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Ten games that really deserve your rating (Updated)

A topic by Cefalopode created Sep 12, 2019 Views: 85 Replies: 2
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[Edit: list updated.]

Did someone else try to change the games order from random to something different?

Well, there is a really nice most karma sorting option, pick it and you'll find on top all those games whose authors gave tons of rating but didn't get back much. The higher a game is in the list the larger is the difference.

On the top 50 of that list there are at least 10 games that are still below 20 ratings. Given the time I will play and rate those games myself, but I really think their authors deserve more than just one additional rating. I estimate that the last of them alone must have rated more than 40 games but got back just 11 ratings, and it must be nothing compared to the first! So, here is the list:

1) Lie to win reached 20 ratings :)

2) Mazescape

3) Catch a mole liar ← 3 ratings to go!

4) Trust me

5) Honest ninja

6) Nuclear glitch

7) Cube.Wars reached 20 ratings :)

8) Annise reached 20 ratings :)

9) Just press

10) Reichsbach

New entries, replacing those that reached 20 ratings:

You can't trust the game

Just an empty cliff

Now go, play and leave an honest rating!


You, sir/ma'am, are a kind one :-)


I have updated the list. There are two games that are very close to 20 ratings, don't miss them!