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Cool idea and great visuals, polish and sfx it all tied together really well.

Like others mentioned this game is slow. The cursor movement is slow. Enemy turn is slow because each enemy is shown even when not moving. The dice roll is slow. And it feels even slower because of the repetivness of gameplay. 

You only have 50% chance to spawn units and they do the same thing with slightly different variables under the hood. The 4,5 and 6 are pretty much useless as you can ignore connecting up to your main island if you just spawn your units next to each enemy island.

Finally, there is not much strategy, you just throw your units in battle and sometimes place them so they can't be attacked by 2 enemy at the same time.

I love turn based strategy games, but for now this one is too slow and not varied enough yet.

I still played 40 min of this game as it looks amazing and eveything thing fits to the theme of the dice very well.

One of the best unveilings of this roll to swap the weapon I played this jam. The art is really cool and game feel is amazing, very well polished. Congrats on this solo submission especially because it was made using pygame. 

I understand why there is ammo instead of just rolling to the next weapon but I don't get why not reload each weapon after rolling. There already is quite a long cooldown on rolling in such a caotic bullet hell and i was annoyed when I rolled to dodge and next time i rolled into that weapon it was already low on ammo.

I often found myself left clicking while I was out of ammo, maybe make the player roll on left click if he's out of ammo.

Also a cool thing to do would be to actually manipulate the dice rolls. So that you dont get the same weapon until all 6 (or atleast 4) weaopons have been drawn already.

And finally, a bit of pitch shifting on each shot would help especially on fast shooting guns.

Overall fun game but a bit annoying solution for guns rolling.

P.S: I find it fun how each jam people manage to sqeeze in a random weapon game.

The ships look really cool and and the game is quite fun to play!

First piece of feedback, the game is difficult from the start, there should be some scaling, maybe tied to when you kill an enemy causing more to spawn. For now it seems random and overwhelming.

Second, the background looks kinda odd because it has bigger pixels than the spaceships.

The ships are very verried in their movement and shooting patterns but there is a big difference in kill difficulty. I find it hard to kill the smallest ship as it is also the one that moves the most, but the big ones are stationary so way easier to kill. Even though their shots are the biggest they always travel the same path and so are predictible unlike the small targeted annoying ones.

Overall, fun game but too difficult too quickly and too short powerups or too few of them, they never overlapp which is a shame. 

Yep, thanks for playing!

Ingame recipe list is noted, I'll try to implement that for postjam update...

Amazing story telling and great music, never felt repetitive or annoying even tho it looped for more than 20 minutes. 

Really well done on the game design and the theme! I can't rate full marks for innovation as it is too close to blackbird style and the art is too basic. The robot looks great but the flesh-being is a bit confusing and the environment is way too dull.

Anyway, good job and I hope to see a more developed version post jam ;)

Yeah, I know.. It's a jam after all. We didn't have the time too

btw I uploaded a game playthrough on our submission page so you can understand what the game is about

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Chill game with no enemies, pretty fun to grind more ants and find food.

Only problem for me was the low amount of food and the progression as if you eat an apple you can get enough ants and upgrades to eat every other food in seconds.

And then the games becomes just searching like a detective for a potatoe or tasty red apple hidden in the corner of the map.

Anyway, great idea and chill atmosphere just needs a bit more tuning of the values. 

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The visuals are very nice and the game is indeed chill! Good job on that aspect! 

The game is pretty short, but that's understandable. Only thing that threw me off is the sound effect for when you go in a direction you can't, it's a bit too loud for my taste and maybe should trigger a bit lighter when the second cube actually makes a correct move.

Unfortunately I can't rate high on the theme category as it doesn't fit for me. If the cubes could help each other in someway it would make more sense but for now there isn't much of a necessity and just a requirement in the form of grass tiles.

Anyway, Great job on the graphics, the audio, and the enjoyable game!

It's like overcooked but you build weapons to defend yourself instead of cooking food.

Guess I'll make a gameplay video because elseway I won't have anybody playing my game anytime soon.

I'll upload it tomorrw and I'll ping you back.

I recommend to go a tell people to use parsec to play online co-op, it's free and very reliable

Yes, just tested it ... what a bummer 

Cool game! Audio is great!

One thing for me is the puzzle are really straight forward. Apart from that good job!

Yeah, thanks. That's what I expected from you and hope you'll expand because there is a lot of potential. Good luck!

Sorry for being harsh but for me this game lacks gameplay. It is basically placing units and waiting till they die to drop them again. 

The art and sfx are very cool, don't get me wrong but there is something missing, maybe adding different abilities to each creature, different interactions, etc. They're basically the same creep with different stats.

The game is also way too slow for me and it made me not want to play it all through. Also you should make the creatures go around corners in one turn and not 2, make the right diagonally would help making the AI more active because often they were or unable to hit or moving would take 4 turns to hit the creep 2 blocks away.

Anyway, I get that you only had 48 hours but I have to rate you as everyone, but can't wait till you update the game and add all the cool stuff. Great job for a 2 day game!

For me it's a bit too much on the drawing side, I don't really like those drawing he's on cell phone so didn't fit me... But I rated you accordingly to how the game felt and not my personal preferences. I must say that the minesweeper vibe is amazing

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I really like this gamea lot! Great job!

All of the different guns are so cool and playing on asteroids is really fun, jumping from one onto another feels amazing.

This gives me such an Ender's Game vibes, I love it. I'd add some movement to the asteroids and a turn rate so each of the is really different and has some tactical advantages. If you could expand this into a team multiplayer game I'd definitely but it. 

