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mohamed khaled

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Rated ! fun game , hope you reach 20 rates :3

played and rated ! you really did it with your own engine ? awesome !

I have played and rated it already ,, it is good that it reached 20 rates ! Good job mate

Still don't know how to win against the eye XD !

I liked your game style and idea !!! Good job mate I have rated it and I hope you reach 20 rates 

let's play and rate each other games before the deadline !

put a link for your games and I will check them

here is mine !

Rated ! please consider trying mine

thank you so much :3

I have played your game it was pretty good too and fun

I have played and rated your game already , very nice game !

please try mine if you haven't already

Rated yours ! if you please try mine

Rated yours ,really good job in the game since you don't have much experience with 2 months of learning !

 if you have time try my game

Rated yours ! here is mine

I have rated yours already but here is mine

Since it is the last day I am trying to play as much games as possible !

Rated yours mate.. Hope you try mine :3

of course mate ,I am downloading it right now

your comment is so nice I am really happy you enjoyed it !

I'll Rate yours now

Thank you so much rated yours please try mine : )

Rated !

hope you not forget to rate mine please : )

Rated yours , hope you try mine

Rated yours ! hope you try mine

Rated your game !

my game if you please and thank you I will play your game now

Played and rated ,, Awesome mechanics ! I liked the details like the curser and the lies when they come back, I hoped it was longer though

Played and Rated !

I liked the game design a lot !!!! the game was amazing but still I won after going to the medical room and I didn't find the teacher

No you aren't , Played and Rated !

Here is mine , playing your game soon

Played and Rated !

I liked the game it was fun, but I hope you put a bar for showing us info about the power of the jump

played and rated , the game design is very well and I had fun playing it !

but the girl pisses me off when she say USELESS XD !

this is my game I hope you enjoy it

I have already played your game ! nice work

Played And Rated, I liked the general idea your game deserves more rates !

I liked the game design but I think the game is pretty hard and I didn't find a way to increase my health

here is the link for my game

I will rate yours as well ,and this is mine

Hope you like it hope you enjoy it

I am sorry I don't see a link so send it to me !

and this is mine hope you like it

Played and rated !

I liked the idea and the questing system :D , hope you enjoy mine

played and rated !

very nice game and good AI, I hoped you added more missions though 

Played And Rated !

I liked the sounds it was like really scary Specially that I played it in the dark , but in the last mission it is kind of annoying that the light's time is too short hope you enjoy it