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Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for playing my little game!

Hi! Thanks for playing. I'll take your feedback into account and update the game soon. Thanks for the kind words!

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Hi! Thanks for playing! Yes, the game is an infinite dream loop. I see that it wasn't very clear, I apologize. I'll be updating the game after the holidays, with some new elements and clarifications. If you post your video, share it here so I can post the link in my socials :)

Thanks for playing! The player is in an perfect loop, there really isn't any difference between the first run and the next ones.

Thanks for your kind words! I'll try to improve the game further.

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Version 1.2.0 is out, fixed major issues

Thanks for your kind words!

Hello there! Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the player is in an endless dream loop.

However, in your second run, you must turn the radio off and the kitchen light appears, and the rest of the cycle is exactly the same.

In the first run you did that and the light switch was there.

The player has serious mental issues, and you never know if the events in the game are real or not.

Sorry for the inconveniences, I'll update the game soon and try to make all of this easier to understand.

Thanks for playing! I'll be launching a new and improved chapter, "Cursed Silence: Christmas" next sunday.

Thanks for playing! I hope to see you back in the future with my next release.

Thanks for playing and for your great advice!

Thanks for playing! There will be lots of improvements in our next demo version in December. I hope to see you back with the full game launch.


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Thanks for you gameplay and feedback! I am working hard on all the improvements mentioned in your video. I really appreciate your honest opinions at the end. I hope to see you back with the major update in December.

Thanks for your gameplay! I hope to see you back with my next major update.

Thanks for your playtime! I'll be updating the game soon.

Thanks for your time! I hope to see you back with the next milestone at the end of this year

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed :)

Thanks! I really appreciate your time and feedback.

Thanks for playing my demo! It's in early stages yet, but your gameplay gave me some insight for improvement.

Great atmosphere and interesting graphic style!

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for your feedback! I really wanted to add more juice, but ran out of time. The timer idea sounds cool, I will take it into account for the polished version.

Thanks for your feedback! The children collection makes ton of sense, since frogs lay many eggs at once. Maybe find his/her lost children? Could be interesting.

Thanks for your feedback, it's really valuable! I will take in to account your suggestions, and I appreciate the headstart you give me to think about a good objective.

Nice game and graphics! Loved the perspective also

Fun game, finished all the levels and is a very good challenge! In my opinion the interval between level change should be a bit smaller.

Loves the graphics and atmosphere! It gives me portal-like vibes, and I love it!

Really liked the concept. The sticky sword letting me take advantage of enemy projectiles is great. A faster paced version would definitely be very good!

Really hard, but fun nonetheless. Really good art and the jump is super satisfying!

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The art style slapped me in the face when I just saw it (in a good way!), and the immersion is great. Definitely my favorite of the jam so far! I would really like to see this game expanded.

Great art style, I liked the movement also. With enemies that deal real damage, this game will be very challenging!

Thanks for your feedback! I am really looking forward on posting a more polished version of this game in the next few weeks, and I will take into account your feedback.

Very challenging! Love the art and the music also.

Great game! I really felt a Zoids/Transformers vibe to it, and the last two levels were awesome!

Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely polish this game more in the upcoming weeks, and make perhaps also a mobile versión of it. 

Thanks for your feedback! I really wanted to expand the concept but I only could work the last 12 hours in the game

Thanks for the review! Yeah, definitely will add other bugs hahaa

At first I didn´t realize the time had to be exact, that limitation is really interesting, and could be combined with other mechanics in interesting ways 

Interesting concept!