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Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish the game, but I have to say that that it's pretty good! The graphics are very cool and the animations are really smooth, also the audio is nice as well,  I just don't see the connection with the theme, beside some fake walls,  since I didn't finish it, can I know it?

Here's mine, hope you enjoy it!

Downloading yours now :)

Funny and cool game, good graphics and sound and i like the movement mechanic, maybe the text is a bit too slow, but overall it's a good game!

Already rated and commented yours!

Here's mine:

Thank you very very much! :)

Thank you for your feedback and for playing it! I know there are many things to improve and I didn't notice some of the errors, but I'll definitely keep trying and practicing!

Here's mine if you'd like to play it, downloading yours now!

Fun little game! The pixel art was nice, and the music was pretty good. I haven't seen this spring-jump mechanic in the jam yet, but I kinda liked it! The problem that I see is that the connection with the theme is a little poor, but other than that it's fine, nice game!

Here's mine

Here's mine, hope you'll enjoy it if you play it! :)

The graphics were nice, the SFX and the music were nice as well, it's pretty fun and it fits the theme really well! good job!

Here's mine, hope you enjoy it!

Amazing graphics, very nice music and sounds, it fits the theme really well, the puzzles are challenging but not impossible, it's overall pretty fun and the story is pretty cool as well, great game!

Thanks you so much for your feedback! I'll play yours as soon as possibile! :)

Cute art and nice sounds, the theme is well implemented, good game over all, are there multiple endings?

Here's mine, hope you'll enjoy it!

Thank you very much for playing it! I usally use WASD to move so it's easy to reach the space bar,  I didn't think of the arrow keys, I'll have to fix it if I ever go back on this game, thank you very much for your feedback!

Here's mine, hope you'll check it out!

No it doesn't crash, I switched play and quit but I didn't put a window to make it understandable, oops...

The graphics were really nice, it fits the theme and it's a very fun platformer, unfortunately I only got the neutral ending, but great work!

Here's mine, hope you'll check it out! Playing yours now

Fun game, the graphics were good, creative idea that suits the theme, well done!

The graphics were really good, so the SFX and the music, I liked the  puzzles, the atmosphere is really nice and it fits the theme realy well, great job!

I'm downloading yours right now, thanks for playing mine!

Now I get it! Thanks for the answer😁 and for the music maybe I had some music playing and I didn't notice😅

Hello! I play games since I can remember and I was always fascinated by the idea of creating one, a couple of weeks ago I started practicing Unity seriously! I watched a lot of videos and tutorials and I thought the jam would be an awesome chance to create my first game! It was a very fun experience even though I didn't have a team and making everything by myself at the start was a bit complicated.

Just great, the story is fantastic and I like how the theme is implemented, the graphics are nice and the music is too! Awesome!

The game is fun, i like the background and the puzzles, good job!

I hope you'll play mine!

Enjoy it!

The game is very good and fun, the graphics are smooth and polished, the music was good, unfortunately it crashed before I reached the end, what is the connection with the theme?

Here's mine, I'd appreciate if you could play it!

Thanks for the rating! I'll try to play as many games as I can

Thanks for playing the game and for the feedback, I guess that wasn't the best choice 

Oh okay I thing I accidentaly skip it XD, thanks for explaining!

Your game was nice! Please check out mine when you can :)

The game is very fun and I enjoyed it, the graphics are alright and the music in the menu is nice. I don't find this much connection with the theme, but i liked it!

Here's mine, hope you play it and enjoy it!

First of all thanks for playing my game, I know there are a lot of mistakes but I didn't have a team and it was my first game. The story didn't came out as I expected, I wanted to create the idea that the kid (the player) is just a lonely person that everyone hates, so he wants to leave, then to leave he can either follow the game instructions or not, I imagined 2/3 levels but I didn't have time to make them, so these instructions are just the road you choose at a certain point (when the game tells you to go forward to exit). At this point if you didn't choose the game instructions you'd end up in a boss fight that the game puts in front of you to stop you to actually exit, but if you do follow the game, then he'd go on with his plan, becoming human, and the only way is to swap his place with the player. Unfortunately it didn't turn like this in the end. For the main menu button, I don't think it's so dangerous to swap them, for the bad graphics and stange music, it's just because it's my first approach to them, so I'm not really fast and good. Thanks a lot for the feedback and I'll definetly keep practicing!

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Mi sono divertito molto! il concept mi piace un sacco, lo sfondo e la UI sono fantastici e anche il comparto audio è ben fatto, complimenti ottimo gioco!

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Very fun game! I really like the graphics and the audio, nice voice over too!