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One game a week - Does anyone have any advice ?

A topic by SnowHorse Studios created Sep 12, 2019 Views: 61 Replies: 5
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This is the first time I participated in a game jam, my very first "finished" game,  and it was a very good learning experience... I am considering the one game a week challenge, for at least 6 months. Do you have any advice for a new developer? I do work full time, and study at the university, so my idea is to work two or three hours at night, but I have no idea if that is enough... For my current game I crunched myself 5 to 6 hours until quite late at night... I hope not to need to do that very often. I will participate in the weekly game jams at itch so I maintain myself motivated and that may give me a headstart with ideas.


I'd say it would be good to have a clear aim while making the game and focus on it. All the best😄

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Write ideas down, then tackle each one of em. but if you plan on making a game within a week, don't start off with a big idea. come up with small, if not, tiny games. then come up with slightly bigger games if you know you can deal with it.


Thanks for the advice! I will take care of my scope and aim


Work + university + perpetual game jam is far too much.

Making a game every week is a lot of practice in programming but you really risk burning yourself out and not having the energies to keep doing the other activities - having a full time job and studying at the same time is already a challenge. Maybe participating just occasionally to a jam is better.


Oh I see... I'll think in that possibility also... Maybe with patience in a year and a half when I finish my studies it may be possible... Thanks for your advice :)