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This is an interesting concept, and I'd like to learn more about voxels like how you did here. It is a little hard to tell if I have any items I can place down since the gui doesn't tell me anything, but you got the basics down which is what counts! :D

This is a fun little brewing game, though it is hard to tell (from the jam version) if I scored anything or not. I'll play the bug fixed version after the jam. But it is a fun concept (though my computer runs like a brick when I try playing it XP )

Going for surreal first person was a surreal experience since I didn't even understand the alien on the other island yet. Nice job making an odd and new biome that isn't a forest like most other crafting games are.

I just love the aesthetic of this game and I can't wait for the full release!

I do like the idea of completing objectives to expand your boundaries! The character is just a little slow and seems to take forever to get from point a to point b. Still a fun little game here!

The concept is interesting but trying to collect the resources in time for the werewolves is a little hard. The hitboxes are a little precise when collecting resources. But I do like the art style!

A little hard to read the the menu, but does have an understandable crafting system. Just a lot of gathering, but I'd like to come back to it.

A little tricky to get all your defenses ready, but is doable. I kind of wish the orb had a life bar rather than getting one shot by a speedy enemy.

A good offense is a good defense!

This one is fun, especially when you get a bunch of godly parts. Though I wish you could trash parts so you can always try and get better ones if you run into a bad batch.

A shoot-astic game! Would like to see more of it soon!

This one is interesting in that it has fun characters and an interesting environment. The camera is a little disorentating in that it constantly wants to drift and how the trees like to scale really big depending on how close you are to it.

Fur-tastic fun!

Color combination games are always interesting to me. I can get close to the color but I can never seem to match it exactly.

A fun mixology game nonetheless! 

I do love the aesthetic of the console, and after a bit of messing around I finally figured out how to navigate. Though it was a bit weird that I had to navigate a matrix rather than enter the number and go to it automatically.

This was fun for what I got to experience!

I figured a little about crafting, but I don't know how to play the minigame even though I think I'm hitting the inputs. I don't know how to sell since the objects are just text.

This seems to have work put into it, but needs a little love.

From what I played, this seems to have quite a bit of content. I found a bug (in the browser version, not sure if present in window version) that if you press "E" on the dresser then press "Right Click" with the tutorial book in hand, which causes you to be able to walk around with it out once you close the dresser.

Now that I played the windows version, I had several problems such as items in the dresser don't want to move, and crafting the flying broom consumed the ingredients and just got fussy with me adding ingredients. This seems like a fun game, but the controls and ui logic seem to need to have some TLC before expanding on it.

But I am bewitched by this little game ;P

I liked the concept, though I feel that you could have worked on the frame rate issue. I'm not sure if there was a crafting system or not, but I really do love the sprite stacking technique! The surroundings seemed to conflict with the sprite stacking character though, but it isn't enough that its jarring its just noticeable if you're looking for it.

Great concept! I hope you expand on it!

This one is fun (though it doesn't have a crafting element that I could find). I'm not sure if there was a win screen but I did defeat the boss and all the enemies. The space bar to shoot made it awkward to rapidly shoot since I couldn't control movement and aiming all at the same time, and I couldn't forfeit movement since any hits kill you. I would recommend including the option to use the mouse button to fire as it would feel like the shooting would relate to the mouse more than the keyboard as it is right now.

As for a first time game, this isn't bad. Tbh it controls better than mine did. It was a space shooter too, but you out did it with the enemies, more space in the environment, even more awkward shooting, it was its own mess. So kudos to you for doing a great space game!

I hope to see you soar past the stars! 

This one is a lot of fun! It took me awhile to figure out what I was suppose to do, but with enough time I got a hang of it. If expanded upon, this could be a seller (and not just the potions).

What a purrfectly colorfully game!

I really like games that try a color mix crafting system, and that color wheel map is really cool! I couldn't get any of the combinations even when I tried submitting green when it asks for green (I get like 93% match).

This is a colorful game!

This one seems to have a hard to win condition. Make Diamonds seems simple enough, but the mechanics of random recipes and using wrong combo = start from beginning is what makes this seemingly simple game harder than it should be. I think you should set it up with a trash element being the default result and the correct results are the ones to check for if you really need to clear the elements.

Randomly hard I suppose

I manage to progress quite a bit, but then the rabbit just wouldn't stop hounding me! I like how it is a puzzle aspect but I find it annoying that if I die I go back to the start. I feel being able to swap the items that are below you would be helpful since I can't seem to keep in my mind that Z is pickup and X is craft.

This game is sure "Fast" inating

This takes some time to figure out what you need to start doing before you end up in a few roadblocks like I did. Autorunning is not good from the start, and building each type of building is a good idea so you don't run out of resources and softlock yourself. Certainly does involve a bit of trial and error.


This was cute! It was a little difficult at the start, I managed to figure out how to cook but not what I should try aiming for. Luckily I looked in the description with the biggest tip of who likes what. I was hoping to get that information in game just before playing, but it's not too bad.

I hope you cook up another delightful game!

I'm unsure if I'm crafting anything since I just seem to click on the lower boxes and sometimes an upper box  appears but goes away as soon as I click another lower box. Maybe add directions to playing this game in the description so I and others may know what we are trying to accomplish as I cannot tell if there is an end to it.

