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Thank you, that was sweet to hear 😊

Thank you very much!

This was a lovely lil game, great work!

Charming visuals and idea, well done!

I love the concept! 

Oh man that's a neat concept! Reminds me of the days when i screamed into my Eye Toy and got into trouble with the neighbours. 

I really enjoyed this one! I liked how the theme tied in and that eventually you had to resort to your side jets only. Good work!

I like the idea of an uncontrollable sun and loved the fact some background objects disappeared in the sun's light, but i think the goal of the game was less interesting as you just bash into enemies.

The art is nice and there is some potential here, but I would have had the gameplay center around using the sun's light.  Also this would have benefited a game over reset, as i would fall endlessly and have to quit the game to retry.  

Thank you!!

Thank you! :)

It is very stressful! 😅 Thank you!

No worries! It sounds very nice :)

This looks pretty good, liking the minimalist style. Though based on the video is there any sound in the game?

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Oh wow i love how this looks! I'm going to check it out.

Fragment: Extended Edition

I love the lighting on the bridge-like tiles.

Ah wow! I love the scale of this.

I just released Fragment: Extended Edition. As the title implies it's an extended of a game i made last year, with all new game modes, mechanics and content. 

It's a survival horror sidescroller where you enter an abandoned facility in search of the fountain of life, on the way finding crystallised monsters, optional paths and doors to unlock. Your ammo is limited and oxygen is constantly running out. Every time you beat the game a new mode unlocks, where not only does it become more difficult but enemies and events are rearranged. It also saves your best times for each mode for your speed running needs! 

Thank you very much for the play through and feedback! :)

Hey no worries! Thanks for the play through! :)

Hey thank you! :)

Thank you! Let's hope what comes next is longer ;) 

Pretty fun idea! I noticed some weird screen tearing but i think that's just my monitor. I applaud the dark magic used to pull this off!

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I stumbled upon this one a few weeks back, i didn't realise it came out in 2014 until now! I love the fish eye lens used, it makes me think that more platformers should use this effect as you're able to see ahead without the camera feeling too far away. also reminds me of what Sonic Xtreme was going for.

I played for a solid half an hour until i eventually got stuck, but before then i was on a roll clearing each segment without  much trouble. This was a fun ride and an interesting perspective!

Hello there!

Me and a group of friends recently finished work on a short game; Fragment. I was the director, concept artist and programmer. Everyone else's roles are listed on the page.

This game is a 2D Survival horror where you explore an abandoned facility. There's a big map to explore with optional areas and limited ammo, all the while you're being hunted by crystalised monsters. This is a short game with a story, with a highscore result when you finish.


  • Voice Acting with optional Subtitles
  • Xbox 360 controller support
  • In-game tutorials.

This is a short game that takes around 15-30 minutes to complete. Let me know what you think!

I wish this came out when I made my own Gameboy inspired game seven years ago! I will definitely have a try with this!

Really fun idea and well executed! I'm suprised i didn't know browser games worked on phones i feel I've been missing out!

I was not expecting to be able to play this on my phone, that was a suprise to me!

Thank you ^^

It looks pretty cool! I saw one of the GIFs before and the background looked pretty impressive. Plays fine but feels a bit slow paced for my liking, and prehaps the enemy deaths could have been better (it may look better if they fell to the right, for instance).

Thanks again! :)

I love this one! It feels pretty refreshing as a puzzler, and it got pretty tense as it built up

I'll have to look into porting some time, but thanks for checking it out though :)

Thank you. I'll see about different difficulties next time :)

Thank you :)

Thank you! I had considered multiple lives, but i guess I like it arcade hard haha. I'll be more fair next game though :)

Thank you :) And yeah I'll check it out.

This is one of the coolest ideas i've seen in this jam <3

Pretty neat collection- reminds me of the ZX Spectrum

I had considered music but it was 3 days until the deadline, definitetly next time though :)
(I thought I replied earlier but looks like i hadn't, whoops!)