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thanks, :3

Glad you're liking it so far, still got a long ways to go but glad peeps are enjoying it. Need to work on the death and dream realms due to there being nothing in them atm but got some pretty good ideas for them in the future. Also yee, i need to start adding preferences into the settings so ferals, rape, certain extreme fetishes and stuff can be toggled on and off. Anywho glad you like the concept of it, hope you like how it develops, :D

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I was hoping we could fuck the headmaster, but was expecting it not to happen due to most games avoiding that sorta sub route, didn't think it'd actually happen but glad it did, even if he is a bit of a piece of work, gotta love dem dilfy dads and hope there are more dilfs to cum. Anywho great work over all, looking forward to how this game develops, :D

It's like furry horny Hogwarts, love it, :D

Wow, heckin awesome so far, great work, :D!

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Hi hi, glad you like it even though development is slow.
Yee I agree, need to do an android controls overhaul, it's certainly on my list of to-do's so don't worry. I also agree, really need to put some feedback on hits and receiving hits like blood spurts, etc, still mulling over how I really wanna implement that for a few reasons. As for the killer clone, not sure that's possible, it's only supposed to spawn a randomized anthro so you can arouse one and kill the other, might have just randomized to a look that matches yours?
Thanks, worked my arse off to keep it as optimized as I can early on so it won't be too costly once it gets bigger so glad peeps appreciate the optimization efforts I've been working on, ^.^. For better performance, especially for Android, turning down the chunk render distance and graphics quality should make it run smooth as butter.
Anywho thanks for the feedback and playing, hope you keep enjoying as it develops, :D

Also pretty good, glad it finally rained here in the desert but works been super busy as of late, otherwise not too bad on my end my dude, :3

nice, glad to hear it worked, hows you my dude?, :3

That'd certainly be neat, but pry further down the line, still awesome idea to think about for later, thanks, :D

oh, didn't know, thanks for the info, :3

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Nice, glad yall are still trucking away on this, can't wait to play Act 3 whenever it comes out, good luck and great work as always! :D

[EDIT]: Have yall ever considered a discord for the game? It seems to be a pretty popular method of connecting with your players. Hell I'm glad I made one for my games and it's great for soo many things such as feedback, testing, announcements, patron-exclusive content sharing, debugging, and much much more, :D

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Meh, nah, it's pretty vanilla for the time being, well no that's not true, you can be forced into the submissive role if you get overly aroused via an enemy, but don't think it'd classify as rape as much as just getting soo aroused you drop to your knees and take the more submissive role as opposed to the usual dominant role when you're the one that gets them too aroused.

So over all, not really, no extreme kinks yet, but will be in the future but those might be toggleable via preferences and restricted to Hellious, an area dedicated to extreme kinks, :3

EDIT: Oh sorry, thought you were talking about the 3D remake and continuation of this cancelled game, um, yes, there are some extreme stuff in here, be careful, @.@'

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Yes, there is a bug in the settings, open the setting panel in the main menu, go to other, and make sure SFW is red, not green, but red, then close the panel and resume game, should fix it, :3

Refer to the comments here:

Get the recipe book and arrange the required items as depicted in the recipe book to craft said item at a crafting table, :3

Not yet, no, :p

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This game was only meant for pc, so sadly mobile isn't the primary objective, that being said try turning down the graphics and chunk render distance, :o

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Oh, the things I'd doo to that roo, ;p. 

In all seriousness great work, as always, :D

You need 500 money, you can get it via fighting monsters in the random generation dungeon down the lift. You can get money and items which you can sell for more money then talk to rillo to get out. Or you can start a new game with a different lineage for a different start scenario, :3

Lol thanks and I'll try my best to keep improving it, :D

Lol, fair enough, still kinda surprised that bug missed patrons and only got known once it went public, but at least it's now fixed for future updates after this version. Either way, glad you like it so far even with the occasional odd bug here and there, :3

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Yee, as mentioned in the devlog, there is a bug if you open the setting panel, so whenever it opens the SFW mode is always turned on, just make sure to turn that off (red), when closing the settings panel to fix the issue, sorry for the hassle but this should fix it. Thankfully this bug has been patched in 0.14, so just avoid using the settings and if you must use the setting then make sure to turn off the SFW mode before closing the settings panel, :3

No prob, let me know how it goes and if its working ok for ya, :3

yee, plan to add various variations including pulling out and or not pulling out, but those are further down the road, :3

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Nope, not yet, just got the rape/lose sex mechanic in this update, and that only applies to the anthros atm, sorry.

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BUG-WARNING: Avoid using the settings, it's bugged and will cause a forced SFW mode when so much as opening the settings panel. Simple fix, just check the sfw so it's red then avoid using the settings if you can. If you do need to use the settings, just remember to check the sfw to red otherwise it'll always be turned on each time the settings panel is opened.

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That's very odd indeed, pry has something to do with certain character modification saves that were initiated this update, for the meantime there is a way to delete all data in the game, load or start a game and when your character is on the screen press and hold: LCtrl + LAlt + LShift and tap R, this will close the game and delete all data, this includes save files and settings so be warned. Till I figure out what's causing that issue sadly this is the only fix for this strange bug, sorry, :( 

EDIT: If you just wanna change the character look or basic character just use a Polymorph Potion to get to the character creation screen again without having to reset or start a new game.

I'm going with Photon Pun2 for Unity, :3

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Noted, but tis just the way prototypes are, I'll be correcting those as it develops, thanks for the input, :3

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, hope you keep enjoying it as it develops, :3

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no, sadly Furgeon died with flash, it is however getting a 3d remake and continuation called Furlorn,

Also yes, the .SWF file is for those who still have a stand alone flash player.

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I'd like to get females in by version 0.16 at least, as for non-binary that might not be a thing til much later on due to some restrictions for a gender preference encounter system i have in mind, :3

No prob and thanks, im glad you like it, i hope you continue to like it as it grows, :D

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yee, sorry, some reason this version's apk is bugged for some peeps, thankfully 0.13 should be fixed, til then just play the windows version for 0.12, :3

Holy heck, I used to love those find the difference activity books now a gay hunky version of that? yes please, :D

Short but heckin good already, keep it up, :D

That shouldn't be necessary, i just tried the newest version seems to work fine but the v0.12 was a little janky for me too, so should be fine next update, hopefully, @.@. So perhaps for some odd reason or another maybe just 0.12 is just janky, seems fixed for this next update tho, :3

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The heck, thats beyond strange, for android right?, hmmm, no one else seems to be having an issue, imma try and figure out what's going on but may take a few updates before fully patched, might have to stick to windows for the time being, sorry my dude, :<

I'm gonna run some tests and see if i can get it optimized and fixed next update or atleast the one after next, sorry my dude, for now just stick to windows, :(

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for android? scroll all the way down, for some reason the android port download is under all the pc downloads, :o. 

its fairly unstable tho, id recommend pc version.

EDIT: I moved it up the download list, should be the second download link for android.

Agreed, more animal-like appendages are def gonna be in the future, :3

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Yuppers, tho the textures need some tweeking and updating but the bare bones is there for stripey kitty creation, :3