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I'm just gonna leave this here...

Thanks for checking out my game!

It's actually not a shader, gamemaker draws things first to a thing called "application surface" which is (what I understand)just a texture then later on drawn on the screen. and by changing resolution of that surface( or texture ) you can achieve pixelated look.

I'm pretty sure that you can achieve same effect with unity pretty easily too!

Blue is op, couldn't finish though,, those damn reds are keep threw white things at me.

Knife is op


but is he really tho?

He is just trying to move on and start a new relationships and even feeling guilty while doing so.

But she is the one who went through his phone without any consents even though technically they are not in a relationship anymore (plus one who does that is usually the one hiding something in relationships), acts like a yandere right after she said it's okay, and literally committing murder to send a "message". Maybe there is a reason why he wanted to move on.

I haven't been in any relationships, so there might be things that I don't know, but I still feel like this wasn't a healthy relationship from the beginning.

idk, It was hard for me to empathize with her.



I really like the aesthetics and the puzzles! any hint for getting second ending?

Not that scary, only peed my pants.

I really appreciate for the feedback! I didn't thought about the hotspot that you are talking about. And I think it's a really good idea!

Thank you for the warm comment! And yeah.. I forgot how long/short 10 day is.

Thank you for the comments! And don't worry, I totally agree and understand his perspective!

I guess this is the backstory of elone musk.

emma is such a b...

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Hello! I am really sorry I didn't saw your comment.

 it didn't pop up on my notification for some reason.

I am not confident enough to share my code( I don't think it's a good example to begin with. plus, it's too specific to use elsewhere ).

but I'm just going to explain how I did it :

in short, I used state machine and list.

first, I put all the states the golem can be in in a list( kind of like array in other programming language ) and shuffles the list.

after that, the code just goes through the list, executing states one by one and after it reaches the last entry on the list, it re shuffles again and the cycle continues.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask! I'll try to check it faster this time.

and last, I want to show you this fantastic blog posts that helped me a lot with this game.

it teaches you how to make a platformer and I highly recommend it.

I hope my English wasn't too bad! I wish you a good luck! cheers!

The game is very basic but it looks great, the control feel responsive and I liked the music too!

very impressive!

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Well that sucks lol. I hope you still had a fun!

I didn't mind/realize the bigger pixels, but now I noticed it. Thank you for the feedbacks! And thank you for playing our game!

Didn't expect the in-game tutorial is getting this much good feedbacks, It was literally made in about 10 minutes in hurry.

Sadly, I do not own the web export. I am kind of debating whether getting it or switch to godot or unity( as I realize web export is a bigger deal than I thought :/ )

Anyways, Thank you for the feedbacks and compliments! I really appreciate it!! I will keep those in mind for my future projects!

How in the world did someone get 47k??

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I had to use a state machines  for the golem moves because the golem's hands could collide so I need to track it's speed. (I am not sure if it's the best way tho. but I think it turned out fine)

Thank you for the compliments and grats on beating the golem!

A very faithful recreation of the original game.

I really respect how much you researched and make it with such detail in a short amount of time.(There is even 6th day!)

Nice work!!

You died lol

 Never played ducktales but it looks interesting I will look into it!

Thank you for the praise and thank you for playing our game!!

I did not expect that it would be hard to get out of the lava. probably  cause of the little playtest time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, Thank you for the feedback and kind words! I am glad you had a fun!!

I wish the programming screen is a bit transparent to see the map, also i hope it wouldn't erase all when I restart it. Even though it's a bit simple, I still liked this game and had a fun! Nice work!

The art is amazing and the gameplay is nice too! but like someone said, I wish the jetpack works like a jetpack.

Nice work with a lot of polish! I like how cheerful the music is when the monster is going on a rampage

Great game with amazing graphics! I had a feeling when i go into the ship with 5 gems it would just end the game so i tried pretty hard to beat it without doing so, and i had a lot of fun exploring the map!

I guess it pulled a fast I guess in this case slow one on you. Thank you for the feedback! I will keep that in my mind. and thank you for playing! i hope you had a fun anyways!

what a beautiful game! The props and characters are cute and well made, and I really liked the story too!

I really like this game! It's like a contra but with lots of muscles and fluffiness.

one of my favorite games in this jam so far!!

A very well made platformer!! I had a lot of fun! but what kind of kid keeps so many tacks in his toy box?

Ahh I see, There is actually a hidden mechanic so that during the jump, you can release the jump key to drop down faster. it's actually pretty common thing in platformer games. I guess i didn't explained well in the game. Thank you for the reply and the feedback!!

In my opinion i think the pattern of the bullets are too random for me, i wish it had a some sort of pattern like firing clockwise fashion

And I found that the teleport is so powerful that you can leave the platform

But still the art and the music was amazing and the game is solid! Nice job!

No need to sorry, I actually quite enjoyed it! winding up hammer in mid air kinda reminds me playing the heavy from tf2 too

Thank you for the feedback! May I ask you why it was almost impossible to escape the lava?

I thought 3 seconds of invincibility is enough

Anyways, I enjoyed your game as well! and thank you for playing our game i am glad you liked it!!

Maybe the reason why he's not in any relationships is because he has a such wimpy arms and a short hammer. but he still can move really fast and jump very high, I guess he didn't skip the leg days.

Love how derpy the cat looks and the feedback of the gun shooting is very nice! I had a fun!!

The Price for the other milk is nice though.