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will there be any butts in the game?

i will kiss this game when it comes out

is ok i did it with my meat body any ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah, is there any connection to a taste of adventure's map? like the areas that were hinted at but not accessible?

yesssssssssssssss!! i'm excited!!! (but of course please take your time and don't stress!!)

oh my gods marek you did it again. the only down side was couldn't kiss the cute bearded old men . but stomp plonk with them is a very good alternative.

want to give dragon hug


dang that was clever. and mean! lol. once i got the evil shadow i was like... noooooooooo lol

i've had this on my to-play list for ages and i finally did it! it's wayyyyyy harder than i imagined. i think the concept is incredible and extermely inspiring. although i do wish it was easier to control lol. here's an imgur album of my races.

beautycopter is eternal

i teach an understand art class with videogames as the topic. i touch on stuff that is also a large intersection of venn diagram lol

not a game dev so there is some stuff i don't understand but it's fun to read regardless !!

no. i got to the mushroom screen and i'm stumped lol

ok ok i'm getting the hang of it and just found out about the vines... wow

i tried three times but falling off when doing the 6 vases and having to do it all over again is kind of a bummer! but i love the a/v aesthetics of this so much!!

u got it. it loops forever. congrats<3

every body love's lime girl's

bear pride!

you're the best and i love your contributions to these kinds of spaces!!!!!!!!!!

i purchased the ost for this and deity driving on bandcamp friday but have yet to play the actual games. please forgive this. love, beautycopter #1 fan quasiotter (me)

that was awesome! i generally don't like games that ape design so deliberately, but i can't help but the game went all in PLUS added other references such as VVVVVV so i think it works as a pastiche.

i love that we have a double jump, critical mode, and press 'b' mode (forgot the name lol) that makes this more forgiving. i love mega man in theory but don't have the skill to succeed at it. i'm so glad i could complete this game! (though not all the trinkets lol). the checkpoints were a bit tough, maybe a bit too much sometimes, but i prefer to keep the difficulty exactly as the default for every game (i appreciate the accessibility options but it's a personal challenge to not use them).

i can tell so much work went into this game. so many enemies, bosses, tiles that i can't believe it's only 6.99USD lol. it must have taken forever to make! also, the music is awesome, would love to see a bandcamp release if that would be a possibility! (only if you want to, no pressure).

yeah, great game, loved it so much!

ya this was cool! so simple and fun!! i love that the Hero is tiny. love the change in tone throughout the game!! only completed 000000 on easy but will come back for More

this game was sick mate, thanks for sharing your thoughts!


this was really cool in concept, but turning the camera with the right analogue stick (xbox one wireless) was way too slow }O:

that was cool!

i know this is is silly to say but i enjoyed the graphics as they are. primitives without conptemporary shading techniques always feels alien to me.

eeee thank uuu !!


thanks {O:

i can't reproduce it, of course lol. i think i maximised the window while it was booting up before going to fullscreen in the options. i tried doing that and it ran perfectly. dang i'm sorry, i tried a few different things and it's too stable now lol

i'm on windows! the framerate was sub-30 most of the time. i couldn't screenshot for some reason, they were kinda black static-y scanline-ish lines appearing about 1/5 the way from the bottom of the screen.

this rules!!! ok amazing. only issues: sometimes graphical artifacts, and also i kinda don't like the fake cheep cheeps. i don't mind the overworld design being like that but the enemies are a bit too much. framerate is slow for an action game in 2022 also. this game has everything else going for it. i love the billboards so much. honestly just keep following your beady heart


amazing game! any chance for a bandcamp OST release?

sooooo cute omggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! high score 22

wow, this is beautiful! i love the abstraction and the atmosphere and the ambiguity of the language!

Pix64 community » Carts · Posted in Carts

ok so i compiled all of the games i could find in the community into one zip file for my own personal use - i'm not going to send this out to the public. i figured i might as well share it here? just a couple things: 1. i credited everyone's work except the chessbox because i haven't figured out a way to batch edit file names on windows AND 2. i'm guessing ZappedCow is the author for the other uncredited games that come with this but i'm not 100% sure and don't want to assume 3. there are some carts [author]x.png because the carts didn't have names and i assume they're not multicarts so it's not [author]_x.png

if it wasn't obvious, i am totally in love with pix64, i'm sure i'll make something for it someday!