a similar taste in palette...

Cute, and lovely use of 2D space in Bitsy!

Created a new topic this was so much fun! thankyou

thank you yukon w. for doing this! was cool having limitations that made making a game quicker. i love this method of hammering out a game (did it all today the last day)

also the challenges were fun! i did all the graphics with my left non-dominant hand instead of the 3d one but i spray painted 3D in the scene i hope that is okay

I have the same exact issues... WebGL is impossible to play because the pointer isn't contained, and the MacOS build doesn't show enemies or the gun.

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Pulled in by the visuals, fell in love with the story and the sound effects... goodness, the sound effects were my favourite aspect, thank you for brightening my day!

Splendid! Thank you!