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Ok that makes sense!  Thanks so much for clarifying that!

Does anyone understand what the difference is between the score and the raw score?  They are all the same, but it seems to me that they should be different.

lol thanks

Rated!  You just need 2 more, so good luck to you!

Awesome job and I liked the classical music!  You just need 2 more ratings!  Good luck!  Hope you'll check us out as well :)

I wish I hadn't beat the game lol!  Awesome job!

Thanks so much!  

Rated!  Great job!  P.H.I.L is a jerk btw lol

Great job on the game!  I will say that I wanted to keep playing it just to piss off P.H.I.L lol!  Hope you'll check out our game as well:).

The controls were a little difficult to figure out at first but I was able to figure it out.  I wish there was sound.  Sadly I was not able to beat the game though:(. Hope you'll check us out too

Here ya go! Checking out your game now:)

I want to rate but I'm on a Mac:(

Rated your's a week or so ago actually:). It was a great game!

Thanks so much!

What a great game/games!  I don't understand why you don't have more ratings.  Amazing work!  Hope you''ll check out our game as well!

Thank you!!

Thank you!

Loved the music and the art!  Great job!  You only need 1 more rating.   Good Luck!  I hope you'll check our game out as well

Only 4 hours left!  Anyone else need a rating?

You only need 1 more rating btw!

Done!  Hope you'll check out our game if you haven't already:)

This game had very unique game feel. It was a bit unforgiving and a bit difficult for me, but it did make me want to keep trying to win.  Good job!  I hope you'll rate us as well if you haven't already:)

Rated!  Also, amazing work on your game!  It got my highest rating so far!

OUTSTANDING GAME!  I think this game might take the prize!  This is the highest I've rated a game in the jam.  Good luck!  Hope you'll check us out if you haven't already:)


I’m currently at a soccer game, but will be rating more games in about 2 hours! 

Thanks so much!  I just rated yours too:)

Probably the most unique graphics I'v seen so far!  Great Job!

Rated!  Looks like you have 22 ratings now so you should be set!

I like the simple line art and the illusions in the game.  I ran into an enemy by accident and thought I was toast but luckily it was just an illusion lol!

Rated!  Sorry for the delay!  

Great game!  The character art has an Enter the Gungeon vibe, which I really liked.  Awesome job!


Ok there are only 18 hours left to get more ratings!  Most of my team and I are on a Mac, so if your game is browser capable then give us a rating and drop us your link in the comments!

Rated!  Rating number 13 on Friday the 13th lol. Hope you'll check us out too!

Wow this game really is a liar lol!  So is ours though:).

Yay another racing game! Sadly something was up with my browser and it did't play well.  I really enjoyed the 8 bit music though!  Hope you'll check us out too!

Really fun game here!  I love the "gaze" mode in the game and how you have to memorize your gaze.  I only wish there was music and sound.  Great job though!  

Thank you and thanks for rating!


Really liked the Community Game Jam Easter egg lol!  Hope you'll check us out as well:).