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Need 1 more rate

A topic by 11asi11 created 83 days ago Views: 76 Replies: 10
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here is my game:

i am currently on 54 ratings if you can help get to 55!!

and i will return a favor and rate yours!!


I have played and rated your game already , very nice game !

please try mine if you haven't already


Already rated!

I want to rate but I'm on a Mac:(



If anyone could help me out, I only need two more votes! I will definitely rate you back! 


Community Game Jam submission page:


Already rated buddy!

and thanks for playing!!


Yep! I know ;)

I was hoping someone else might notice my post.

No problem!

Need one more;

"A game of following simple instructions". In this short but great game, you must follow simple instructions given to you by your friendly neighbourhood 'P.H.I.L'. Will you follow his instructions? What happens if you don't? With over 50 ratings, 'DON'T DO IT' is a puzzle based platformer that's filled to the brim of humour. This game was made for the community game jam in under 7 days. Good luck, your challenge starts now!

It would make my week if anyone could check out this game which me and a couple others worked on. It would be greatly appreciated as a lot of work went into making it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! :)

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try my game if you can i need only one more!!!

Thank you! I will do :)


Here is mine. Enjoy !!