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Howllo and Welcome!

If you have any suggestions for how to improve the message boards then post them here.

Thank you for your time! Have a nice, safe, and fun day!

It was supposed to have 4 biomes, you could have just had a bad seed when playing which I wouldn't be surprised despite my attempts at balancing it. The biomes were desert (sands + cacti), forest (mountainous and trees), meadow (flat and grassy), and lake (water), which makes me curious as to what biomes you had? And yeah, the grind can be real, the Jam Entry world at least breaks it up a bit by making the oil a hazard to navigate around. But if this gets an update, I'll likely add more variety as enemies got scrapped due to the aforementioned time constraints. Thank you for playing and giving feedback :3

Finally got this to run, and it was a blast to play! I enjoyed how you get an unlimited supply when you purchase something from the shop which I initially thought you had restock your own supplies. I also liked how discovering enough recipes can increase brewing speed which is a must with those stronger potions later on. I played until I discovered all recipes! It has such a nice aesthetic, like one you'd see from a polished mobile game (You could probably upload it onto the google play store after a bit more working on it for it to have an elongated play cycle). The only bug I encountered was that if you move to the All tab in the shop after buying a recipes from the recipes tab, it will appear in the all tab and be purchasable again. And if it is clicked on in the All tab, it reappears in the Recipe tab. But it was pretty solid and pretty to look at all in all.

Y'all did a magical job on this! Bravo!

This one is so stylized and fun with the allele mechanic! In late game it really shows just how much effort you put into those gene changes. I thought the tulips were hard, but those pansies are no pansies when it comes to their genetics XD. It had a nice mellow vibe, although it makes me feel like I need to grab a notebook and jot down what alleles tie to what genes they effect. This is a really nice and scientifically themed game that I bet some teachers could utilize to teach kids about how alleles work.

What a blooming great job you did!

This was a fun little game. I softlocked myself on my first run since I didn't know how to retrieve items from the ship and kinda hoped placing items on top of each other would auto swap them out. A restart allowed me to beat both normal and slime universe. It was a fun little experience, though I kind of wished there was more (X3)

Overall, you did a stellar job!

This is a fun potion brewing game! I got pretty far (unlocked the library), the game crashed once while I was trying to figure out the Animal Potion, but finding out that the game saves is a pleasant surprise. I haven't 100% the game yet, but it is possible with enough time. I found that Zap Potions were the most viable as you gain a net of 4 coins from selling them, but is terrible since you have to spam the agitator minigame a lot for them. The Animal Potion was also hard to make with such a small success bar that I only managed it once. I would probably suggest allowing players to navigate the book with arrow keys since it would place you at the start every time and I would usually have to wait a second or click twice to move to pages in the back. The minigame is fine if the player doesn't need to spam like I would need to with the Zap Potion. There is a lot of content here, but with how costly things are if you make a mistake, it can be hard to experiment to try and find recipes. (I only managed to find the Zap Potion by a wim. Can you tell I like the Zap Potion?) I do however liked that you included the library which allows you to pay the cost of a mistake potion to research instead of having the player waste time and resources through experimentation. I never managed to fill more than 3 potion slots so its nice that you give room for those who slowly build up stock through a brew and sell cycle. I did find a bug that the Zap potion requires the Red, Orange, Yellow order or else it registers as a mistake (such as Orange, Red, Yellow) despite what the ingame book says at 100% for that potion.

All in all, you did a "brew"lly good job!

This was pretty fun tower defense game! I normally don't like these types of games because the genre normally has increasingly harder waves that you somehow have to keep up with by upgrading things optimally and such, but I liked this one because it breaks away from that mainstream method and just has fun with upgrading towers via what combinations you want/need. It would be interesting if you added an extra challenge indicator for beating maps without taking any damage. Took me a bit to figure out how the towers worked, but managed to make them work to my advantage, which is part of the fun you made :3

You did a "tower"iffic job! 

