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Andrei Zi Zhen

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Really cool concept! Well done! :)

Thank you so much Khud0! Kudos to your game too!!!!

oH MY GOD! Officially you are in the second place of the leaderboard! The highest was 9100, I cant even pass 5k

HoW Do YouU GUys DO iT???!?!  Tell me the secret to my gameeee!

Yeah maybe I should have stated that out hehe! Thanks so much for playing Melodicfish! Btw very cool name with the profile pic haha! 

Enzo that is too sweet of you to say! I appreciate you taking the time to play! Thanks a lot :)

Oh wow! 10/10 Amazing game! How is this game so god damn polished??? I loved it! The concept, the artstyle and visuals all blended in together so well! Well done! I hope to see many more amazing games coming from you!

Aw man thank you so much! That is so sweet and sure! :) 

Yeah I still need to learn how to handle resolutions in the game! I am so sorry for the trouble but thanks for playing my game and the compliments are really sweet! Great one with yours too! :)

Stunning game! It is so polished I am amazed how you made it all in 72 hours! Well done!

Omg you are too sweet LaCreathur! My heart :') I definitely agree with your feedback! I think with those things in place, it could actually be something fun! Maybe even turn it into a mobile game or something :) Thank you so much for taking the time to analyze and play my game <3 Much love!

Cute jump animations! Nice little platformer! 

Super nice concept idea! I really enjoy the mechanics! I wish I didnt have to start over each time and would continue from the level I failed but other than that! Really nice game! Great job and the VFX as well as sound really  works well :) Congrats!

One tip: Maybe you could try to make the handle less slippery so the grappling would be steady? Thus making it easier to control? I couldnt pass the first level haha maybe im just bad :P but I really like the concept and the animations looked really nice! So well done! 

Nice top down shooter :) the music was hella intense haha! I really liked how the bugs particles moved and still interacted with the world! So well done :)

Super nice use of 3D models animation! Nice concept idea of glitching through different zones! Well done!

What a unique little game! Well done! I really like the concept idea :) 

Nice clean platformer! I wish there were save points and I liked the slow motion functionality! Although I did not need to use it very much haha but a still a very nice platformer! Well done!

I should have implemented a restart button! So sorry about that. Thank you so much for your compliments :') and for playing! I appreciate it :) good job with yours too! <3

Whoa! 4500?? How long did you play?? haha I only got to 2300! Very impressive :) Thanks so much for the compliments and nice job with your game too! <3

Very hectic but in a very cool way!

Nice little game! It was pretty hard from level 2 but i really enjoyed the concept! Nice work!

Very nice game overall! I am not super used to smashing my space key but the overall concept of the game is very neat and nicely thought out! Well done! 

Nice little game with nice mechanics!

Super nice game! Well done! The dialogues are so well made! 

Controls were a bit weird at first but got a hang of it later! Pretty nice concept mechanic idea :) i also loved the sprites you made! The lighting and ambiance did the trick! I wish the game had a better tutorial and the climbing controls were easier to use :) but great job regardless! Nice one :)

Very nice visual and game mechanic! I wish there was more story! :) Nice job!

I also struggled to pick up the core gameplay, plenty of clicks but I couldnt tell where the score was. I really liked the aesthetic and vibe of the game. Good ambiance music and visuals. So nice work! 

Amazing tutorial! The level design was very nice as it did not need words to read! I got what I had to do from the beginning so well done for the great tutorial! I also like the hiding in the cave mechanic :) Great game!

The animations are really well made as well! I wish the camera movements were smoother but other than that I think it is a great game for a game jam :)

I really dig the artstyle!

Very cool concept! Nice one :)

Very metroid of you haha very cool asset! Nice game idea of glitching through walls :)

I can imagine for a 72 hour game jam it must have been very challenging 

how did you have time to make an actual story and everything is beyon crazy! Well done! I am very impressed!

Very unique boss fight mechanic! Well done! That was pretty fun! It was a bit difficult to understand how to defeat the boss and one thing that i may suggest is to create a mechanic where you can dodge so its not always based on luck :) Great game regardless! Congrats!

Very cool game concept! Damn! Well done :) The endless level design is pretty good and unpredictable! Super nice!

Nice first game for a game jam! Well done!

Very nice little puzzle game! Well done!

Nice job! Great game mechanic and quite inspiring! 

Thank you so much for your sweet words Pixelook! :)