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that was cute! nice to have a relaxing puzzlescript!

i want to kiss this game

i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute

h*ckin' cool mate

fantastic. even as a cis-male, with easygoing parents, this still hit me hard, and i cried a couple times. there's always a commonality in coming out. love this. thank you.

holy cow i thought i was pretty much finished but not even close. i finished all of the games. i don't think i can handle the rest lol

this game made me laugh constantly throughout it. i just finished minit yesterday, and was very excited to play this. absolutely brilliant

I actually haven't played this before the last big release, the version that was covered on Buried Treasure. I've been purposefully avoiding playing the updated version, waiting for 1.0! It was great as it was (O:

I think I was more just expressing my excitement for the full release, but not wanting to sound impatient :OP


i can't wait, but also, definitely would prefer you to take your time !!

Incredible work! I'm always so appreciative of non-violent games in genres that normally have some sort of death. This was really cool too, learning about animals. It was a little difficult to understand at first, but experimentation was necessary to grasp what I had to do. The progression was just so good. The only disappointment is that it's not finished. :OP

I've had this game on my to-play list for awhile, but I'm glad it was included in The Bundle so I could prioritize it. Thank you.

that was so cute! love everything about this - the puzzle design, the progression, the presentation, the blue fur in the background, the music... wheeeeee

this is so cool! looking forward to the final release even though i already have too many games to play... lol


Really incredible stuff. Yet ANOTHER FPS that's on my list, lol.

♥ Level design is really great, just had trouble with finding the Yellow Key Card in the second level.

♥ The feel of it is fantastic. It's smart to give the dash a cooldown time, otherwise I'd use it way too much lol

♥ I feel that there could be visual feedback to indicate when the player takes damage. I felt way too badass to think that the baddies could do anything to me, but there were a couple time I went below 50hp.

♥ Oh, and I love the atmosphere. Love the ambience of the place without it.

(1 edit) and / or

both have instances of mentioning/being a POC

yayy! {O:

I'd say include it as an (accessibility?) option, with the default off. 

this is SO CUTE omg i love the sfx the soft the waypoint system the colours the cookies wow are there fast cookies irl i want them

it reminds me a little of the game osmos? that game is scary though lol

this makes me so happy but now i'm hungry lol

oh my god, that's amazing, thank you for considering us old folk!<3

i'm sadly past the time where i have the patience to play difficult games (anything faster than quake is a lot for me), but i'm very much in love with what you've got here, and i will absolutely be recommending this gem. 

♥ warioware is my favourite genre so i love this automatically

♥ omg the music is so perfect

♥ love the graphics, especially the check and x lol

♥ i'm glad they're dummies but wish there was no blood i felt bad lol

♥ apples were kinda too hard lol

♥ only got up to 9 but it was fun

♥ thank you

that was so lovely !!

this was cool! once i understood the gun charging, it became fun... was just trying to use the LMB and was unsuccessful many times. it was pretty cool failing a bunch, then getting revenge by going to outerspace (O:

i've got absolutely no hold on symbology or anything other than superficiality, but by golly, what an experience. i don't feel like i need to know anything about it, it's its own life and that's what it delivers to me. i am content to become its atmosphere, only breathing this and nothing else.

oh my god that was incredible

wow. what a ride. really, really beautiful stuff.

absolutely loved the spectrum of clear goals to ambiguity. heterogeneity is something i value, especially when it's all idiosyncratic. i felt different for each section, from peace to confusion to happiness to solidarity. 

i thought it was fitting that i ended on gabriel's, which in itself contained multiple perspectives, each different. i love the humanity of that aspect, especially when transitioning into the last segment, with the conversation scrolling in the background.

every time i finished a planet, i was excited to go to the next one. i'm glad they were all succinct so i could experience them in one sitting. this is definitely a game to return to maybe once a year or so.

i'm going bed now, i hope this permeates my dreams, and my future.

wow, that's super great! love love love this 

omg, this is adorable!! i've only done my first try, i didn't realize i was healthing my friends on the first dance, lol. gonna revisit this in a few days or a week to actually do that. but i couldn't help but say that i love this so much ...

oh, i see! no worries then (O:

ohh very cool! i'm excited!! but make sure to prioritize your mental health over finishing a deadline!

Retro Space Ball community · Created a new topic nice

really neat concept! i really liked the amalgamation of the two genres. cool visuals and sound! also really like that the ship automatically goes back down, though i do think it would be nice to be able to go back down manually. 

i'm not much into skill-based games as much anymore, but shooting the ball with the single shot was kinda rough. it was a lot more fun with the spread, way more satisfying... although maybe a bit overpowered. this is just my perspective, though :OP

thank you

oh my goodness this is incredible. i can't believe this exists. i'm totally blown away

wow, this is hilarious and incredible. seems kinda sloppy at first, but the more rounds played, the more i can see how refined it is. brilliant.

Really close to the original, so it was fun! The shell jumps were challenging (3-1 and 4-2), so I'm glad you included unlimited lives. lol.

Also, it's really cool you included direct links to support Bernie, I honestly probably wouldn't have if you didn't. 

Thanks for caring so much!

btw, any plans to put the soundtrack on bandcamp? 

oh my god that was incredible. everything about this game is amazing (although pandora's box/escape first room were a little too difficult because my reflexes aren't great). i'm in love with this game, eat girl. i want to be eat girl. the visuals, the name, the soundtrack, the feel, the first time more dots appear, the name, the monster design, the sadness, the way i keep thinking 'eat girl' all the time, everything. wow. thank you


EAT GIRL community · Created a new topic eat girl

eat girl is one of the best names i've ever heard. i haven't played it yet, but sometimes i think of the name 'eat girl' during the day for no specific reason since it's been released.

looking at the palette, it seems like it's best played during the wintertime. cold, dark, and scary. that's very Winter to me. eat girl.

i want to play it before next winter, so i will be playing it soon, before march 19. i've been thinking of eat girl for hours, but it's bedtime right now. i also want to never play it because it's fun to imagine what eat girl is like. but i will play eat girl.

i just want to let you know that i'm obsessed with eat girl before even playing it. 

thank you for this masterpiece. fucking intense