Thank you for checking it out! I knew I forgot a key for the control scheme when I wrote it out. I did not program any window size changes as I got burnt out before the jam trying to get window resizes to work in another game (:/). I'm glad you had fun though! I guess some features are highly requested for a reason (XP)

This one was super fun! Took me a while to figure out where to make construction kits, but the ball starts rolling once thats solved! I'm not sure if its my computer or not but I noticed I had to click/tap keys repeatedly for something to work. And found some bugs in game which are the miner and divider do not work properly when rotated. I do love these types of conveyor belt crafting style games. It makes you need to think about how to place things so everything can be crafted. No need to "conveyor" me into like this, astonishing job!

This was fun once I figured out some of the nuances of gameplay. I kept getting beaten' by the flying cubes because all of a sudden they turn orange and attack rapidly and become immune to any sprays (found that yellow bucket helps to deal with them though). It currently has a slight lack of responsiveness to being grabbed and used, and I'm not quite sure what causes the buckets to sometimes auto use when combining them. Maybe include a bit of a guide for how to handle certain enemies since maybe there was something else going on that gave enemies immunity to my attacks sometimes. I think I managed to survive to wave 14 as my best run. It's cool how blue bucket = shield, red = heal, and yellow = "thorns", but it's slightly annoying when I get a bunch of buckets and blue colors tbh :/

I hope to see it developed more, colorful job!

A character creator and level creator are on my developer's roadmap. I may create the level creator before the character creator to help with work flow. But some form of character creator would be implemented after more mechanics are implemented and the character sprites are redesigned.

Currently I'm working on character redesign and improving the AI a little. I also do plan on adding more characters and features, it's just taking me a while to do this. Hopefully it won't take much longer as I do want to make timely releases. So maybe keep your eyes peeled for the next week or so ;3

Thank you for time and feedback/ideas! Have a nice, safe, and fun day!


I apologies for the super late response, but to help answer your questions:

You can make a new/restart save by navigating to "C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\thenthtilecraft" and you can rename/delete the save file to start a new.

The newer version V1.1 just adds player feedback so it feels good when you beat up stuff. I've also made a Linux port, which isn't much. So the newer version is just more visual then content based.

I hope these help! Thank you for playing. Also, do you know about berries/berry bushes? You can recover health using them in case you didn't know. I'm currently working on another project but I'll be coming back around to this (though it may not be until next year). Happy gaming!

Apologies for the late reply, the Green Fuser can be made by smelting a Green Bar from the Green Ore in the darkest cave, then arranging them in a + pattern on an anvil. Hope this helps, and happy gaming!

I have finally released an updated version for the HTML, so the black boxes do not interfere with the game XP

Thank you! I made the inventory hide after a bit because it would be hard to tell if your interacting with anything if it stayed around you all the time. As for your analogy with ui and controls, yes I can see why the controls would be confusing. I wanted to add controller support but I ran out of time for the jam. As for the ui of "bar type" vs "circle type", I wanted my game to have a little flair of difference since "bar type" seemed to be all over the place. But I guess it maybe one of those cases for "ain't broke, don't fix" kind of situations.

As for the crafting, it does need more work but I'm glad you managed to get the strongest tools in the game. I am thinking of adding a small tutorial to explain key components of the game and to give the player some knowledge on how to approach crafting with the different benches (Furnaces are always ingots/alloys, Anvils are always weapons/weapon parts, Ovens are always food, and Crafting Benches are always miscellaneous items).  Also, I designed the webs to be destroyed by another item (so that item had more purposes), the swords just make cutting trees easier.

I could easily implement a ui change feature to allow the game to change how it displays the inventory. Though I'll probably play around with the game's development a bit before hand, since I do plan on expanding on this game. Thank you for your time, have a nice and safe day!

This is a pretty well made game. I couldn't quite figure out how to use the drills, since I couldn't get any of the blue stones for the hulls. I crafted a knife, boom stick, and the mk II drill anyways. It just needs a little more polish for that extra "oomph" of goodness! Brilliant work!

