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this is so beautiful

Posted in :(

it's good to feel sad sometimes :)

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This is so sad!!

i think that it's super important to boost visibility of other creators you love, and virtual museums is one of many ways to do that. i make monthly galleries myself, and i think it's something that ought to happen more often! 

i also recommend checking his solo work as well that is excellent: https://pawsmenu.itch.io

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i hope everyone on earth plays this

i hope collecting money isn't like this irl

I went on a walk today, and thought about the music more. I feel that, since your lasers and enemies have patterns, they can have sound effects (such as when they touch the floor or ceiling) that acts as music without having to actually compose music. I think the way you have built your world, it can lend itself to being musical/rhythmic without changing much at all. That's just an observation.

Nice! I really enjoyed the jumping/flying mechanics. Usually jumping/flying with this much gravity is really bad to control, but something about this made it feel good—especially being able to press down to fall quicker. This was a difficult game, but didn't seem unfair. Didn't collect any of the coins, but finished in 1,016 seconds, I think.

I thought the game could use music, even just a simple ambience, it helps make it feel more polished. 

Mental! (:

What'll be the regular price?

this was so scary

i fell for it

lol <3

almost scary

that was pretty well put-together! took a minute to get used to the murder weapon, but was fun once i did. also loved the shoutout to game devs!

this made me so so so so so so so happy. thank you for this gem

that was pretty cute! it felt pretty good and looked nice. the houndseye attack could have used the waves and seemed impossible to avoid after crouching??? great (:

it's impossible to express how much i loved this. thank you for this gift. i wish it came bundled with all of the original games.

These men are sexy. Thank you.

I've been anticipating playing this for a good part of the year, waiting until the leaves around my town turn red, orange, yellow... this was wonderful, and I did cry. Thank you so much.

thanks :)

lol i guess i didn't change it before :( i did now :) yeah it's nice and fast  !! 


did what you did and... i don't remember windows speed, but it felt natural and smooth

Created a new topic you're beautiful
  1. for real, this is one of my favourite games
  2. wasn't supposed to buy any new games but i had to get this one
  3. i stopped what i was doing to play it
  4. i'm glad it's not super long because it's a very pretty day outside
  5. but i'm sad that it's not super long because i will have to wait for more episodes
  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

played mac version and was super slow 

i then played it on the windows side (bootcamp) and it played at the speed i think it should be

or maybe windows side was too fast? idk lol

This is awesome, thank you! I've always wanted to play it, it looks super cool, but I couldn't get it to run properly. :)

whoa, those were really cool. i love your sense of visuals, especially on sergio, mango, and touch. the readme page was awesome, and i loved the water temple. thank you

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i'm looking 5x5 (or a similar size) pixel or voxel art! i'm going to put them all in a single gallery.

if you're familiar with puzzlescript, I'm using the 3D version, dungeonscript

you can make characters, all sorts of objects, walls, floor tiles, etc. i'll put them in the game, and script them to move if you want.

how to make pixels or voxels?
you can do it in the dungeonscript engine:

you can use these in-browser programs that i'll (try to) replicate in the engine.
pixel: http://www.piskelapp.com/
voxel: http://voxelbuilder.com

any questions or if you need help, reply here or pm me! :)

[i already edited this twice, by the way]

That was cute!

It's really cute, and I love the screen that describes controls! Haha.

this was sooooooo good! from the water controls, to the npc textures, to the way the inflatafriends clipped me through the booth!

Extend and improve? I think that this game is just perfect how it is.

I think it's really great to have one small room/environment to be lost in. I don't always want to play something for a long time; this was ideal to experience right before I went to bed. Although the events happening last a short amount of time, it can be enjoyed indefinitely, which I think is crucial.

 It seems like this bite-sized game is something that ought to be explored more often. I'm sure there are plenty of experiments out there in this vein that haven't been released, but I wish they were! Or maybe there's a 5-minute, yet fully fleshed-out, polished, AAA-quality game waiting to happen. Maybe a Warioware-style game with heaps of these walkingsims? I don't know. 

I loved this! I think the world could use more of these interactive scenes. Makes me want to try!

That was super cute!

Moths are cute and so is this moth story.

I possess the same exact feelings about this.


hey sorry there's no point to it

it's just a metaphor really

and yeah the lighting is intentional