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lol thanks, hope you enjoy its development, :3

To trigger a fight scene just walk into an enemy, also to get the Shiv you can only get it through either as a random combat reward or through a cheat code. So for now just go ahead and fight the guard dog a few times and you'll be able to aquire the shiv at some point as a random reward, :3

glad you liked the concept. sure npcs will fire back, dueling and other combat scenarios and I intend to have a large host of spells ranging from transfiguration or destruction, restoration, alchemy, etc, as for dangerous areas of course, need to add a little difficulty, :3

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I intend to, glad you liked it!, :3

Oh sorry, thought you were talking about the remake, sadly this version is discontinued, go try the 3d version on my page, hope you enjoy, :3

Not yet, aside from auto fellatio, :3

Not yet, but should begin adding one or two next update, :3

kk, ty, I'll let ya know, :3

hu, sorry not sure. I'm away on a trip so I can't fix it til Friday either, sorry, :(

Oh well, if nothing else this was hopefully a great learning experience for you as a dev so not a loss in my book. Can't wait to see what you make once you start your new vn, :3

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That's odd, I just tried it and it seems to be working fine, you sure you downloaded the apk?, anyway to send a screen shot? :o

Ty, ^.^

Game development for Disguise has been ceased sadly, :(. Source:

sure once it gets a bit more developed down the line, :3

sorry, was making a patch, so had to disable it, @.@

lol, hope you like it, :3

lol, hope you enjoy it, ^.^

Ah, early game dev bugs and glitches, gotta love em. That's certainly an odd one for sure, may have to restart sadly since ive never even knew that was an issue, sorry hon, :(

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Thanks and pry just gonna be male on male for a while, :3

Tis still a prototype, but i hope you enjoy, :D

Thanks, I'm legit excited to finally be getting back to a major project aswell, hope you keep enjoying my stuffs,  :D

Short but fun as heck game, looking forward to more of this, great work, :D!

lol, ty, hopefully, it's 3D recreation will be just as popular, ^.^

no prob, :3

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Nope, not yet anyways, id have to program a ui interface just for android interactivity in place of key binds and mouse controls. So something a bit further down the line, :3

That's certainly odd, try refreshing and making sure your internet connection is stable then retry? Send a screenshot please if you can, :o

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Should be possible to make a port, but i have no way to test it since i dont have a mac, :o

The only way to gain items in this extremely early prototype would be using the Apertum spell on chests to unlock them to get items or to use a cheat code, :3

Oh, sorry, it was just a prototype, there were gonna be interactions but never got around to it, there's nothing you can actually do with it atm. It just gives a prompt for a future event that was gonna be in the next update.

Sorry, i have no idea what language that is and my auto translator is failing, @.@

Sorry, i have no idea what language that is and my auto translator is failing, @.@

might have to reset the game and move it to a folder somewhere, you might have gotten a rare bug that shows up in the port, o.o Let me know if that fixes it or send a screenshot, :o

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Well for this game anyways, he's currently being added into a raunchy rts game so tons more fun kinky interactions with him will be in there, along with his brothers, ;3

Yea, more or less sadly, it ended up being a great learning experience but had too many early dev issues, it has since been cannibalized into other projects, maybe someday ill get back to it if it ever gains any real interest. But for now, my patrons and followers requested and wanted other projects to take priority. Anywho, hope you like my other stuffs.

Awesome, thanks for trying it out, :D

ok, added the .swf file, enjoy, let me know how it goes, :3

ooo, ok, coolio, one sec lemme go find it, nice find my guy, :D

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Lol, always nice to meet a fan, hope you keep liking my stuff in to the future, :D, ^.^

I managed to port it to windows as a stand alone program and to android, but seeing as flash went out the window im not sure i can port it to mac, but i will look into it, :3

Yea, well there's certainly gonna be some in the remake. I think in this version the only animations is the goat demon mini-game in Hellious behind the castle and the unfinished one with the gator who runs the stall in gylan. Anywho, hope you enjoy it's successor, :3

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When i saw it had an update I squealed like a little girl, considering I'm a 230 lb male bodybuilder the sound I made scared the shit out of my room mate, XD. Can't wait to play it after work!, :D