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Thanks bud, i most certainly will probably be asking for some tips down the line, :D

Lol, glad you like the concept. It's actually coming along fairly nicely, gonna try and have a demo out by the end of the month or next month. It actually plays and feels a lot like the first 2 harry potter pc games if you've ever played those?, :3

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Oh thanks bud, but this was only a timed jam submission. I don't think i'll be continuing Expire Craft, i may be cannibalizing it into some other type of resource management game down the line. But for now imma focus on making a furry version of Hogwarts. Still thanks for the sweet offer, :D

Pretty good, the puzzles were certainly a bit harder and the cliffhanger really does work. Nicely done, :3

Honestly a pretty fun little point and click horror game, the puzzles were fun and pretty simple. Over all nicely done, :D!

Might be something added onto later, still working on the second update for core mechanics and systems. Once the core mechanics are out of the way the more fun stuff can certainly be implemented, :3

0.09, :3

Ok, surprisingly fun little visual novel, can't wait for an update, keep up the great work, :D!

I actually really enjoy the premise of this. I hope there will be more updates, it's a surprisingly hecka fun visual novel, :D

Holy cow, I had no idea what to expect with a theme of "cute" and "raunchy" but you nailed it. Cute and pretty awesome game play. Can't wait for an update, :3

Keep up the great work, :D!

Awesome update, nicely done, :D!

Pretty darn fun, if perhaps a bit challenging at times, over was a fun play.

Nicely done, :3

Thanks and yea, ran out of time to make the mouse look boundaries. Still glad you enjoyed it all the same, :3

Yea, ran out of time, glad you liked it though, :3

It's a neat little game, its actually pretty fun to hit ships around and the music is fun to listen to while zooming around, :3

Pretty fun little war like game.

Really reminds me of that pikman (pry spelled it wrong) game, love the whole pick up allies mechanic makes it a very interesting lil power struggle.

Over all pretty fun if you're into a simple war like game with crafting, well done, :3

Lol, this was a pretty cute and funny little game.

Instantly fell in love with the music, very meme-y, XD

over all not bad for a fun little submission, :D!

Over all pretty interesting. The crafting mechanic at the start with your ship tetris sorta thing is super neat. It kinda reminds me of Asteroids, but with bullets and explosions and other ships, XD

Pretty fun all the same, nice entry, :3

Holy heck this game is fun as hell!

Seriously, if you like games like plants vs zombies you'll enjoy this game! The music is super fun and the upgrade mechanics are fun and unique. The enemies are a little easy to beat once you start upgrading but still hecka fun!

Nicely done, :D!

A 3D space ship shooter, honestly didn't see that one coming but glad it came to be, :D

The premise of this is super neat, kinda really reminds me of that old 90's early 2000's game called Breed when you left the atmosphere. I couldn't resist running into earth, that was fun, XD

The only real gripe i have is that i would have preferred it to be mouse controlled, but then again i suck at pressing keys so only a personal issue.

Over all i really like the premise and would love to see this get developed further. I really do love the fact that it's a 3D entry pertaining to aliens. All nice entry, :3

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I'm surprised just how...., finished feeling it feels if that makes sense? Not a big fan of ship shooters but this one was actually pretty fun!

Given the time constraints it's amazingly polished, the story's there, the game play works like it should, the controls are simple and effective, over all it's just a very pleasant entry.

Nicely done, :D!

Holy heck, that's freakishly good considering the time restrictions!!!

Love the mechanics, crafting general theme. I'm very impressed with just how polished this is, nicely done!

Honestly easily one of the best resource managements and crafting games I've played on itch. Very well done! Hope there's gonna be updates to this, :D!

Thanks glad you liked it, :D

Lol that puppy whimper from Rask when John slapped his butt had me laughing like mad, XD!!!

Glad you liked it, i played yours too, it was freakishly fun, :D

Ok, this was freaking awesome!

The music's great, the atmosphere is neat, the giant baby thing was both terrifying and strangely funny. The crafting was genuinely top notch if perhaps a little tricky. It just looks and plays great!

Nicely done dude, :D! 

Lol, glad you liked it bud, yea, i did what i could but doing stuff with such a time constraints was difficult since im still new to 3D, XD

Pry gonna end up cannibalizing this into some more refined later on.

Anywho, thanks for playing bud, :D

Thanks, ^.^

Surprisingly loads of fun once you get a hang of it. The aesthetics are fairly simple but the game play and mechanics are there. It's actually really fleshed out considering how little time you had. 

Nicely done, :D!

It's pretty simple, but it is a pretty awesome idea, could totally see this as a phone game. Where you start from basic materials and keep upgrading to ridiculous amounts and progress.

Over nicely done, :3

Hey, if it's any consolation i think you did great considering what you were trying to pull off. A 3D/2.5D  game isn't an easy feat, especially within such a short time frame, :3

I know how ya feel bud, kinda did the exact same thing with mine, XD. Def gonna remake it into something more fleshed out later once i get some other projects up and off the ground :3

Lol this was a fun and cute little game. I actually really enjoy the aesthetic and especially the trendy music.

I managed to cheese my way out of the level by going to the right and continually jumping while going right and ended up out of the level and couldn't get back onto the screen even when i reloaded the page. But that was fun, i love to see if i can break a game, XD!!!

Any who over all you did pretty good on this one, nicely done, :3

The music is fricking addicting as heck!

The over all is pretty darn fun, simple, yet very fun. The art style is adorable too, over just a great little game. It even seems to be mostly complete, assets and game play wise, it's just a solid entry over all.

Nicely done, :D!

Ok, was a lot of fun, even though im not really into arena combat games this one was a ton of fun. Kinda reminded me of the Clone Drone In The Danger Zone, not sure why, kinda opposite genres but still.

I love the aestheic, very simplified yet adorable and it just works!

Great work bud, :D

Lol, thanks, glad you liked it! Imma check your submission out aswell, looks super cute, :3

Ok, holy crap, I love this!

I love game educational stuff like this, wish there were more devs out there who made museums like this. It's awesome that you walked through your process of getting the models and what not. You were even kind enough to tell some tips on how stuff were made back in the day, like the shimmer effect was just a duplicated render model.

HYDRO THUNDER! Nearly screamed with joy once i saw those models, not gonna lie, XD

Over all, nicely done, thanks for making this!

Lol, glad you liked it bud, and yea, i have a bit of ways to go, but i think i'll cannibalize this project into a kinkier more interesting resource management/crafting game later. 

I also played yours, it was hecka good for your first attempt at a jam and programming and what not, nicely done, :D!

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Considering you did this with limited experience in programming and this being your first jam and what not i gotta say i'm very impressed! My first attempt at a game for a jam was...., bad, so i'm super proud of ya!

I actually really enjoy the simplistic aesthetic, mechanics and ui, there's something genuinely charming about the style you went with.

All in all great work bud, cant wait to see what you do with other jams down the line, :D

I have a soft spot for visual novels, though it's usually romance ones, i still greatly enjoyed this one. The art is gritty yet truly beautiful in its own dark way. Over all i'd love to see this game develop.

Well done, :D!