This was a neat game where you take resources from one side of the map and yeet them to your machines to craft into usable resources so a ship could be crafted. The thing that bothered me was the inconsistent interaction with the craft table and even with the ship at the end. I keep pressing E but I don't have a specific thing to look at to target properly so it made more of a hassle to craft things than it needed to be. Still a good game for what it's worth. Striking job here!

I had a lot of fun programming the robots to do my bidding! I even managed to get to the credits level! What annoyed me the most on the hardest level was that there was no "undo step" button which meant I had to try and remember what I was trying to have that robot do specifically. Overall, it was an excellent game! Brilliant job well done!

Thank you! I always appreciate feedback, weather its positive or negative. I forget what button allows fullscreen (Gamemaker's default buttons) but I can add an option for fullscreen in game for the next update.

As for the crafting, I was thinking of implementing a system to allow you to analyze objects which would fill in recipe slots in the encyclopedia to give the player more clues on what could be crafted with. I suppose unless you "know" what recipe to go after, it does have a difficulty curve.

I tried giving enemies a visual indicator which would be them shaking, followed by an attack. The plant also changes to a brighter green when readying to spit. I do need to work on the enemy AI some more, maybe add a bit more visual flare to their attack. The spaceships were already a pain to try and code properly (before they'd just stop right in front of you without hitting, which was kinda boring). As for off screen "sucker-punches" such as walking into the next room, I could improve the check for the AI to not attack you until your IN that room. You are correct that it is unfair to be smacked by a ufo or burned by acid before entering a room.

I'm thinking of redoing the menu as an interactive menu that you can hop over to your skill computer* when it gives you an alert. (*Not necessarily a computer, but something perhaps?). Skills have 2 purposes. One is their level benefit which health skill (hard to ever notice) will increase your max health and survival (easier to notice) will increase your time. The second is the skill points benefit which (for the jam there was only 1 option, but I may add more options) health skill would increase bonus time when jumping planets and survival is adding more inventory slots after death. I may redesign it so player jump times are also a Survival skill, and then add skills like food gives health bonus and somethin else for the Health skill. But I do see your point about automatic upgrading. If that would be the case a small countdown thing would say "your X levels away from this bonus" rather than "come here to buy my wares!"

In late development I thought of a way to decrease the number of items I had to make since a lot of them were just grade variants, so the next update may have a few less items in the encyclopedia since I'd be rewriting it to say how to generally craft that item, but using better versions of the ingredients will make a better quality item. I hope you come check the game out once I get a juicy update released.

Thank you for your time, have a nice and safe day!

I really liked the different aliens that come by to purchase things. My favorite alien to see was the pink rabbits, so cute! Though I do have to say that this is pretty stressful since you have to keep checking what folk want and trying to remember what ingredients have what property. Maybe if the folk had some small thought bubbles with icons/symbols (alien symbols?) that are associated with flavor and wants? And then highlighting over them is to check specifically what they want in detail so you can have a bit of an easier time to read what they want and not have to check them so often. I only survived passed day 3 (XP). Still a nice little game, and I did enjoy how their facial expressions changed when their about to steal your money and bail. Fabulous job!

Ooooo! Definitely lookin' like big plans are going to hit this game unexpectedly! Can't wait! (X3)

Thank you, when I come back to update this, I plan to make the planets more diverse from one another and to improve the style of it a little more. Was it a little confusing with the craft bench system? I'll try to give them more of a unique style around them so they stand apart from one another when runnin' about. Thank you for your time, have a nice and safe day!

Once I saw the screenshots, I knew I had to play this game. Sadly, once I started it up it was running so slow at 3 fps. I managed to remember a trick about the game's camera and rendering and managed to get it up to 17-20fps. The bad part is the trick is to look down, as it means things are not rendering. I'd advise that if you continue work on this, fix the rendering system because I'd love to play this as long as it doesn't burn out my laptop (XP). Good job!

This was a superly cute and jammin' game! I loved the music and all the audio-visual feedback for my actions and when fighting enemies. My only complaint is how short it was (XP). I hope to see more of this game in the future! "Moo"rvelous work dearies!

