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Such a fun and chill idea!  I love how you start with nothing and the entire game is based around finding things then just seeing what'll happen.  Relaxing music, a funny intro, and complexity built from simplicity; love it!

This was a really fun one!  I liked being left to explore different paths and then the dashing helped make things more exciting.  I also really enjoyed how the game teaches you plenty without bombarding you with information upfront.

The pushing mechanic is unique and how to play is straight-forward.  The combination of pixel graphics and smoothly-rotating sprites seemed to clash but as a whole, the game is charming and fun.

Fun and charming!  The font is pretty hard to read on a large monitor but everything is very smooth and I love how much variety there is for a game jam game.

The music got me PUMPED!  I like the real-time-feeling turned based nature and health management is an interesting aspect to getting to where you want to go.  This was a lot of fun.

A fun idea.  It felt like interacting with the material barrels required perfect positioning but it flowed nicely once I actually read what the different colors meant :D