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Congrats on getting featured on RLM! This looks like a ton of fun

Me & Tracy have released a new edition of Bat Café which features a new date campaign, an animated intro as well as a many new quality of life features. 

We started work on the original version almost a year ago, setting out to make a game that was filled with real world bat facts, but also a character study of different personalities.  The game is safe for work and light hearted, but there are some descriptions of grief, anxiety, loss & light alcohol references.

This game is playable on Windows PC, as well as on desktop/ mobile browsers. The game is free but we also released a 50-page art book and soundtrack, which is purchasable if you wish to support our work.

We hope you enjoy dating some wacky bats!

I love this! Does remind me of the ol' Bfxr days!

This is a fun treat to play and the aesthetics are top notch! I applaud the fact this works on my mobile browser!

I haven't played the game yet (It's projects galore right now), but I LOVE how the page looks! Especially with how seamless the key art is.  Hope I get around to this one as it looks sweet!


Me and my good friend Tracy worked on a game together and you can play it in your browser, either on desktop or mobile! Dating a bat unlocks badges, each giving a real-world-bat-fact (it's educational)!

This is the first game Tracy has worked on and she was the director, lead writer and character designer. She's been amazing to work with and we hope you have as much fun playing as we did making it!

I look forward to playing this on the Mixtape- a worthy Garbage Boi!

I'll be checking this out soon :)

Pretty interesting idea! I like the bloody head!

I released my GMTK game Sky Glove, an arcade style game where you have to defeat enemies with your Rocket Glove!

You can only fire your glove once before waiting for it to come back, so you have to be strategic in how you maneuver andtime your attacks! 

Game Link

Fun lil gimmick! I do like the colour scheme as it reminds me of early day DOS games.

Interesting concept. I like that it plays like a point and click game

I adore those character designs!

Initially I wondered why I couldn't put the boxes down, then it all clicked and I enjoyed the gimmick of the game!  I'd be happy to see more of it!

I like the comments the enemies make.

Pretty rad game! I love the BLOOD aesthetic

This was very well polished. The sprites are fantastic!

Cute! Pretty fun concept and I love the smiley lads

Such a rad lil game! I looooooove these kind of space shooters and it fits in with the theme well!

Wow! The visuals are stunning! This game bombards you with style and charm out the gate and it was a lovely experience all round!

Very nice! I enjoyed playing this one. Made me feel smart when figuring it out! 

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Nice concept! The use of limited moves makes it a fun challenge. I'd say a reset key could have helped in those times when I knew I'd messed up, apart from that I enjoyed it!

Excellent game. This is the closest we'll get to a Knuckles Chaotix reimagining. Kidding aside he gameplay is great and very well made overall!

Love the style and premise to the game. I applaud games that are based on everyday worker things. 

I am a sucker for these kind of puzzle games! Controls are simple to grasp and it's all a rather chill experience. Think the only minor issue is maybe retrying could have been done with a keyboard key, as I have to reach for the mouse when I die. But that's minor stuff, I very much enjoyed my time with this!

Amazing presentation- just like Mario Party it's fun from frustration!

Visually it's very nice! I feel it probably should have used left mouse click instead of space as I was reaching my hands a bit. You've made a good start with something here!

I adore this style! Bravo! 

Lovely game with an interesting concept. It explains how cats merge realities which is something I've been wondering about for a while now

Amazing concept and polish. Very well done! Perhaps worth investigating doing a keyboard/ controller only mode for ease of play, and might want to add fullscreen to the Windows version. But apart from that it was great fun!

Lovely sound and visual experience- I like the overall concept too, amazingly polished for a game made in such short time! Took me a while to get use to clicking on the players but that's only because I'm more use to playing controller/ keyboard only games.

Keep me notified and I'll check it out!

Pretty sweet! I think it's a fun spin (haha) on the space shooter by having it use a spinning shield. I also dig any game that uses the Mega Drive drums. Congrats on the first Jam game!

Should have replied ages ago but I updated it to fix those those things. Window is now resizable and Esc pauses in-game and quits only on the main menu! :)

Looks pretty rad!

Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated! I'll be considering some of these for sure :)

Thank you very much for the feedback! I'll definitely have to fix that controller display bug as i can see what the cause is haha. Thanks again!

I appreciate it! ♥️

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I've been working on this game for a while now on the side and I've finally released a demo! The demo includes the first stage as well as a Speedrun mode and hidden Tarot Cards to collect!

I'm looking for feedback at the moment so your thoughts would be much appreciated!

Hello! I've been working on this game for around 2 years and I've finally released a Demo. It's a Bullet Bell platformer and I'm looking for feedback! I look forward to watching your streams :)