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Pretty big level, does the game have an end ? Because I always end up dying, too much bugs.

Nice game, the pixel art is very good ! I never played something like this before, was enjoyable to create factory and play notes :)

Hey, no need to say sorry, you don’t have any obligation to play anything ! (and well, my entry was not as good as others here x))

Oh the results, I was planning to make 4 levels initially but had time to do only one. The check mark position is bugged, it should appear under the scarab and not under the skull. It is a display bug.

Thank you for playing and for your comment !

When you use the white ball (it is supposed to be a button lol) before stealing the scarab, indeed you get a Game Over, that’s because it means the player didn’t complete the level before returning to the present.

About the bugs, I didn’t manage to reproduce them, but I am not surprised there might be some hiding, I hope they didn’t cause you too much troubles ^^

In the pyramids there are 2 items to pick : the invisibility pill (in the hidden corridor) and a vulnerary that heals 5 HP (you can find it in the pots)

Thank you !

That’s one wholesome game, was very cute ! Had 38 friends in the end.

I’m impressed how you managed to finish such a big and fun game, gg for this. Overall the game was very good, it has everything it needs to be a classic JRPG. However, there is one thing that broke the GameBoy feel for me : - the mines, it felt like it didn’t belong to the game, plus there are tons of subpixels there :(. Also looks like you used opacity effects … doesn’t it break the 4 colors rule ?

Pretty solid shoot em up game. More power ups and time increasing difficulty would make the game better imo. The chiptune was perfect !

That was a lot of fun ! In 3 tries, didn’t get past the giant slime boss :( My weapon broke everytime on floor 2 or 3, maybe I was spamming too much lol. Also, I was very impressed by the titlescreen, liked it a lot ! Very complete game !

Beautiful sprites in this one, but there is not much to do unfortunately. I think the game can be expanded really well with some levels !

Very good, had lot of fun ! Precision and Wall Hell are sooo hard ! my time : 11:11.7

Thank you for playing !

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback. I’m glad you liked the sprites and the effect ! (Actually, learned writing shaders during the jam !)

Thank you for playing, it is nice that is reminds you the “old days” ^^

Thank you for playing ! I am surprised you found it difficult :o ! There are 2 items to pick in the pyramid that helps a lot, maybe you missed them.

Thanks for playing !

Thanks for playing !

That was a cute short platformer. I appreciate that type of pixel art, works well especially for low resolution, good job!

That was actually a good gameplay, kept playing until I won. The controls were very smooth, and the music was cool !

Well, I don’t play a lot of rythm games, but the mechanics were very unique ! 2nd level was insane ! Pretty good game .

A very good first person horror game, the ambiant sounds were very good. Mana was always too low, especially on levels with big mazes and lot of zombies. What does the green square do ?

Neat concept, there are lot of potential here, can fit in a mobile game pretty well !

That was challenging, but doable, really liked the feel of the game !

A beautiful game, pixel art and audio were very good ! I liked how creative the battle system is. After finishing the first level, the game went back to menu, is it normal ? (there are some screenshots on your page that I didn’t see in game :( )

Thank you for your feedback ! You are right about the visibility, it is something I will improve post jam, sfx are also on the to do list. Thanks for playing !

an update of my shop layout :

Right, the update fixed it, I now start with a blue table instead the yellow one ! Thanks !

The game starts with a tutorial, with 6 tables + request table (the yellow bloc). Customers come and stand in front of it without requesting anything (no bubble).

Excellent ! Had a good laugh at the end x)

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Very cool game ! I ended up having an adventurer shop, selling only weapons and equipements lol. Kept playing until -667 loans remaining ;) Very good game!

Also I think it would be nice to have a day counter !

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I won lol. Loved it, super cute game ! The gameplay was very engaging good job ! (I had a problem with the first level, because people were comming standing in front the yellow bloc without asking for anything :/)

Very cool concept, could be a really nice tactic game. At first I expected to be able to control my monsters, but it was funny to see them go fight. I just wish the movement of enemies and monsters were a bit smarter, because most of the time they ended up in a line waiting behind each other; but since the game was made in such a short time I won’t take it into account. Overall, very good graphics, audio and concept, good job !

This was a great prelude to an adventure ! I don’t know how you managed to put so much beauty in 64x64 pixels, great pixel art ! I also like how your point and click was pixel perfect. Really wish the game was a bit longer. Great work nonetheless !

Thank you very much for playing !

Woaaah super impressive ! Well played !

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Yess ! I am so happy someone did it and beat the boss !! Yes the wall is definetely one of the hardest patterns (I think it is even broken when you go far in infinite, will need a postjam fix ;)), but it is always the same combination of keys so the player can prepare the fingers lol. Thank you very much for playing !!

Very creative chess game ! I played against myself locally, but it was fun to discover the power of each piece. The rewind mechanic of the crown was super cool, but I think it was bugged because the piece was duplicated after the rewind. I think there was another bug with the soldier piece; if I understand its behaviour, it pushs back enemy soldier in diagonal, but at some point the soldier was pushed on a bull and the bull disappeared.

Interesting gameplay, I like it.

The ovnis are so OP x) The momentum mechanic was nice ! A nice lowrez game !