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I don't know StarFox but the game you made is fun! Controls feel natural and sounds are enough to make it immersive. Hope you enjoyed creating the game!

My personal favourite! The gameplay feels really juicy and I like the colors you used! Usage of the upgrades was a bit unclear but I figured it out quickly. Keep the good work up!

Funny that I also made a game about growing potatoes for this jam :)

A solid and a bit unsettling game! Well done mate! Don't know much about Undertale but had fun playing! The winter looks good!

The idea of getting home late is strange to IT guy like me, staying in his basement all the time.

Had a good time though. Coins made it an even better race game.

A fast paced and fun game. The last level was too hgard for me. Cool that you've added a leaderboard (played as Bob). Check out and rate my project - Starving Valley. That would be great!

Hi! You need to buy the upgrade and then use it inside your minion's upgrades window. Hope now it works fine for you!

Update: You made me dive deeper into the topic. Now it's easier to import assets. Thanks bro

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Hi! You can download "All Assets" package and then configure it in Unity. As it comes to sounds I don't have a license to re-distribute them.

Just to make sure: if you are here to play the game, there it is:

Have a good day!

Oh, it's all about the correct documents and time running out!

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Thanks for the feedback. You gotta click on icons.

As I've said before in the private message, the community is awesome there. Very happy I got that high score and met a lot of super devs!

#41 topic #60 fun #85 WOWIE!

That's a lot of good ideas! Scene transitions are super, introduction of the new elements is smart. 

I found some problems too :) The sounds pop (maybe a poorly edited one or bad import settings), they don't play if I fall on the ground without jumping first. I suggest changing lightblue background with a grey one, so the eyes will have a rest! You could add an info how many keys you need to collect.

I really like the particles and that save/load system!

Great visuals! The game is simple and fun, but you should add some saounds and music. 

If you want to continue updating the game, add some scene transitions at the restart and for the browser build make the game screen bigger in the unity or on (don't know which one is the problem, but the game is cut).

I love the particles and the style!

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It's fun to play! If you want to make the game longer, you probably should add a new bug/monster every wave or two. I like the effect of moving bugs outside the map.

Thanks for the feedback!

At this point I didn't even care about the coins. I used them as bug triggers. The game ends even if you don't collect any coins.  Your question gave me an idea of a simple intentional bug which I will add after the jam.

The idea of destroying blocks as you touch them is good! I don't know what to do in this game though. I like the transition between playing as a head and attacking guy.

Nice idea with a lot of possibilities for expanding in the future. Too difficult for me and the game needs sounds. I like that you can slow donw the ball by clicking.

Simple and fun jam game! In my view, it's getting boring a bit too early. Maybe you could add obstacles or some places where the lizard doesn't follow you? Good colors!

You've came up with the idea that gives you a lot of control. The game is worth to work on more! You could add more dynamic background, and add more shooting improvements like shooting through walls, auto-aim, all directions shooting etc. I like your particles!

Great idea! Sadly, the game lucks sounds. I guess there's no end game too. With a day or two of polishing, it can become a nice game! Keep going!

Very good puzzle game! I like scene transitions! I can't find anything bad in this game!

That's amazing! The idea is so simple, but you managed to keep it interesting for the whole gameplay! Great sounds, visuals and the JUICE! Can't find anything to complain about!

The game where you fight a boss at the beginning is a lot of fun! To be honest, you've made it a bit too random and difficult to understand. I like the visuals!

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Nice graphics and idea. Sounds would give the game a good atmosphere! The flowers appear one by one, which makes the game longer in the bad way. monster didn't spawn when I've started flying from the beginning of the game (or got stuck somewhere). It would look better if you give a other color to story and tasks text. I believe you can turn the game into a moving or a very crazy one!

Cool graphics and animations! You probably overshooted the game for the jam. There is a noticable attack animation lag. You can get killed by the bottom of the spike floating groud, which isn't cool. Even though you've almost run out of time, you made a good game!

Simple to learn the rules. Very cool introdustion of the new elements. Of course that's a shame you didn't add sounds. Sometimes I don't know if it's better to rush or to use worms to kill bees. You should do something with that depending on if you want to make an action or a puzzle game. Good you've added particles!

I enjoyed playing the game! You made good particles. I don't like those green slimes, because the only reasonable way to kill them is to wait for the deleting ability to load. One at the time would be good, but adding more makes the game slow. I like the implementation of choosing abilities. Would be great if you change Time.time during this process. Keep making games!

Thanks for the review!

Nope, You can't die. Firing issue is probably caused by the camera shake and rotation.

Thanks for your opinion!

I know thhat I could have not enough time to do the balancing, so I've created a illusion of danger. 

Did you see the end game animation too? I plan to update the game a little after the jam ends.

I think that they actually are, but too slowly and I can get to their spot before they do.

The idea is interesting. I like the ragdolls. That's a shame you didn't had time to add sounds. That's easy to get stuck which isn't fun. I'm glad you've added a little secret for 1+2 keys combo.

Very good idea! Perfectly fits the topic! I don't think that long time of falling is needed. Is it one scene? If yes, you can experiment with scene transitions and if not - cinemachine. The game gives a lot of fun though!

Really good job! The only thing I don't enjoy is opening debug tab. I suggest placing the buttons on the bottom of the screen and move progress bar somewhere else. It can be a great mobile game! 

Had fun playing it! You can look up how to make better jumping (faster going down than up). Shooting and trying not to fall from platforms is a creavite objective!

Feels good to play, but for a very short time - nothing new happened after a minute or two of playing. Sounds are fine and I've noticed you've made a good knockback and some pretty particles.

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Cool controls idea, but there's too much fast clicking. I like level transitions.

Gorgeous! Checkpoints could be more often and the enemies sometimes don't spawn after respawning the player. Great lights and the player character! Super error platform!

Fun to play it! Can't find anything to complain about. That intro scene is lit!

I like the visualst and the idea, but the game is way too hard for me. Couldn't do anything without reading your tips. I know that there are people who enjoy games like this one. The dialogs are well made.