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Made that too, I was about to write a message but you were faster. :)

Tried to explain it here. The 20 ratings is a rule added by the organizers and not a default rule applied by itch when generating the results.

It's like this:

(First, the ranking is the standard ranking automatically generated by and includes games that received less than 20 ratings. Keep that in mind.)

if your number of ratings is below the median your score is:

 raw * sqrt(ratings / median)

In that case you notice a difference.

if your number of ratings is above the median your score is equal to the raw score.

Equal to median does not really matter, both rules will give the same reusult.

The median is 7, so whoever got at least 7 ratings will have score = raw score. To see the difference check the last pages.

I'll answer quickly 'cause here is so late. Hope I am clear.

What we see is the ranking automatically generated by

The 20-ratings rule is a (wise) addition of the organizers and not in the code that generated the list (that still does implement an analogous mechanism, see the scores in the last pages). The 20 ratings rule is like an "additional" filter.

Anyway, I was curious to see my position excluding the submissions below 20 ratings so if I have the time I'll write some code to filter the results and generate an above-20 ranking, unless someone else does it before me.

Nice idea. Repeating 5 or more times some very similar sequences (same number of arrows, same time) makes it get quickly boring, try adding some changes to make it more interesting.

The camera height feels quite narrow in some parts of the game, try to zoom out a little. And keep developing :)

I have updated the list. There are two games that are very close to 20 ratings, don't miss them!

These guys need your help.

Doubtlessly the death by too many HP was original, felt like the mechanic itself was a lie. Also, writing a random level generator must have taken some work.

The game felt too much based on luck. There are no hints nor mechanisms to help you finding out what an object will do and you often die just by exploring a few rooms in a direction, without even seeing the ladder/stairs. Instead of generating a new level every time the player dies try reloading the same level until the player finds the ladder, it may require some revisions on the level generator but it would also make the game more interesting - more puzzle less lottery.

As other people pointed out the music is far too short, it quickly gets boring. If you have difficulties writing anything longer just leave the game without a background music, that's fine.

You have created the entire game without using a game engine? That's a lot of extra work, I guess many people here didn't ever try something like that.

It was really odd, but in line with the theme.

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[Edit: list updated.]

Did someone else try to change the games order from random to something different?

Well, there is a really nice most karma sorting option, pick it and you'll find on top all those games whose authors gave tons of rating but didn't get back much. The higher a game is in the list the larger is the difference.

On the top 50 of that list there are at least 10 games that are still below 20 ratings. Given the time I will play and rate those games myself, but I really think their authors deserve more than just one additional rating. I estimate that the last of them alone must have rated more than 40 games but got back just 11 ratings, and it must be nothing compared to the first! So, here is the list:

1) Lie to win reached 20 ratings :)

2) Mazescape

3) Catch a mole liar ← 3 ratings to go!

4) Trust me

5) Honest ninja

6) Nuclear glitch

7) Cube.Wars reached 20 ratings :)

8) Annise reached 20 ratings :)

9) Just press

10) Reichsbach

New entries, replacing those that reached 20 ratings:

You can't trust the game

Just an empty cliff

Now go, play and leave an honest rating!

Work + university + perpetual game jam is far too much.

Making a game every week is a lot of practice in programming but you really risk burning yourself out and not having the energies to keep doing the other activities - having a full time job and studying at the same time is already a challenge. Maybe participating just occasionally to a jam is better.

Starting with a big project is a common mistake in a game jam (and I made it too, even though I knew how it would have ended). Overall the result is nice, you have managed to put a lot of mechanics and created a very large map, good job!

I liked both graphics and audio. The only remark is about the bear walking animation, it takes a while to notice but it feels a bit "stiff". Overall it was a very good result.

It's not difficult but I just kept accidentally pushing things in the wrong place so I had to refresh the page a few time (particularly the yellow ball at the end, I've managed to send it a few times in the pit of the second screen by pushing it too much both before or after changing from the 1st to the 2nd scene).

Thank you.

It was quite hard to find a balance between a liar game and a playable game, so yes, it is hard to guess what the different skill will do.

Thank you for your feedback.

