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You are just too kind : )

Aaah I don't know.. He could have sounded even more CRAZYYY

Very cute little puzzle game! :D

Thank yoouu :)

Haha :D Thanks so much

Thanks and sorry for that inconvenience! 

yo this game is epic... nothing else to say. very cool intro and insanely well made gameplay mechanic

Really great game! It always amazes me how people can make such good games with so little time. Good job :)

Sadly I am not interested in expanding on the game anymore. Sorry :c

haha thanks :D

Awesome entry! One of the better games of this jam. :)

Amazing game, great puzzles and visuals!

hype c:


I am 100% the worst teacher on that because I rarely do game dev anymore. It is so hard doing so many things at once. I feel you.  I'll have to find some solutions soon aswell. Probably just creating a  plan for the whole week is the best way. Some days you do game dev, some days YouTube, everyday life!    So you can invest a little bit of time into everything. :)

If you remember me you know I was looking forward to playing this! (And also seeing a devlog about it) So yeah I am glad I could play it now and it was great. Nice interpretation of the theme. :)

Thanks so much but I think we lost interest working on it for now! :(

thx me too like snek

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Yes, you are right the game lacks content because it was made in 4 hours due to bad time management. Other than that I actually think it fits the theme very well because you play both sides of the snake. ^^

yeah probably

Hahah thanks! I love the physics of the snek as well. Pretty proud of that tbh. xD

Thanks a lot. :)

Great concept and executed very well. Good job! :D

It's okay xD

This was the most intense game I have played so far in this jam! The player moves a little bit too slow in my opinion but other than that this is awesome! :D

Billy, this game was extremely fun! You can be very proud of this one. Also I am sad that I got backstabbed by him. I was genuinely happy when I reunited him with his family because the journey was exciting but then he just takes out that knife and gets at me. This was the biggest Anime Plot Twist ever. Great job and please make many more great games :)

some cute shibas playing volleyball. if you don't like that you are a monster

I am very proud of my derpy snake. Jekkey overdid himself with the art :)

cute and fun. what else do you want in life?

The game is fun but some particle effects and camera shake animations would give the weapons a lot more impact. Other than that I enjoyed this :D It's a fun premise just killing some zombies. (The Tim Zombie was difficult but I got him in the end)

the game is hard but the music made me play for a long time. did you make it yourself? It's great!

yeah the concept was great but the time was not kind to us so we could no execute this concept well. :c

Thanks anyways

yo a snake battle would have been epic 

If we had managed our time better this game could have been extremely fun. We had so much more ideas. For example I wanted to add obstacles which also come from the left and right to make the dodging harder and also more fun because you'd had to maneuver over them. And also we wanted to add collectables but we just couldn't do it in the time left. I was really tired when making this. x)

Thanks for playing it, Billy! Huge fan of your channel (but you know that) :D And I'll check out your game now

hahaha thanks xD (I love your youtube channel bruh)

my favorite game element

Thanks for playing the game! :)) Your video was very fun to watch!

Thank you. Good luck to you for a successfull "Will You Snail?" launch! =)

I have not taken any place near to the top but that's fine. My game really wasn't that great BUT still I have learned a lot and gained sooo much quality feedback. I am excited what places I will take up in future game jams using my newly found knowledge. :P

Haha thanks but I am just trying to be fair. =)

Aaaah I see! Thanks for explaining that. =) Sounds great. :D