Simply a head scratcher to me

This is pretty difficult, but a fun concept nonetheless! A few bugs I encountered was that I somehow click+dragged to generate a black box that can highlight objects, but cannot seem to get rid of it unless I refresh. The other is that the house does not show resource requirements but other items do this fine.

Needing to create additional resources to expand and conquer seems fun, maybe I'll give this another go in the future.

This is "aloft" of fun! 

What maybe interpreted as a bug, can also be interpreted as a feature. Only a couple combos are made from only combos, other than that it is mostly combining base elements to create a combo element. I do wish to do more though, so thank you.

But if rendering to stack of water on 1 mud, eats the stack of water, then yes that is a big bug right there XD

I used Google Chrome on Windows 10, and those are some good sources for color identifying.

The art and animation is cute, and the idea of creating constellations to perform actions is neat. Sadly I was only able to figure out the bare minimum to defeat the crying lady. I feel if this game was more fleshed out, it would be a really fun one to sit down, play, and to enjoy the narrative!

Con-stellar work!

This one was fun in the beginning, but then I (probably my own fault) tried every combination systematically since I couldn't figure out which ones I crafted already and which ones I had yet to make. But the error noise would sound like either "Alright" or "No good" depending on how I wanted to hear it, which was weird. A fun concept nonetheless!

Astrally Radically!

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This one has a fun concept in that you mix base or mixed colors to make new colors. I can only imagine the system you used to determine and name color mixtures, and it probably took a bit of research for what color to call what.

I did notice that the sell section only lets you sell the top 3 colors you have since the scrollbar doesn't seem to scroll correctly. But, it is manageable.

Colorfully good!

This is quite interesting in that you need to keep ingredients and choose what to craft as you progress forward. RNG is the largest foe to the player, but they can strategically outsmart enemies by choosing where to move for their specific instance with the "they move when you move" mechanic.

Nice job!

Well it is simple enough to put into an RPG (XP) a simple check if items can mix, else place near item.

Thank you for checking it out ^w^

Thank you! I implemented a level restart mechanic for the exact problem of getting stuck in a level, use [R] to restart. I guess I could have added the level number in the GUI (I knew it was missing something XP). Thank you for the feedback!

You certainly showed the simple mechanic of collision, and it is a bit fun to try to remember the inputs and react to each shadow. I got 18 as a highest during a run if your curious. (I could probably do better if I tried again.) Nice game!

Thank you! The palette I chose was a 17 color palette that I used for practicing with a color choice limit so I could learn a little more about unified colors and how colors can interact with one another within the same palette. I'm not great at audio development so I could have added a larger sound board so hitting enemies, placing down certain components, and using certain tools could add a bit more variety. (I was thinking about walking sounds, but I couldn't get a nice sounding one in time.) I do keep failing at striking the right balance of explaining the basic controls and avoiding the dreaded tutorial. I could have added a bit more information in the controls tab of the pause menu (XP)

I made the browser version so I could allow a wider audience to access it, but there were many more bugs than what I was bargaining for with it (XS) Input seems to be one of the biggest issues, along with some of the audio not loading correctly at start. This was my first time porting another medium so I didn't know how to correct all the bugs.

I do plan to continue developing on this and fixing the shortcomings/pitfalls that I seemed to have performed/ran into and hopefully learn enough so I don't make the same mistakes in the next game/jam. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

This is a good start to a game! However I feel as though the difficulty spiked when the enemies came, and I hardly had time to craft weapons since I had to gather wood and craft axes a bunch. Though somehow on my second time playing I bugged it so that I didn't take any damaged and played about 4 days in game. It has some cool mechanics, though I'm not sure how to craft soap since I tried every config of carrot and potato I could place in the boiler. I really liked the art style, and the system of the rocks were mobile so you had to chase them down was neat. Awesome job on this game! Thumbsup!

This is a really cool concept! I was having a lot of trouble at the beginning since some of the recipes didn't make anything (like the grinder or crafting table). I was also having trouble figuring out the controls, since you didn't include instructions on how to change the tuning fork's frequency.

I'm not that musically inclined so I just made a mess of a song, but I was having mire fun with timing my clicks so an orb would bounce super high (XD). I also liked the graphics and the particles, but it also takes forever to mine anything. This is a really good start and I may come back to play again and see how you expanded on it. The online guide is neat, though maybe have a tutorial/beginner's video explaining some of the controls.

Awesome job on this! Applauses all around!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I intentionally hid the mouse and made the controls centered around it since I thought I during planning I might of implemented an inventory system. There is the alternate controls of arrow keys acting like the mouse inputs.

Apparently that bug has been plaguing users, and it's partial failure on my part explaining it. If you get stuck, hold shift + movement key(s) in the opposite direction of what your stuck in and that should free you. I've been playing with the bug in mind for so long it just didn't seem like an issue because "I" knew how to get out of it.

I hope this helps since there is still a bit more content that I put into it (and an end to reach). Thank you for your time!

This one was quite fun, despite my laptop running like a potato. For some reason this game is resource intensive on my laptop so the audio would lag. Which is a shame because I liked all the voice acting it! (Only half way through I remembered to try the look down to not load that many objects, and it helped somewhat.) What I thought was going to be a spoopy game turned out to be a fun leisure through an alternate world. You all did a good job! Applauses all around!

This was adorable and fun! I do have to note that some ingredients were behind trees, which made it a lil hard to grab since the tree blocked the camera. I liked all the little requests and how Beryl interperated them (XD). Great job on this!