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It's great, a very entertaining game and the interpretation of the theme is perfect. Congratulations, great job!

I've been waiting to play this game since I saw it on twitter, it's a great idea and very well done. I really enjoyed this game and I definitely hope to see more in the future! =)

Thank you very much for your kind words and for playing my game, it is very encouraging to receive this kind of comments about my first game. Thank you!

This game is so cool! Very polished in all aspects and VERY fun to play. The interpretation of the theme is definitely 5 stars. Amazing work!

Thanks for trying my game and giving it a second chance! My idea was that the player discovers the use of the portals through the gameplay but surely I will have to document it better in the next version =)
Thanks again for your words!

I love the idea of having procedural generated levels!

What a great idea! Very challenging and entertaining

It's great! a good example of how to interpret the theme of the jam! Well done!

Very good game in general, maybe the music distracts a little but I also liked it a lot =)

Great and super original idea, simple but straight to the point. I loved! Great job

I really liked the whole concept and the execution of the game. Very good interpretation of the theme!

Beautiful idea, I hope the playable version to add it to my collection! Greetings from Argentina

Perfect, we are definitely facing a polished and well-finished game. Intro, visuals, gameplay, audio, everything in its place. Simply great, a firm candidate to win the jam. Congratulations for the work!

I hope that my next games have this quality =)

Thank you! I would have liked to do a cinematic showing the use of portals but I ran out of time

Thanks for your comment! I had already qualified your game, was one of the first to call my attention :) 

Definitely a very fun game! I like the speed of the game and the music is great. One of the most fun games of the jam.

OMG! Great idea and very addictive, simple and effective. Great job!

I really like the simple aesthetics of the game and it seems like a good start, anyway I find it a bit confusing but nothing that a bit of polishing can not solve =)

Definitely one of the funniest and most polished games I've tried so far. I like everything, congratulations and hopefully see more of this game in the future! Greetings from Argentina

Very addictive game! congratulations =)

I like the whole concept of the game, the controls are not very responsive but it's a game that I love to play!

check my game if you want to leave your opinion =)

Great, straight to the game! Great interpretation of the topic =)

Very original mechanics and idea, a bit difficult until you understand mechanics. Great job!
Check my platformer if you have time =)

Very good game! I would only change the distance in which the enemies appear and maybe move the camera a little further. COOL!

Simply great, awesome visuals and audio work! Definitely one of the most original and polished ideas so far.
Check my game if you have time, I would love to know your opinion =)

Thank you very much for your nice words about the game, I am very happy that you liked =)

Very good game and a great idea, I love the narrative. A bit complicated at first for those who do not speak English on a daily basis but anyway it is very fun to play!

Thank you! I definitely have to improve the sounds and controls for the next version

I really enjoyed this game, very original, great job!  :)

I hope to see more of this game in the future

Thank you very much, it is very nice to receive this type of comments. I thought your game was excellent, complex and challenging!

The game is very difficult for me the first few times, but I love the idea and the potential =)
Excellent work!

Very good game! I love graphics, especially in the shooting part. I would like to be able to use diagonals to move and the music to adjust a bit better. But without a doubt a great game with a lot of potential!

Unfortunately I did not have time to improve the audio, it is definitely in my TODO list. The idea on the theme was to mix the games we play with my daughter on paper and take them to the digital world. Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the review! The idea behind the portal was that it is a mystery for the player to discover while playing. Thanks again! 

ps: I am downloading your game, it seems incredible!

Thanks for the comment! It was very fun to incorporate the sticks :)

Wow! Realy nice game, pretty hard! Great work!
Check my game if you have time =)

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it, these comments give me strength to continue creating games =)
Thank you very much for taking the time to try my game!

Very very fun! to play for hours =)

Thanks for taking the time to play my game, I already rated your game, it's fantastic and super fun!

Well done, very original idea!