Can you describe the bug in the duck-turtle fight? I'm considering fixing some problems after the jam and getting more information would help. I tried to spot and solve all major bugs before uploading the game but the time was really short, my own code was dark and full of errors and some bugs went completely unnoticed.

You have given more than 1% of the total ratings and more than 10 times the average number of ratings per submission, it's impressive! For me it was already hard to find the time to rate more than 50 games.

The narration was funny. You have also implemented a lot of different things and at the same time managed to have everything running properly. Good job!

The golden key part was hard, but I managed. In the last puzzle I just failed too many times and gave up.

It's funny that the first answer you received is a link to a game. Seems like that guy didn't even bother to read the first two lines of your post.

Anyway, we are exactly in the same situation, I left tons of comments and yet I'm still below 20 ratings (did not think to leave a comment for a couple of games at first, I'm new to game jams, but then I understood that's important).

As soon as I get to 20 I will start sorting games by "most karma" and look for those that are close to the top of the list but still below 20 ratings, so at least my votes will go to someone that really deserves an extra rating.

Played and rated. Here is my game, hope you enjoy it.

The creepy singing fitted perfectly with the atmosphere. It was quite hard, losing all the keys at every death was a bit disappointing but that's ok.

Rated. Here is mine.

It took a while to get used to the jump control, but that's fine.

Occasionally some parts involving large firewalls felt impossible, but I guess I wasn't good enough and anyway, that's ok for a jam game.

Ottime idee e ottimo lavoro con la musica però, mannaggia, manca il livello di violenza alto! 

At first I did not expect it to be so much fun, but having the speed increasing at every right answer makes it more and more challenging, and the result is great.

Although simple it is well polished, there are no bugs nor glithces so well done!

The graphic was surprisingly rich for a 3D game. I was impressed by the level of details of the snake's head, it must have taken a lot of time to create it. You also managed to make different musics, the first felt a bit too repetitive (and was very loud) but I think it is more a matter of personal tastes in music, so I think you made an excellent job also in this part.

Unfortunately, when going back to the checkpoint the camera gets stuck in a fixed direction so I was unable to complete the game.

It felt like a bit like a No Man's Sky planet mixed with a Minecraft user interface. The blocks emerging from the acid also made me think of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Thank you. I have saved the link to your game and will check it out later.

Done. You will find my comment on your rating page.

The music was weird, but I guess it was meant to match with the game trolling me. Doubtlessly your game is a liar.

The jump seemed to be glitched (or I did not get something): generally it was a normal double jump but sometimes I jumped so high that I could not even see some of the platforms below. At first I thought it depended on the platform appearance, but I could not reproduce the same results.

Hope you find the time to rate my game.

Level 2 was so hard, I almost gave up.

The music was good and you interpreted well the theme. The only trouble was with movements, when I did not touch the keys it was unpredictable: sometimes the cube kept sliding on the platform while occasionally it just stopped where it fell.

Well, the truth is I barely managed to make it in 7 days. It works but it is not properly balanced and I did not have the time to solve some glitches.

Rated. It's nice to see another turn based battle system, that's the only one I have found in more than 40 games.

It's good to see another turn based game. The idea fits with the theme. Good job.

Here is mine. I was already going to check out your game (seen it in another discussion).

Thank you. I'll check out the video this evening.

Unfortunately I don't have a Mac, so I won't be able to play your game. Still, every day it gets harder to get new ratings and I really wanted to reach the 20 ratings threshold, so your help is greatly appreciated. I have rated 45 games and so far got only 13 ratings on my submission, it's getting so annoying.

It's more of a personal goal than anything else -I can't really compete for the first place in any category and I don't really care about the prizes-, but I want to get to that number, and the harder it gets to reach the goal the more I want to reach it (yes, from time to time I can be really stubborn).

Here is the link to my rating page. I'll check out the topic this evening to rate Windows/Web games in need.

Thank you.

The "unlimited magic" began as a bug, but it fitted perfectly with the theme (the game tells you ability x requires y mana points to be used, but it is not true) that I just decided to leave it there, it felt even better than NPC lies or false ability descriptions. You are the first to notice it.

Thank you for your feedback, it's highly appreciated.