Amaaaaaazing! for me the first 5 star game and probably the last. Wonderful atmosphere and beautiful sounds and music, kept me engaged the entire playthrough.

Honestly, I can't wait till you make a bigger game out of this and definitely will follow your releases.

For some constructive feedback I'd recommend to make a cleaner look (less shading). But the most important thing is to make more of this game. I love the puzzles simple but with the sfx and that voice which is perfect fit btw,  make for an amazing entry. If you'd expand I would recommend to inspire yourself for puzzle ideas from Zelda games because they are very easy to show in such restrictions.

Quick question: Did you record all the sfx yourself ?

Pretty addictive game, got 211 but will keep on grinding. 

I'd change the aspect ratio after the jam and make it wider because offten I had to turn a lot.

Great game, I really love multiplayer games, Couch coop/vs is my favorite type of games so I might be biased here.

Solid entry, player it with my bud and we had a lot of fun. If I could change one thing it would be to make the controls more intuitive. (ex. make up be the jump, down the stomp, right and left be direction changing and sliding). It would really help to be more accurate, as it is what is most difficult in this game, without changing the gameplay.

There actually is no checkmate in the game. 

I did this on purpose for 2 reasons one is time because as you know it would eat a ton of time to implement.

The second reason is for game design. As the King's power might work in your favor I didn't want to block the player to be able to explore all the possibilities.

Anyway, I'll rate you back and leave feedback Thanks for commenting!

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Grate game style spent so much time playing this to get the best high score got 211. Constructive feedback would be to make it 2:1 ratio after the jam because of the small screen the best tactic is to spam shooting left and right in one spot

Amazing art, very pretty! I love the idea and the style fits perfectly great job.  

For some constructive feedback I'd make the cooking system simpler just add and don't overwhelm the player with too much stuff to explore at first.

Great submission! I'm a big fan of overcooked and love your game, sound art and gameplay are really good. Only thing I'm missing is the coop but I can understand the lack of it as game design.

Even though it isn't perfect this game is very fun to play and has a good balance between fun and hard gameplay. It will definitely be one of those that stay in my library after the jam.

Great job man!

Which version did you play ? I fixed all the bugs I could find in the post jam version so if you saw some bugs in it pls let me know. Thanks!

Debugging is actually pretty easy as surprisingly my code ain't spaghetti.

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Yeah, there is a lot of bugs in the jam version. I don't know about the duplicating because it is impossible to happen with the code I use, the soldier bug got fixed. 

If you want to play together I'm up for vs or a 4 player one

I'm about to play your game, thanks for the feedback!

The Jam submission had some bugs that I fixed in the post jam version. I also added a info tab in the menus showing how each piece works. The game itself is identical to the jam version except one little tweak I made thanks to the feedback of a friend (Made the horse lazer hit 2 chessboard tiles instead of one). 

Even though the changes aren't affecting the game play I can entirely understand rating  my submission lower. 

Anyway, If you want to play some online games with me or anyone on the discord server feel free to join (it's pretty empty I just opened it)

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Yea, for sure! I'm about to add that today. 

I didn't ha e time before but I just got a small time window to make screenshots and gifs. 

It'll be up soon 👌

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Yeah, really fun game. Took a bit of my time as I am the type of people that try to cheese the game by f.ex. filling the board with swords.... (Works the best)

Anyway, great job I liked the art and the fact I could play it on my phone well done !

Great! Thanks for the commenting, I really appreciate it.

I'm up too for playing with people online it's just that I can't right now... 

I'm on the lrzj discord so when I'm more available I'll play with people.

I'm also making some updates post jam and will do a info page to make it more intuitive (kinda tutorial) and adding an Android build soon

Hopefully, it'll be out by august 20 because I'm not in the mood to really do some work rn.

[insert "A men of culture" meme here]

Yes, I'm doing a small info page for the pieces. It will be present in the second iteration.

Thanks for the feedback! I guess if'd add some sweet animations to the King rewind power it would be more viable, but I see why it lacks thematically.

I'm working right now on animations for each piece and a small info page with gif + description for each piece. 

Maybe you could try it out when I will release the second version. Anyway, thanks for commenting and I will definitely play your submission.

Yep, I'll definitely play your game

The game is still in light development for the LRZJ, but I'm pretty proud of work.  :)

Thanks for commenting!

ugh, Sorry Controller support only... (forgot to add that)

I did it over the weekend, started recreating the 'Heave Ho' controller and then realised it fitted the theme if I'd add 0 gravity. I'd say more like 5-6 hours. I only submitted to get feedback. But, yeah controller support only isn't the best way to get feedback on smaller jams.

Good job on the audio and the art. Fits very well and makes you want to play more.

The theme isn't very visible though, but for a 3 hour jam it's crazy good.  Keep it up!!

For the roads i meant something like this: (image) So it's still possible to catch the tower when you get teleported.

And for the buttons it's more the next stage button that doesn't click i need to spam it a few times, that's all i know...

Yeah great job! That's game jam games afterall...

Absolutely perfect! Great Job over all

If this doesn't get into the vid I'll be very surprised...

Honestly best game i played for this jam, I'm still in my rating queue but i really enjoyed yeeting drones. The game feels very polished and super fun to play! keep it up.

P.S. : Hope you get a good spot on the final ratings

Overall very cool concept! There are some improvement that can be made on the art side but very cool idea.

There are still two things that annoyed me:

One is that i wasn't able to buy towers or click buttons sometimes... (those are just technical issues)

But more importantly i would make the map be more like a tower defense game map so everything is on One screen (no camera pan) and make the roads go over each other so one tower can shoot the same enemies twice.