I am really enjoying this one! Needing to gather from different colors in order to craft stronger and better tools to inevitably escape the planet is really cool! I just have a small complaint that for some reason the ui on my computer was huge so the bottom that displays the socket timer consumed 1/9 of my screen which made it annoying going downward since I could not see in that direction. It also be nice if in a future update/patch you'd add a simple save system since I somehow got stuck in between some red and orange trees and couldn't get out (I was just exploring at that moment). Loving this little game a lot! Sensational work!

This had a lot of charm to it! A great intro, a funny theme, and powerful system allowing so many creatures to persist at once without a drop in the framerates. Unless there are 26/25, I found all creations except Wolf, which I'd be disappointed in since I seem them in the screenshots and they are listed under the Polar Bear's diet. But, it still has very nice visuals and would love to see some upgrades to the desk! Phenomenal work!

It would have been interesting to see what the crafting mechanic would have been. Hopefully in the future, but this is still a great prototype you put together!

I played quite a bit and got a score of 175k, I definitely enjoyed crafting the fire + air combo! Smashing work!

This was a nice and simple game! I managed to get a score of 25. Though a little more player audio-visual feedback and maybe some shape crafting might spice up this game to be a good mobile game to play on the go. Colorful work!

This fun little game gave me a feeling of the ol' Atari system with its graphics. I would have liked it more if the sprites were more consistently ratioed since it seemed at odds for certain objects to have high quality (like craft benches) and others with lower quality (enemies and player). The color palette could have been a little more flavorful, instead of everything only blue except enemies. But I did like running around collecting resources to craft the strongest weapon. I just wished there was some ui element that could tell me what resources I had since when I started out all the crafting items had all their craft buttons active. Still a nice game that I enjoyed a play of even with the odd controls (but perhaps the controls were reflective of the "old/expired" game?). Great job on this!

For what little you had, it seems pretty interesting. Though I seemed to take fall damage, and the lava slime form has some annoying cooldown for movement/attack after jumping. But other than that I would like to see where this is going :3 Good job!

This is a really nice game! I do have to mention there is a pit trap with lumin in it that you cannot jump out of. Other than that this kept me playin' for about an hour. If save state persists, I'll come play more after the jam (;3) Terrific work!

I really enjoyed this one! It has a lot of effort and time put into this. I think a bug is present when you remove the building on top of the silicon it triggers the ending, which I wouldn't have mind building the device at the end. I also wished there was a way to skip the cutscenes. They're great the first time around, but a little annoying on repeated playthroughs. Monumental work!

This was fun! Resource and time management while trying to sell to aliens with ever increasing needs. One run had me fail because I thought I had all the ingredients, but I was one short and left before I could recover them all (XP). I did like how extra fuel turned into flowers at the end, and the ability to change the difficulty was a nice touch. I did successfully beaten it on normal if you were wondering. Phenomenal work!

This is a fun color craft game, I managed to get 87 kills! Later phases made it hard to craft them appropriately and I ended up waiting for them to craft themselves into white. Still a fun concept. Colorful work here!

I'd like to come back and see what your full intent was for this game. It'd be fun to see where you could take this! :3

Having the little boy looking in on me and whispering "I can see you" was pretty unnerving, so I do relate to the little toy alien. It was pretty cool how the boy looked in through the windows, I got stuck at a point and thought maybe I needed to just craft a flashlight to blind them? I finally got the "free" ending after finding the last object to craft. Though is it suppose to stay on the "free" ending or was it suppose to go back to the main menu? I also encountered a bug that after retrying several times, I couldn't interact with the plant for the key anymore. Overall, this was "toy"tally worth a play. Funtastic job!

Great! I'll have to dive back in and look at this complexity addition. Is there a limit or could I theoretically keep rebrewing as long as I have the coin to back it up?

Thank you, the timer mechanic was for the expiration theme. Though I think my execution of "explore more, get more time" was a nice counterbalance to the shortness it gave.