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Not bad for a short game, gotta say the animations are pretty darn fluid in most cases, :3

lol, glad someone's enjoying it. Was afraid I wasted 4 hours in making it for nothing, xD

lol, thanks for the offer, :3

Ok, this was super interesting, wasn't expecting a 3D game much less a furry version of golf. If nothing else I really love the concept, :D

Hu, abstract for sure, kinda like an interactive art piece, :3

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Love the concept of this soo much. It's like a better version of Tinder, only with fictional characters! :'D

Lol, furry version of Guess Who, love it, :D

Not bad, Slippery When Wet was my fav, :3

Lol, quirky and fun, kinda reminds me of Flappy Bird with a penis and viagra, XD

lol, :p

lol, glad you liked it, :D

For my first jam I just wanted to keep it simple, :3

NSFW is always an improvement in my book, xD

Lol, that was fun, but i think i found a cheat, I just answered "cum" for all my answers and they were all correct, XD

Fun quirky little game, actually took me a bout an hour to find everything, and i do mean just to find and do everything, i think i clicked on everything three times. Still pretty fun little game, good job, XD

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Count me in, if it includes furry and nsfw, count me in, :D

One beefy kitty hunk game coming up, :D

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Lol, thanks!, was super fun, learned a lot, even if it came out kinda bad I still count it as a win due to the sheer amount of knowledge I gained, more specifically bone rigging animations. 

I love Wildebeest, sucks there's not much art for him so had to make a little game for him and well I love gorillas and green so BB got in there too, ^.^

Glad you liked it, :D

Just put in my submission, super excited, this is my very first game jam entry, :D

For those wondering I did Beast VS Beest, :3

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Im embarrassed to say I completely forgot about it all together, >.>' 

Ended up making a kinky mini game for my other project instead which doesn't fit the theme of this jam sadly, :(

Man never realized how short of a jam this one was, @.@

Finally something i'm good at, well fairly good at, NSFW stuff, :D

Now this sounds like fun! pry gonna just make a fairly simple animated mini game, just a quickie once the themes are announced, should be good practice on coding and arting mini games, :D