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Angus Beer

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Really fun idea and well executed! I'm suprised i didn't know browser games worked on phones i feel I've been missing out!

I was not expecting to be able to play this on my phone, that was a suprise to me!

Thank you ^^

It looks pretty cool! I saw one of the GIFs before and the background looked pretty impressive. Plays fine but feels a bit slow paced for my liking, and prehaps the enemy deaths could have been better (it may look better if they fell to the right, for instance).

Thanks again! :)

I love this one! It feels pretty refreshing as a puzzler, and it got pretty tense as it built up

I'll have to look into porting some time, but thanks for checking it out though :)

Thank you. I'll see about different difficulties next time :)

Thank you :)

Thank you! I had considered multiple lives, but i guess I like it arcade hard haha. I'll be more fair next game though :)

Thank you :) And yeah I'll check it out.

This is one of the coolest ideas i've seen in this jam <3

Pretty neat collection- reminds me of the ZX Spectrum

I had considered music but it was 3 days until the deadline, definitetly next time though :)
(I thought I replied earlier but looks like i hadn't, whoops!)

It looks pretty cool but i had a hard time with this one, mostly from the way it controlled and how fast it was. 

It crashed on me after the third game, but what i played was pretty sweet

Really sweet game! I like the aesthetic of it, almost feels like something from a storybook. Good difficulty curve.
I would say prehaps the sprites could have been downsized a bit to fit more on the screen, as i felt there were times i wasn't sure what was up ahead.

That's why she's in silhouette ;) haha
I'm happy to hear that- and I wouldn't mind making some sort of difficulty slider next time.

Thank you! It's funny because i was worried it scaled too fast, so atleast i know now haha :)

No problem! I'd love to see more sometime :)

It has a pretty neat teleport mechanic, but i think the game should focus on that first and introduce enemies later.