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Hm, certainly worth giving a look, thanks, :3

Pry be best not to, but go ahead and try the 3D remake Furlorn on my page, hope you like it, :3

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Yee, thought he was commenting about the animation I made, my bad. While the characters do start out as my horrible art then rammed through stable diffusion enough times to look decent it doesn't change the fact it's aiart/aiassisted as explained in the description. Was too tired to see he meant the sprites not the animation. Oh well aslong as peeps still like it that's fine.

Lol, only in the last version, that was changed out in the current one, :p

Ok, think i got it this time, lemme know if it works now, :3

Added it but not sure if it works, have no way to try it since i dont own anything linux, :3

lol, thanks, :3

yee should be, lemme know if it's version 0.2 or not, should be, :3

new update should be in a few days, had some issues so taking a bit longer than expected, :3

thanks, yee this month will be a dichotomy update so no worries, :3

Cheat codes are reserved for patrons, :3

Yee, both this and Dichotomy are pretty early on but glad you seem to be enjoying furrest, also yee, alphonse i a good horny boi, XD, :3

Yee, already working on a port, pry wont be ready for a few updates tho, :3

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Sometimes games get stolen, its the internet after all, anything can get stolen, make it work in your favor! I have some buttons on my main menus that open browser tabs to my patreon, itch, and other social media, so even if its stolen peeps will still be able to find me. In short if peeps steal my game and upload it else where its free advertising and proof of me being the developer built in, XD

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I know there are a lot of subgenres for nsfw game dev discords like bara, yaoi, furry, etc..., but a purely nsfw game dev discord server..., hu now that I think about I can't recall a general all around nsfw discord server, so I'm not sure, :o

Could always try the NSFW Nexus discord server, they're about as generic as you can get when it comes to NSFW discord servers from what I've seen:

Hello, to fight you need to press R to toggle combat mode, LeftClick to attack, RightClick to use your spell and ScrollWheelClick to flirt, have fun, :3

thanks, hope you like the prototype, :3

Yee, ran out of time, only have a month for each prototype that'll get voted on, sadly ran out due to me jobs. But I'm happy with it for what little time I had, also yee, sorry, no settings menu, just wasn't something I had time to implement, hope you enjoy it's progress if it gets voted on to take the monthly update slot, :3

Glad you liked it, :D!

Thanks bud, its definitely pretty janky for a month developed prototype but i hope you enjoy this and the other prototype and their progress moving forward, :3

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Agreed! Just some sorta ui to let peeps know whats going on with their account or games would really save you especially a lot of hassle, seen you personally explain "it's indexing, please wait" in various ways over many posts, XD

Would certainly help peeps know whats going on, hell I accidentally broke some rules due to my old collab partner sneaking something sus in a very old project of mine and haven't known about it for literally years til i got the email letting me know i was suspended? 2 weeks ago, right after one of my prototypes got popular. Got to exchange maybe 2 emails before having radio silence ever since and its been like 2 weeks so I have no idea what happening to my account right now aside from no one being able to search it or it's games on itch. 

Some sorta notice ui would greatly help and save us all some stress it seems, XD

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It's really hard to tell if you're account or games are in the process of being indexed, quarantined, or suspended, maybe have some sorta ui notice that shows their status somewhere on the page of user or their games?, seems like it'd save a lot of hassle and clear up misunderstandings. 

Maybe have a link with the notice that opens  anew tab to the rules violated or something, just seems like a common issue that people just don't know the status of their content and there's no ui or notice or anything to indicate what's going on. Hell I'd setting for a little text on the game profile that says something as simple as "Indexing..., please wait...". I know it'd greatly appreciated it with whatever's going on with my account atm.

Plus seems like it'd save support staff a large headache too.

Thanks I hope peeps like both prototypes but yee this one is fun to dev, :3

yes, among others, :3

Thanks, hope you like the other prototype too and or this ones continued development, :3

That's very odd, the usual hard reset key combination should fix it, sorry about that, @.@

Agreed, :D

Thanks, I do plan to let the player decide on whether they get top or bottom choices for scenes once i start making actual smexy scenes, :3

give it a minute, may take a bit, which version of android are you using, some of the newer ones can't really run Furlorn.

yee, definitely not optimized for android, just saw that i could port to it and figured why not, def gonna fix that later on, glad you liked it otherwise, :3

If it gets picked, only making 2 prototypes over this month and next month then development will progress on which ever patrons vote on. Atm they're not even demos literally just a few weeks mashed into a basic prototype.

But yee, hope you like it when and if it develops, :3

Thanks, :3

Crap happens sometimes sadly, hope your life gets better soon bud and hope your love of deving doesn't end, would love to see more games from you anytime in the future, take care, :(

Hope ya like the concept, :3

Yee no real interactions yet, ran out of time since I only had a month and a lot of issues in rl happened sadly. Setting isn't even there yet, just a place holder button atm so no worries.

Everything is AI art generated, that's the whole concept of the game, minus some edits, fixes, tweaks and re-generations everything from ui, characters, backgrounds and more are ai-generated. The whole idea was to forget the one thing I suck at (art) and just try and build a game around something that does the art part I suck at. As for training, mostly that uses an image or something to go off, but I just let it random grab 25 or so images and merged them together so it'd be difficult to credit sadly since I can't find the sources and the merging removes most characteristics.

Anywho glad you liked it all the same, :3

Thanks, glad you like it, :D

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Yuppers male protag.

As mentioned in my discord and patreon i'm working on 2 prototypes for these two months so that one of them or both of them with alternating month uploads can replace Furlorn for monthly updates since progress on Furlorn has slowed to a crawl it wasn't fair to patrons when i could be working on a 2D project that can develop more content within the same time constraints among other issues.

In short this and another prototype or both will be taking over Furlorn's monthly updates for my own health, larger updates for peeps and various other reasons, :3

Never made a linux port before since i don't have anything that'd run it, made a linux port and uploaded, mind giving it a try for me and letting me know if it works? 

For now however i'm pooped, so i'm off to bed, nighty night dude, :3

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Thanks going for a sorta Myst meets The Longest Journey sorta feel, only had a month to make this prototype build so tons of bugs and issues and didn't get everything I wanted done. But that being said I'm pretty happy with how it came out so far considering all the rl setbacks.

Have fun, hope you enjoy it, :D

Unfortunately it was just a prototype, it more or less got cannibalized and turned into another game if you'd like to try that out here: